Pokémon Facts

Some may know Pokémon while some may be very addicted to the game.  Pokemon as a game and as a brand has developed and been created into various entities like anime, movies, trading cards and everything else.

Since the beginning of Pokemon, there are numerous claims and myths about this game.  The history of the Pokémon world is filled with fascinating creativity, symbolism, and even controversy. Is Pokemon merely a game or just anime and manga?

The following Pokemon facts will give you a sense of the history, success, and interesting tidbits about Pokemon.

Origin of name “Pokemon” is from an English word not a Japanese word

Origin of name Pokemon

Pokemon has Japanese origins but the name Pokemon is not originally Japanese or inspired by anything Japanese. In fact, the word “Pokemon” comes from the English words “pocket” and “monster.”

The Pokemon game franchise and company has its roots in a gaming magazine.  Way back then in the early 1980s, Game Freak was a magazine in Japan for gaming fanatics. The earliest Pokemon was developed and started by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori.

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pokemon sword shield

The specific game that outsold everyone else in the Japanese gaming industry was Pokemon Sword and Shield. The sales amount was staggering at 23 million games sold alone by the release in 2010.

For over 20 years, this Pokemon game has been a top seller in the Japanese gaming industry. Pokémon Sword & Shield as of early 2021 has now sold 20.35 million units. The game is still wildly successful and is selling quickly.

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Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon ever in the world, but there is controversy

pokemon bulbasaur

In terms of the games and the Pokemon franchise, Bulbasaur is number 001 and the first Pokemon. Currently, the last Pokemon is Mew, which is listed as number 151.

Bulbasaur is also known as Fushigidane in Japanese. Bulbasaur looks like a smaller amphibian or frog in general.

The controversy arises from who may be the oldest Pokemon either Rhydon, Arceus, or Bulbasaur?

Historically, Rhydon was the first Pokemon ever created overall.  Rhydon has been appreciated for sure, but technically Rhydon is only the first Pokemon ever designed.

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You could learn about anatomy from playing Pokemon

anatomy from playing Pokemon

Not many would realize they can learn about science and anatomy with Pokemon. However, if you know the games that have a foundation on reality or based on real-life then you know.

The accuracy of  the designers who made Pokemibs like Poliwag is amazing. Other ones like Poliwhirl and Poliwrath have an inspiration that is direct from tadpoles.

For example, anatomically, these Pokemon actually feature spirals on their stomach that are to look like intestines. LIke a tadpole,  the visibility is meant to show off the glassy stomach.

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a very popular game that got so popular it was all over the news. In  2016, this game was created and featured a reality mobile game. Pokemon Go is basically an iPhone and Android game.

This game got so big it was in everyone’s pocket and made a lot of profit for Nintendo. Up to 1. 8 million people play Pokemon-Go every month! And, around 750 million people have downloaded the app to play Pokemon-Go. The latest data show that there are now around 166 million users.

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Biggest Pokémon so far in existence

Pokemon Wailord

Of all the Pokemons, size is a determining factor for sure.  In the Pokémon games with Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald the characters had some significance.

Wailord has so far been the biggest Pokémon character. In terms of size, this Pokemon is 47-feet long because it is whale Pokémon.

This Pokemon, Wairlord, gets even bigger and expands up to 328 feet! It’s hard to even think of another Pokémon ever getting to be that big or massive!

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One Pokemon character is able to devolve and reverse actions

slowbro pokémon

Slowbro, can be described as a Water creature type Pokémon that was part of the Generation I series. No other Pokemon character can devolve or reverse processes.

This unique quality means that Slowbro has the ability to return to its previous state or condition. In a way, Slowpoke can go against evolution of any kind. For example, if a character grabs Slowbro the action or process may be reversed upon touch.

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The Fastest and quickest Pokemon ever in any game


Pokemon may come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but speed is key to winning. The character, the massive sized Regi-Pokémon is a towering titan and very fast.

The Electric-type character of this game, Regieleki, is able to get up to 200 base speed. It is even possible to get up to a warp fast speed of 548, which is pretty shocking.

If you want to go fast then go ahead and pick Regielek now!

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The world of science and research is being influenced by Pokemon


Pokémon has become so popular and influential it has every sector of society including science. For  example, in 2008, Japanese scientists made a discovery and called it “Pikachurin.” If you don’t see the reference then you are not a real Pokemon fan.

So, Pikachurin, the scientific discovery, is a retinal protein first discovered by Japanese scientist Shigeru Sato. The protein was inspired by Pikachu, a species of the Pokémon franchise, which may seem but make somes logical sense.

The actual “Pikachurin” is what would be viewed as an “flexible” or “agile” protein. SInce this protein is so flexible it reminded the scientists of Pikachu’s extremely fast moves and shocking electric effects and powers!

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Pokemon is a new word or combination of an English and Japanese word inspired by gamers


The word Pokemon is English technically, but it is an invention of what is called “wasei-eigo.” This word literally means “Japanese-made English.” This word Pokemon is a hybrid word that does not cross reference any other language.

Wasei-eigo has a lot to do with making something new and creative. The new Japanese words are born or created from existing English ones.

Other than Pokemon, the other hybrid words are donmai which means “I don’t mind.” Another word is “romansugurei,” which come from the English words “romance” and “gray.” This word simply means a handsome, older man, or better yet known as the expression “silver fox.”

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Pokemon had its own currency or money that existed in the real world

Pokeman dollars

Yes, Pokemon has its money or currency and it is very eclectic. Why? Basically, Pokemon money is Pokeman dollars. The games feature Pokemon dollars, but at one time you could get real Pokemon currency.

In 2001, when Pokemon was very successful and world reaching, Pokemon did make it on to some currency. For example, the country governments of Niue in the South Pacific printed currency with Pikachu’s image. Pikachu was really stamped on the coins and dollars of a country.

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Nintendo Home consoles show up on various Pokemon games.

Nintendo Pokemon games

Nintendo and Pokemon have a clear connection and relationship. Of course, many would not expect some clear clue, but instead some secretive symbolism in Pokemon games.

In many series of the games you will notice that characters have Nintendo home consoles. Moreover, certain cues or pieces of props like Easter eggs.

Many times the Nintendo consoles will match the current gaming systems of the period that they were made.

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Pokemon on American food brands

Pokemon was at one time very popular and marketable. At the height of its success, there was an idea to put Pokemon on American brands like Kellogs and Pop Tarts.

The fad of putting games on different products was a growing trend. Pokemon was so big in the early 2000s that partnerships grew.

Pop Tart sprinkles would be shaped like Gen 1,the first Pokémon, Bulbasaur, which are supposed to be limited edition. As of now, these food items are not made anymore.

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In 2010, Pokemon was the time Pokemon was first designed by someone from outside of Japan

james turner

James Turner, a designer from the United Kingdom, was the first non-Japanese or Asian to design Pokemon. Pokemon has a very special history that is tied to Japan.

The UK born designer, was formerly a graphic designer from Game Freak. He went on to design various and numerous Pokemon like Pokémon Black and White, Pokémon X and Y and as well two for the Pokémon Sun and Moon.

His Pokemon designs like Trevenant, Buzzwole are seen as scarier overall.

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In the Pokemon series, the Swords of Justice are are inspired by the Three Musketeers

Swords of Justice

Overall, there are many things that have inspired or given Pokemon more historical reference. For example, in the Pokemon series Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo are the Swords of Justice.

This Swords of Justice group is based on the novel ‘The Three Musketeers,” which is written by French author Alexandre Dumas.

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