The Top 5 Solar Companies to Power Your Mississippi Home

Are you a Mississippi homeowner interested in harnessing solar energy to save money and help the environment? This comprehensive guide compares the Magnolia State‘s top solar panel installers to assist you in choosing the best clean energy option for your home.

We‘ll provide an overview of Mississippi‘s solar landscape, break down what to know about the 5 highest-rated companies, and equip you with the knowledge to pick the perfect solar partner to meet your household‘s needs and budget. Let‘s shine some light on powering your home with lower electricity bills and sustainable solar energy.

Solar Power in Mississippi at a Glance

Before diving into the companies, here are some key facts on solar energy in Mississippi:

  • Average Daily Sunlight Peak Hours: 4.44
  • Solar PV Installations Statewide (MW): 103 (36th nationally)
  • Average Electricity Price: $0.107 per kWh
  • Best Solar Regions: Central/South
  • State Solar Incentives: None currently

While adoption lags behind sunnier states, Mississippi still holds potential for solar with ample daylight and high electricity rates. And the Magnolia State offers the standard 26% federal tax credit to offset system costs.

Now let‘s examine your top options for reaping savings by installing solar panels from leading local and national contractors.

How We Rate the Top Solar Companies

We compared Mississippi solar installers on these key criteria:

  • Experience
  • Services Offered
  • Pricing & Incentives
  • Warranties & Protection
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Local Sourcing

1. SunPower – Premium High-Efficiency Solar Systems

SunPower stands atop the industry for expensive but high-performing solar systems. Their premium panels squeeze out more productivity per square footage than competitors.

Pricing Example

  • 7.8 kW System Size
  • 22 Panels (360W each)
  • Cost Before Incentives: $24,352
  • Federal Tax Credit Savings: $6,332
  • Final Price: $18,020

Founded in Silicon Valley during the 1985 solar boom, SunPower brings over 35 years of panel innovation and manufacturing expertise. Their signature black-on-black monocrystalline silicon cells provide both sleek aesthetics and max efficiency ratings of 22.2% module efficiency.

SunPower warrants their systems for 25 years and offers proprietary monitoring via their Equinox solar app. Their all-in-one solution includes consultation, custom design, permitting, installation and support. Expect premium quality at a premium price.

SunPower Solar Services

  • Solar Panel & Equipment Sales
  • Full-Service Installation
  • System Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Manufacturer Direct Warranty

SunPower Service Area


What Homeowners Say

"Outstanding company with great installers who clearly explained everything."

2. ADT Solar – Trusted Security Provider Expands to Solar

Home security leader ADT Solar leverages their 140+ year legacy of customer trust into solar panel installation nationwide. Purchase equipment directly from ADT‘s online store for your contractor to install.

Pricing Example

  • 6 kW System Size
  • 18 Panels (360W each)
  • Cost Before Incentives: $16,200
  • Federal Tax Credit: $4,212
  • Final Price: $11,988

ADT solar equipment includes panels and optimizers from SunPower along with SnapRS racking. Each system features real-time monitoring through the ADI EnergyMobile app showing solar production and potential issues.

Notably, their 25-year labor, panel and optimizer warranty stands out as one of the longest in the industry. ADT‘s experience making homes safer and smarter extends to whole-home solar systems.

ADT Solar Services

  • Solar Panel & Equipment Sales
  • Installation Services
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Extended Equipment Warranties

ADT Solar Service Area


What Homeowners Say

"A great company to work with! Everyone is friendly, professional, and honest."

3. PosiGen – Unique Solar Panel Leasing

PosiGen sets itself apart with a renewable energy system leasing model for homeowners. Rather than purchasing solar panels, lease them from PosiGen for lower monthly payments.

Pricing Example

  • 5 kW System
  • Solar Lease: $55 per month
  • Includes monitoring, roof repairs, upgrades

Founded in 2011 in Louisiana, PosiGen has installed over 16,000 residential solar systems across the Gulf Coast and Southeast states. Their unique leasing model requires no down payment or maintenance costs. All system repairs and upgrades are covered.

PosiGen panels are made to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 140 mph. And they offer a 20-year production guarantee ensuring your system generates the required energy for leasing.

PosiGen Services

  • Solar Leasing (no full purchase option)
  • Installation
  • Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Production Guarantee
  • Roof and Equipment Upgrades

PosiGen Service Area

Central/Southern Mississippi

What Homeowners Say

"I highly recommend PosiGen to anyone considering solar in Mississippi!"

4. Palmetto Solar – Leading Southern Solar Provider

South Carolina-based Palmetto Solar has installed 15,000+ systems across the Southeast US since 2008 and offers their services to much of Mississippi. They handle complete system sizing, equipment recommendations, installations, monitoring and more.

Pricing Example

  • 5.2 kW System
  • 15 Panels (345W each)
  • Pre-Incentive Cost: $15,508
  • Federal Tax Credit: $4,032
  • Final Price: $11,476

Palmetto uses top equipment like LG, SunPower and Enphase microinverters. All installers undergo robust training certification not only on installations but also customer education.

Panel warranties span 25 years, and Palmetto offers a Solar Production Guarantee ensuring your system generates a minimum energy output. Expect quality craftsmanship and service from this employee-owned company.

Palmetto Solar Services

  • Solar Equipment Sale & Installation
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Design & Consultation
  • Monitoring

Palmetto Service Area


What Homeowners Say

"The employees were very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Great customer service by all!!"

5. Pearl River Solar – Locally Owned SolarInstalls Serving South Mississippi

Pearl River Solar stands as southern Mississippi‘s premier local solar provider designing and installing systems across the Gulf Coast since 2016. Owner Justin Wood has lived his whole life just miles from the Pearl River, bringing true local knowledge to solar consultations.

Pricing Example

  • 7.5 kW System
  • 21 Panels (360W each)
  • Pre-Incentive Cost: $21,060
  • Federal Tax Credit: -$5,476
  • Final Price: $15,584

Pearl River Solar handles complete in-house system design, procurement of top equipment brands like Q Cells, and full-service installation. All installers complete North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) training focusing on best safety and installation practices.

Expect custom designs meeting your household‘s production goals and explanations of all financing options from cash purchase to loans to financing. And know Pearl River Solar has an A+ rating and rave reviews for quality installs in south Mississippi.

Pearl River Solar Services

  • Full Installation Services
  • System Design & Consultation
  • Service, Repairs & Upgrades
  • Solar Equipment Sales
  • Financing Assistance

Pearl River Service Area

Southern Mississippi

What Homeowners Say

"The owner Justin is very passionate about solar energy and it shows…we highly recommend Pearl River Solar!"

How Do I Choose the Right Solar Company?

Now that we‘ve covered the top solar options in Mississippi, here are the steps to select the perfect solar provider for your home:

1. Calculate Required System Size

Crunch your latest 12 months of utility bills to determine your average monthly energy consumption. For most homes, a system producing 75%-100% of your usage strikes the ideal balance of offsetting usage without overproduction. Overproducing loses the value of excess solar energy sent back to the grid.

2. Evaluate Home Factors

Consider your roof size, age, direction and shading from trees or other buildings. This determines ideal layouts and panel positioning for maximum solar gain.

3. Compare Company Offerings

Cross reference the company details above weighing factors like pricing, warranties, services and financing options. Gauge experiences from local installs via online reviews.

4. Seek Consultations & Quotes

Once you‘ve narrowed down 1-3 solar providers, inquire about free site evaluations and data-driven quotes prescribing exact system sizes, estimated production and costs tailored to your property.

5. Maximize Savings

Take advantage of the 26% Investment Tax Credit while it lasts after 2023. Compare loans or financing to purchase systems if paying outright is unaffordable. And inquire with your utility about net metering programs to receive bill credits for surplus solar energy generation.

The best solar partner for your home depends on your budget, preferences for equipment and aesthetics, and the level of services needed before, during and after installation.

As you evaluate providers, prioritize longevity – choosing robust panels lasting 25+ years backed by excellent warranties and maintenance packages will ensure your system performs as expected for decades while saving you tens of thousands on electricity costs.

Mississippi may lag behind but still offers solar viability and incentives. So join the clean energy movement by installing panels from one of these outstanding local or national solar companies trustworthy enough to call up and get your personalized quote today!

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