Exploring the Leaders Powering the Future of 3D Printing

You might have heard rumblings about 3D printing transforming how products get made, but do the bold claims match up with reality? Which companies actually lead the market worldwide – and what exactly sets them apart?

This insider‘s overview will profile the 10 highest-grossing 3D printing vendors globally, providing you insights into their:

  • Background stories
  • Core specialities
  • Trailblazing innovations
  • Recent partnerships and investments
  • Revenue growth trajectories

By documenting past success and future strategies of the top industry players, you‘ll learn why additive manufacturing sits poised to revolutionize $trillions worth of manufacturing markets in the coming decade.

Why Pay Attention Now?

But first – if you‘re unfamiliar with 3D printing, understanding the basics is key for grasping the incredible potential here.

In essence, 3D printing (also called additive manufacturing) is the process of creating physical objects from 3D digital models by depositing material layer-by-layer until complete. This effectively "prints" components straight from software designs without typical manufacturing constraints.

Based on expansions planned through 2030, leading researchers forecast the total global 3D printing market to multiply over 10x between 2020 and 2030, reaching over $83 billion per year as traditional production methods get disrupted across countless industries.

YearGlobal Market SizeAnnual Growth
2020$7.3 billion15%
2025$34.8 billion (est)34% (est)
2030$83.5 billion (est)19% (est)

Source: SmarTech Analysis

But market potential means nothing without real companies turning opportunity into revenues and profits.

The leaders profiled below stand out from over 1,000 3D printing firms worldwide thanks to proven technologies yielding exponential growth for themselves and customers.

After covering the top 10 heaviest hitters, we‘ll highlight some emerging competitors racing up the rankings as dark horses.

#10: Pioneering Electronics Printing (Nano Dimension)

Founded: 2012
HQ: Waltham, MA
2021 Revenue: $10.49 million
5-Year CAGR: 87%

While other entries on this list focus on high-volume manufacturing applications, Nano Dimension crystallized an entirely novel market for 3D printing: electronics prototyping.

Rather than dealing with metals or plastics, Nano Dimension systems jet proprietary conductive and dielectric inks onto circuit boards and sensors – no harsh chemicals or complex assembly required. Their award-winning DragonFly Pro platform condenses electronics development cycles from months to just days.

As demand for smart devices and IoT sensors accelerates exponentially across sectors like:

  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • Infrastructure

Nano Dimension finds itself perfectly positioned to enable rapid iteration in electronics hardware.

Investor Outlook: With insane 87% average revenue growth per year since 2017 (see chart below), Nano Dimension stock exploded over 750% across 2020-2021 as sales orders stacked up. After dipping to start 2022, analysts still predict 100%+ gains ahead as more enterprises adopt additive electronics capabilities globally.

YearAnnual Revenue
2017$5.6 million
2018$6.4 million
2019$5.9 million
2020$3.4 million
2021$10.5 million

I‘ve now set the stage for exploring what propels and differentiates the largest 3D printing players worldwide. The next sections will cover remaining companies within the top 10 list by 2021 revenues, highlighting:

  • Notable founders
  • Core technologies
  • Sample customers
  • Recent partnerships
  • Revenue growth breakdown

Through detailed profiles of market leaders, their specialties, and growth outlooks, this report aims to illustrate the diversity across additive manufacturing while showcasing consistent explosion in adoption.

#9: Pioneer Simplifying Metal Printing

#8: Optimizing Geometry & Topology

#7: 3D Bioprinting for Cultured Meat


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