Is the Moon Knight Funko Pop Worth Collecting? An Investor‘s Analysis

Are you a fan of the recent Moon Knight Disney+ series hungry to expand your Funko Pop collection? Have you wondered whether Moon Knight vinyl figures could gain value as sought-after collector‘s items over time? If so, you‘ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we‘ll dive deep on the funky history of Moon Knight, analyze the market potential of existing Funko Pops, and decide whether they are worth investing in for fans and flippers alike.

Who is Moon Knight Anyway?

For the uninitiated – Moon Knight is the cloaked, complex vigilante alter ego of Marc Spector, brought to live-action life through Oscar Isaac‘s tour de force performance on Disney+ last year.

He‘s been an underground fan favorite in the Marvel comics since his debut in 1975‘s Werewolf by Night #32. As a mercenary brought back from the brink of death by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, Moon Knight deals with dissociative identity disorder and violent tendencies while fighting crime to do Khonshu‘s bidding.

Moon Knight Comic Cover

Fans love Marc Spector‘s complex backstory and mental struggles to balance his personas. The 2022 Disney+ series earned rave reviews from critics and audiences for its daring, gripping portrayal of his psyche. It scores a 94% critical rating and 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Not to mention prestige hardware like Emmys for its innovative sound editing.

All this praise brought Moon Knight mania into the mainstream for arguably the first time. And there‘s hope for more adventures because Marvel has yet to greenlight a Season 2.

Why Collect Moon Knight Funko Pops Now?

Veteran Moon Knight fans have collected comic books and rare memorabilia of Marc Spector for decades. However, Moon Knight collectibles were fairly scarce even compared to minor Marvel heroes…until recently.

The Moon Knight Disney+ show sparked a wave of new Funko Pop releases in 2022 – everything from his Mr. Knight persona to villian Arthur Harrow. Several top entertainment collectible experts, like BamSmackPow and DisFigures, noted this expansion makes Moon Knight "primed for speculation."

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Moon Knight Funko PopYear ReleasedCurrent Market Value2022 Disney+ Tie-In?
Classic Moon Knight #2722017$95No
Glow-in-the-Dark #10482022$40Yes
Khonshu #10492022$25Yes

As the table above shows, older Moon Knight Funko releases are already commanding healthy resale values. But the new #MoonKnight show-inspired figures have room to multiply as they remain in production. Disney+ has grown to 164 million global subscribers as of late 2022 – meaning the market for Marvel tie-in collectibles is enormous!

Beyond the show hype, Moon Knight has qualities that make his Funkos enticing long-term holds:

  • Niche fandom with devoted collectors – Small supply & high demand
  • Mature, complex appeal unlike kid-friendly heroes
  • Cult favorite character with famous runs in the 1980s comics
  • Untapped mainstream potential if Disney+ continues the series

Let‘s analyze where collectors should focus their budgets right now:

Top Moon Knight Funko Pops to Buy

The crown jewel of any Moon Knight collection remains the ultra-rare glow-in-the dark Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic Con exclusive from 2016 – currently trading for $200+ and likely to keep breaking records.

However, several new 2022 vinyls have outstanding growth potential thanks to the Disney+ hype train. Here are three to target:

Khonshu 10-Inch #1053

This stunning 10-inch recreation of the iconic Temple of Khonshu became the centerpiece of the show‘s trippy Egyptian sequences.

  • Originally retailed for $30 at Target
  • Now sells for $90-100 just months later!
  • Stock capped as a retailer exclusive

As the breakout deity character of the series, this Temple statue‘s value should continue rising steadily. That makes it my #1 Moon Knight Funko Pop investment!

Mr. Knight Glow-in-the-Dark #1048

What collector wouldn‘t crave a glow-in-the-dark vinyl of Moon Knight in his dapper "Mr. Knight" persona? This figure brilliantly captures Oscar Isaac‘s portrayal with the show‘s slick suited alter ego.

It sells mint-in-box for $30-50 currently. Catering to two lucrative niches – GITD and the show‘s persona, few can match its speculation upside!

Moon Knight with Glowing Eyes #1050

As the actual Moon Knight hooded anti-hero, this creative figure stands out from common posing. The ominous glowing eyes perfectly capture the sporadic spectral visions from the psychedelic Disney+ series.

It can be found for just $15-25 now. But with Moon Knight likely returning to Disney+ eventually, watch this one‘s value beam up!

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| Khonshu GitD | Mr Knight GitD | Moon Knight GitD

Final Verdict

Hopefully this deep dive has shown why Moon Knight Funko Pops are clearly worth investing into for both fans and speculative collectors!

Key takeaways:

  • Consumer interest surging – 96% Rotten Tomatoes score!
  • Most existing figures limited exclusives now very valuable
  • New 2022 Disney+ editions have massive growth potential
  • Niche fandom & appeal unlike almost any other Marvel hero

Let me know which Moon Knight Funko Pop is your personal Grail! For Khonshu!

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