7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Volkswagen’s New ID.3 Electric Car

Hey there! Looking for your next new electric vehicle? As an EV analyst and enthusiast, I’m thrilled to walk you through the praise-worthy details of Volkswagen’s first-ever EV built ground up – the ID.3 hatchback.

Below I’ll provide an overview of seven persuasive reasons why the ID.3 deserves your consideration along with comparisons to rival EVs. Let’s check out if this impressive machine is the right fit for your needs!

Overview: ID.3 Key Advantages

Before examining each reason more closely, here‘s a high-level glimpse at the ID.3‘s biggest selling points:

  • Striking, futuristic styling inside and out
  • Roomy interior with premium tech features
  • Up to 341 miles maximum range
  • Engaging driving dynamics and handling
  • Unexpected utility given small footprint
  • Strong value proposition and pricing

I‘ve analyzed the specs, features and early reviews – VW has engineered the full package into the ID.3. Now onto what specifically places it a leg above competitors…

Reason 1: Visually Stunning Exterior Styling

The ID.3 introduces welcome drama to the EV segment with its sleek, coupe-inspired silhouette. Flowing lines, a tapered front end and widened stance give the ID.3 strong curb appeal:

VW ID.3 Exterior

Its short overhangs, flush door handles, frameless side windows and sweeping roofline maximize aerodynamic efficiency as well. Upscale exterior lighting elements leave a lasting impression too.

Vs. Hyundai Ioniq 5: The Ioniq 5 pursues a boxy, retro theme – appealing in its own right but lacks the sporting flair of the VW.

Vs. Kia Niro EV: With its taller height and purely functional shape, the Niro EV puts practicality over style. Nice wheels though!

First impressions matter, and the ID.3 certainly makes one with its suggestive silhouette and details. Time to relax inside…

Reason 2: Roomy, Tech-Filled Cabin

Moving inside, the ID.3 provides a contemporary, welcoming interior environment. Surrounding the driver is a modest modern steering wheel flanked by either traditional gauges or a 10" digital display.

The expansive center touchscreen handles navigation, audio and vehicle settings through intuitive menus – no learning curve here. Contemporary styling and ample passenger room round out the pleasing and comfy cabin space.


  • Legroom front/rear: 41.5 in / 37.6 in
  • Headroom front/rear: 40.1 in / 37.3 in

That‘s impressive dimensions for a compact hatch!

Cargo capacity: 13.6 ft^3 rear trunk volume (5 ft^3 front)

Tech Features:

  • 10 inch touch display
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Voice control
  • Driver assist suite (AEB, Blindspot Warning + more)

Across connectivity, spaciousness and quality, the ID.3 clearly sets new standards for compact electric vehicles.

Reason 3: Composed Handling and Suspension

Underpinning that sleek exterior is Volkswagen’s MEB architecture – their new dedicated EV platform enabling well-balanced ride and handling.

A low center of gravity from the flat floor-mounted battery pack yields sports car-like dynamics many small EVs lack. Light yet accurate steering provides plenty of cornering confidence while the controlled suspension adeptly smoothes out imperfect city streets.

Ground Clearance: 5.6 inches
Weight Distribution: Approx. 48% front / 52% rear

While no speed demon at 7.9s 0-60mph time, the ID.3 impresses with German-tuned composure and feedback through the wheel. Where competitive set struggles to reconcile comfort, handling and battery packaging, VW nails it from the start.

Reason 4: Generous 341 Mile Maximum Driving Range

In order to qualify among the new generation of long-range EVs, ample miles from a full charge is essential. Here’s how the ID.3 stacks up to its nearest segment rivals:

ModelBattery SizeMax Range
VW ID.377 kWh341 miles
Tesla Model 362 kWh358 miles
Hyundai Ioniq 577.4 kWh303 miles

With the largest battery option, VW delivers over 340 confident miles – enough to ease potential range anxiety in potential customers. Charging also reaches blistering rates of 100+ kW enabling 180 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Charge Rates:

  • 7.2 kW AC charging cable (10-100% in 13 hrs)
  • 125 kW DC fast charging (5-80% in 38 minutes)

Considering its footprint similar to the classic Golf hatchback, carrying batteries for over 300 miles highlights clever VW engineering.

Reason 5: Deceptively High Utility

The ID.3 continues Volkswagen’s tradition of enhancing small exteriors with expansive, useful interior configurations.

Let’s examine cargo capacity – a key element for mainstream hatchbacks catering to active lifestyles and growing families.

Rear Cargo Area:
13.6 ft^3 seats up; 41.5 ft^3 seats folded

Front Storage Compartment:
5.2 ft^3

Dimensions suitable for airline carry-on bags and general luggage

With no intrusive battery components, passengers enjoy the full flat floor when folding the rear seats. Clever packaging concentrates batteries centrally and compactly leaving cabin space uncompromised.

I’m also pleased by the ample front hood storage on top of the rear hold – the dual compartments add day-to-day utility that surpass most rivals.

Reason 6: Intuitive Smartphone Connectivity

As smartphone reliance continues rising, well-executed phone integration rates as a must-have feature when shopping vehicles.

Via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, VW keeps the ID.3’s system intuitive through mirroring apps natively onto the vehicle‘s touch display. Voice commands and steering wheel controls further minimize distraction.

Audio Sources Supported:

  • FM/DAB Radio
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • USB Media Playback

With most vehicle functionality controllable via embedded voice recognition powered by natural language processing, the ID.3 encourages keeping attention on the road over finicky dashboard controls.

Reason 7: Strong Value Proposition

For a mid-size EV packed with advanced engineering, design and features, Volkswagen’s ID.3 commands quite reasonable pricing:

TrimPrice (EUR)Price (USD)
ID.3 PureUnder €37,000$44,400
ID.3 Pro€41,287$50,000

In Germany, even the highest Pro trim slides just over €40,000 with their environmental incentive discounts factored in.

Contrast this to competitor EVs of similar caliber approaching luxury vehicle prices, and the ID.3 makes a very convincing case stretching your dollar.

I focused this guide on the VW ID.3 specifically, but buyers considering this new model likely have a few other electric vehicles on their shopping list too. Let’s quickly compare it to key alternatives shoppers mention:

comparison table

Each vehicle brings unique strengths. The Tesla Model 3 just edges out the ID.3 on tech and performance, but comes with quality concerns. Meanwhile the Hyundai Ioniq 5 delivers quirky style and ultra-fast charging in exchange for lower range.

Ultimately the ID.3 strikes an enticing balance of value, driving enjoyment and utility.

I hope this overview has helped demonstrate exactly why the new VW ID.3 commands such buzz in the EV realm! It sets fresh benchmarks for compact electric car range, luxury and road manners.

Given its balance of next-gen design, engaging driving dynamics and everyday livability, I suspect Volkswagen has a winning combination appealing to the masses on its hands – an electric car suitable for urban commutes and country getaways alike.

While North Americans eagerly await its arrival, European customers have good reason to get excited. The ID.3 looks to deliver efficient emission-free mobility to the people without breaking the bank. Consider me jealous that you get first dibs!

Let me know if you have any other questions about VW’s promising EV. Enjoy the drive if you take home an ID.3 soon!

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