Discover the Most Expensive Funko Pop in the World

Discover the World‘s Most Valuable Funko Pops

Funko Pops have become a pop culture phenomenon over the last decade, evolving from humble vinyl figures into one of the hottest collectible items around. But some Funko Pops are far more valuable than others. Let‘s explore the history behind Funko‘s signature large-headed figures and then dive into the specific figures that have sold for eye-watering prices at auction.

The Rise of Funko

Funko was founded in 1998 but didn‘t gain mainstream popularity until the first wave of stylized vinyl Pop! figures debuted in 2010. Funko designer Sean Wilkinson came up with the trademark oversized head and small body design. The blocky, cute aesthetic combined with the affordable $10-$15 price point made them an instant hit with fans spanning kids to adults.

Funko partnered with major entertainment companies like Disney, Marvel, and Warner Bros to license iconic pop culture characters. They‘ve now produced over 20,000 different Funko Pop designs covering movies, TV shows, video games, music, and sports. Rare, limited edition figures drove up demand and prices, especially for signed or convention exclusives.

By 2021 Funko Pop figures were generating over $1 billion in sales annually. But a select few have sold for truly shocking prices…

The World‘s Most Valuable Funko Pop

The crown for most valuable Funko Pop belongs to the glow-in-the-dark "Alex DeLarge (Clockwork Orange)" figure. Only 24 were produced as SDCC exclusives in 2012. One mint condition figure fetched an astronomical $32,436 at auction in 2022!

Alex DeLarge was the main antagonist in the disturbing 1971 Stanley Kubrick film "A Clockwork Orange", played unforgettably by Malcolm McDowell. Kubrick himself withdrew the film from circulation in Britain after controversy over copycat crimes, making Funko‘s stylized figure an instantly iconic rarity. Its glow-in-the-dark effect only elevates the value for serious collectors.

While no other Funkos have crossed the $30k threshold yet, many other grails trade hands for 5-figure price tags…

Most Valuable Funko Pops

Here are the elite Funko Pops that join Alex DeLarge in the collectible stratosphere:

  1. Freddy Funko as Venom (SDCC 2019 Exclusive) – $19,000
    Only 24 exist. Funko‘s mascot fused with Marvel anti-hero Venom results in a spectacular design.

  2. Stan Lee Signed Metallic Funko Pop – $18,000
    Just 10 copies signed by the Marvel genius himself before his 2018 passing. The shiny metallic costume honors his landmark co-creations.

  3. Jaime Lannister Bloody Funko (SDCC 2013 Exclusive) – $17,000
    A true grail from early Funko days. The fake blood splattered across Jaime‘s solemn face makes this a centerpiece for Game of Thrones collectors.

  4. Robot Freddy Funko (SDCC 2011 Exclusive) – $15,000
    The very first Freddy Funko variant. This steampunk mecha suit design kickstarted Funko‘s collectible chase culture.

  5. Headless Ned Stark (SDCC 2013 Exclusive) – $14,000
    Only 480 made to memorialize Ned Stark‘s shocking early GoT demise. Detachable head and battle axe completes the gory sought-after look.

What Makes Funkos Valuable?

The outsized value of these Funko Pops boils down to principles of supply and demand. Many buyers are completist collectors seeking to "catch them all". Getting every Freddy variant or GoT character can become an expensive addiction!

Rarity fuels demand. Convention exclusives limited to 24 or 480 pieces guarantee low supply. So do artist-signed Pops before their passing. Retired molds and vaulted designs reduce availability over time too.

Striking designs that perfectly encapsulate beloved characters also drive desirability through the roof. And special glow/metallic/bloody editions for famous scenes make them centerpieces for hardcore fans.

Caring for Your Collection

For collectors buying Funkos as investments, properly storing them is essential. Keep them in original packaging away from sunlight, temperature swings, and humidity. Hard plastic protectors defend against scuffs and crushing dents during handling or display.

Research vaulted and exclusive figures to spot valuable finds early. Buy authentic Funkos from reputable sellers and thoroughly inspect for defects. Even taking them out of the box drastically reduces resale value to most buyers.

And for the love of Freddy, never throw away convention exclusives stickers! That tiny slip of paper can mean the difference of thousands for SDCC grails.

The Pop Culture Phenomenon

In just over a decade, Funko Pops have become one of the hottest collecting crazes around. Their cute designs and vast range appeal to almost every fandom. But it‘s the limited exclusives that send auction prices into orbit.

Will even more legendary Pops join Alex DeLarge in the five-figure club someday? Only time will tell, but Funko shows no signs of stopping its pop culture domination!

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