How to Find the Best Discord Servers

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to interact via text, voice, and video in community-based servers. With over 150 million active monthly users and 19 million servers, Discord connects people across the globe around topics they love.

Whether your passion is gaming, art, music, or anything in between, Discord likely has a server for it. Joining servers related to your hobbies and interests allows you to connect with like-minded people, make new friends, engage in discussions, get advice/feedback, and more.

But with millions of servers out there, how do you find the best communities to join? This comprehensive guide covers proven techniques to discover great Discord servers plus tips to optimize your experience once you join.

Introduction to Discord

For those new to the platform, Discord is a free voice, video and text chat app that works on computers and phones. Servers act as central hubs where groups communicate across various text and voice channels.

Discord app interface

Servers can be public or private, allowing control over who can join. Public servers often focus on gaming, entertainment, hobbies, support communities, and more. Users can browse and join these open servers to interact with fellow community members.

Private servers require invites and approval to join. These are often used by friend groups or internet communities that want to vet members.

Finding Discord Servers to Join

Discord has discovery tools that recommend servers, but often the best communities are hidden gems. Here are the top techniques to find great servers related to any topic:

Using Discord‘s Server Search

Discord allows searching directly for public servers within the app. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Discord app on your desktop or phone
  2. Click the "+" at the bottom to open the server discovery menu
  3. Type a keyword like "chess" or "Fortnite" into the search bar
  4. Browse the list of related public servers and their descriptions
  5. Join any that catch your interest!

The search works best for very popular topics like major games since it prioritizes active servers. For more niche interests, specialized sites work better.

Browsing Discord Server List Sites

Sites like Disboard, Discord Me, and DiscordServers allow browsing public servers by category or tags. Some of them also facilitate server discovery:

Discord server browsing on Disboard

Using Disboard to browse public Discord servers

  1. Choose a category that fits your interest
  2. Optionally filter by server location/language
  3. Scroll through servers checking descriptions until you find a good fit
  4. Click the invite link to join right from Disboard

The site takes a different approach – it ranks servers by member counts so you can see the currently popular communities.

Browsing these sites allows finding servers for any topic imaginable including niche hobbies, games, sports, art, countries/cities, and so on.

Check Reddit and Twitter for Suggestions

Reddit communities related to specific games and interests often have threads suggesting good Discord servers to join. Twitter is similar – follow hashtags like #discordservers or search for your interest + Discord.

For example, the subreddit r/Fortnite has a pinned post compiling the best Fortnite-related Discord servers recommended by players. The anime subreddit often shares Discord servers for discussing new manga chapter releases.

In both cases, you get vetted server suggestions from people knowledgeable about that topic. The servers posted on social sites like these often become invite-only as they get more popular. So jump on board when you find an appealing one!

Search on Google

Don‘t underestimate Google for discovering niche interest servers on Discord not found through other methods. The search operator specifically returns Discord invite links.

For example, search for: flight simulation

Google will display Discord servers related to flight sim gaming populated with fellow aviation enthusiasts.

Apply this search tip to any obscure hobby or interest followed by ‘Discord server‘. Google crawls invite links on small community sites that specialized Discord directories don‘t touch.

Choosing Quality Discord Servers

Not all servers are created equal. Here is what separates good, active servers from ghost towns:

Well-Defined Rules and Moderators: Servers with clearly posted rules tend to be better moderated. Define acceptable conduct keeps conversations positive.

Established Channels: Great servers organize discussions into multiple text/voice channels. This way conversations on different topics don‘t get tangled.

Fair Verification: Private servers that vet members through interviews or short surveys tend to be more tight-knit communities.

Active Members: High member counts alone don‘t make a server. But servers over 500 members often have continuous conversations happening.

A server meeting this criteria signals an established, healthy online community.

Optimizing Your Discord Experience

Here are some final tips once you‘ve joined a server to help you get the most enjoyment from Discord:

  • Read all rules/pins carefully before chatting or asking questions to avoid inadvertently breaking policies
  • Introduce yourself in newcomer channels if available
  • Add interesting members as friends to chat one-on-one about shared interests
  • Utilize Discord‘s text-to-speech accessibility feature under user settings to have messages read aloud
  • Configure notifications so you don‘t miss important announcements
  • Moderate your messages if the server has slow mode enabled to prevent rate limiting

And most importantly, have fun connecting with your global peers! Discord opens up a world beyond your geographic location.

Final Thoughts

Finding amazing Discord servers takes time, but pays dividends through lasting connections, knowledge sharing, and enjoyment of your passion with people who just "get it".

Bookmark helpful sites like Disboard, follow server listing hashtags on social media, and occasionally search Google for fresh server suggestions.

Prioritizing well-moderated and active servers creates a positive experience once you join. Implement these discovery tips and server selection criteria to unlock the full power of Discord.

The connections made through online communities can last a lifetime. So tap into this incredible resource to engage with people worldwide who share the esoteric interests close to your heart.

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