The Complete Guide to Samsung Pay: Setting Up, Usage Tips & Troubleshooting

Samsung Pay has rapidly become one of the top mobile wallet contenders, powering over $18 billion in transactions last year alone. With smart adoption tactics, widespread compatibility, loyalty incentives and tokenization security, Samsung is successfully convincing consumers to pay with their phone.

Let‘s comprehensively walk through how to start and fully utilize Samsung Pay, from initial setup to everyday transactions online and offline. Whether paying in your favorite retail stores or apps, this detailed guide has all the insider tips you need to tap into mobile payments, the Samsung way.

The Advances Bringing Mobile Payments Mainstream

We live in an increasingly cashless society, as digital payments gain popularity across all demographics. What factors and technological shifts have fueled the rapid rise of tap-to-pay solutions?

  • NFC terminals replacing old magstripe infrastructure
  • Emphasis on contactless payments during the pandemic
  • Fast checkout experiences demanded by mobile shoppers
  • Maturing tokenization and encryption security

Into this landscape emerges Samsung Pay in 2015, and quickly expands support to 24 million registered users. Though still chasing Apple Pay, it actually processes significantly more mobile transactions annually:

Mobile Wallet2022 Transaction VolumeYear Launched
Apple Pay$6.2 billion2014
Samsung Pay$18.3 billion2015

Two key advantages for Samsung Pay:

  1. Proprietary MST technology transmit card data to nearly all existing POS systems
  2. Early strategy to partner deeply with banks and financial providers

By 2019, an estimated 90% of new POS terminals shipped were NFC-enabled, boosting Samsung Pay‘s tap-to-pay addressable market.

The widespread embrace underscores that mobile wallets like Samsung Pay provide by far the fastest, most convenient checkout experience compared to cash or cards. Let‘s look at exactly why…

Why Samsung Pay is a Game-Changer for Payments

Paying with your mobile device offers multiple benefits over plastic cards or cash:

  • NFC and MST payments: Samsung MST emulates swiping a card, for broader acceptance
  • Tokenized transactions: Card numbers become tokens, providing top security
  • Time savings: Tap phone takes seconds, much faster than dipping or swiping
  • Ease of use: Payment cards stored natively in one app
  • Frequent shopper rewards: Integrates loyalty programs, discounts, coupons
  • Spend analytics: Activity dashboard and transaction history in one place

For merchants, mobile payments reduce hassles with:

  • Faster throughput: Contactless checkout boosts sales conversions
  • Enhanced data: Rich analytics on purchase behavior patterns
  • Lower costs: Reduces cash handling expenses and chargebacks
  • Frictionless commerce: Enables grab-and-go concepts, unattended retail

Samsung continues evolving their offering with value-adds beyond payments, recently rebranding Samsung Pay to Samsung Wallet.

The extended capabilities make this an everyday necessity for Samsung loyalists, not just an occasional payment tool.

Step-by-Step Guide to Configure Samsung Pay

Ready to ditch your physical wallet? Follow our visual walkthrough to install the Samsung Pay app and connect payment cards for instant tap-to-pay functionality.

Download Samsung Pay

Open the Google Play Store app pre-installed on all Samsung Galaxy devices. This is the portal to downloading and installing mobile apps on Android.

Search for "Samsung Pay" and select the app from Samsung Electronics results:

Searching for samsung pay in google play store

Tap Install and authorize permission access requested:

Samsung Pay app permissions

Once downloaded, the Samsung Pay icon will be accessible in your apps menu. Tap to launch it for the first time:

Log Into Your Samsung Account

If you already use Samsung devices and cloud services, chances are you have a Samsung account tied to your email address.

When launching the app, you‘ll be prompted to add an existing account or sign up for a new one:

Adding existing samsung account

If creating a fresh account, enter your name, email, and password on the signup screen:

Sign up for samsung account

You‘ll then receive a verification code to your email that must be entered within 10 minutes to activate the account.

Set Preferred Verification Method

Before paying with your phone, Samsung Pay needs to authenticate it‘s really you trying to authorize transactions.

Multiple verification methods can be enabled, listed from most convenient to most secure:

  • Fingerprint login – Unlock Samsung Pay app instantly using your saved fingerprint
  • Iris scanner – Scan your irises (eyeballs) to gain instant access; Iris recognition considered more secure protection
  • 4-digit PIN – Enter your personal PIN code instead of fingerprint
  • Pattern lock – Draw a pattern with your finger across 9 dots as your access code

We recommend Fingerprint for maximum ease of use. On the Verify Your Identity screen, tap Fingerprint and follow the prompts to save one or multiple fingerprints:

Repeat finger touches until fingerprint reading successfully registers.

Link a Payment Card

The magic moment has arrived! Time to connect your physical credit or debit cards into Samsung Pay for instant mobile payments.

Tap Add at bottom the cards listing page. Three options exist to register your first payment card:

Options for adding card to Samsung Pay

Let‘s demonstrate the super convenient scan card method by snapping pictures of your physical plastic on phone camera:

Make sure card image is fully in focus with card number clearly visible. Samsung Pay will automatically extract the long digit sequence.

You may need to manually input expiration and CVV code for additional verification. Finally, agree to any Terms & Conditions from your card issuer.

Once your card successfully registers, it will display in Samsung Pay app with last 4 digits showing, ready for payments!

Card added to Samsung Pay

Rinse and repeat steps above to continue adding more eligible debit, credit, gift and membership cards to your secure Samsung Pay wallet.

Try Swiping Up from Home Screen

Samsung Pay emphasizes ease of use through its instant accessibility functionality from any screen.

In your phone settings, ensure under Advanced Features that Swipe Up To Access Samsung Pay is toggled ON:

Enabling quick access Samsung pay

Now simply swipe up from very bottom of the screen, and your Samsung Pay cards conveniently fan out for fast selection and payment authorization!

This convenience factor beats needing to fumble through opening a separate app every time you want to pay.

Using Samsung Pay In-Stores

So your Samsung Pay wallet is now fully loaded and quick access enabled. Time for the best part: tapping your smartphone to pay at physical checkout counters!

Unlike Apple Pay which strictly works over NFC terminals, Samsung MST replicates the electromagnetic signal of a traditional credit card strip. Thus it transmits data to BOTH:

  1. NFC/Contactless terminals via near field communication
  2. Magnetic stripe readers on traditional checkout systems

This cutting edge functionality translates to nearly universal acceptance of Samsung Pay across +40 million merchants globally!

Now let‘s demo how frictionless paying in-store really is…

Make Sure NFC Is Activated

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and enables tap-to-pay functionality. Ensure the quick setting is enabled via your notification shade:

Enabling NFC in phone settings

You‘ll know NFC is active when a simple NFC icon displays in your status bar:

Can‘t find a NFC toggle? Unfortunately your specific phone model may not contain the required short-range communication chip. Consider upgrading to fully leverage mobile payment capabilities!

Select Payment Card

Launch Samsung Pay either by:

  1. Tapping app icon
  2. Swiping up from bottom of screen

Use your set verification method to access payment cards.

Your cards will fan out horizontally. Simply tap on the one you wish to pay with.

The most recently used may display automatically. Favorites can be pinned for one-tap access as well.

Select card to pay with

Hold Against Payment Terminal

Here comes the fun part! Look for the "Contactless Symbol" on payment terminals to pay:

Many terminals will also display friendly messages when ready for tap transactions:

Hold back of phone right up 1-2 inches away from terminal scanner area for 2 seconds until confirmed:

!!! SUCCESS !!!

Your phone will vibrate/beep and display approval on screen. Just like that, payment completed simply by tapping your phone!

In many cases you can keep your phone locked and just tap it without even opening Samsung Pay app!

What If Terminal Doesn‘t Accept NFC Taps?

Have no fear! Unlike Apple Pay or Google Pay which rely solely on NFC readers, Samsung Pay‘s proprietary Magnetic Secure Transmission kicks in on traditional terminals.

Just hold phone directly on top of the magnetic stripe slot for 1-2 seconds instead of tapping:

The electromagnetic signal replicates swiping physical plastic to complete the mobile payment.

Paying Online Using Samsung Pay

Beyond in-person retail, Samsung Pay reduces headaches (and security risks) when paying at ecommerce sites or inside apps too.

Instead of needing to grab your wallet and manually type in credit card numbers each time, you can authorize payments directly through Samsung Pay app using your fingerprint. Much faster and safer!

But there are a couple requirements:

  1. The website or app must accept Samsung Pay as a payment method
  2. You must open the Samsung Pay app to authorize transaction

This contrasts the NFC contactless payments explained earlier for in-person purchases.

Let‘s explore online/in-app transactions step-by-step…

Verify Website Accepts Samsung Pay

On product sites, always inspect available payment options before adding item to cart. Confirm Samsung Pay logo displays among the icons:

Proceed Through Checkout Flow

When ready to transact, initialize the checkout process as normal. On payment page, choose Samsung Pay as your method:

online retailer Samsung Pay

Authorize in Samsung Pay

You‘ll instantly redirect to the Samsung Pay app (be sure it‘s already installed/configured on device).

Transaction details appear; double check total amount and card charged look accurate.

Authorizing payment in Samsung Pay app

Tap card if you want to switch payment method. Then verify identity via preset mechanism. Finally press Pay now to confirm purchase.

Approval displays on your phone screen and redirects back to website with happy confirmation!

Expert Tips for Samsung Pay

Let‘s wrap with Pro tips for maximizing Samsung Pay rewards, convenience, organization and security…

Link Your Loyalty/Membership Cards Too!

Beyond just payment cards, add rewards programs, punch passes, gym memberships using Samsung Pay app:

Mobile loyalty cards

Then present barcode anytime asked for club card or account number. Super convenient!

Access Essential Travel Documents Instantly

Storing boarding passes and event tickets makes navigating airports and venues seamless:

Organize Your Virtual Wallet

Pin favorite cards for quick access from home screen. Toggle off unused ones from main display area to reduce clutter.

Analyze Spending History & Trends

Charts make personal finance tracking a breeze. Enable push notifications to monitor large purchases or suspicious activity as well.

Enjoy Enhanced Security Protections

Every card added to Samsung Pay generates a digital token for payments instead of actual card number. So personal account details stay protected if phone is ever lost or hacked into.

Additional verification requirements like fingerprint scan or PIN before transactions provide further fraud prevention.

We‘ve now explored the full range of Samsung Pay capabilities spawning in-store, in-app, and online.

With this definitive guide, you have all knowledge necessary to become a Samsung Pay pro in no time! Ditch the plastic cards and cash, and let your smartphone securely handle all payments going forward.

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