EGO vs Greenworks: Which Outdoor Power Brand is Best for You?

Wondering whether to go with pricier EGO equipment or more affordable Greenworks tools for your home and yard? As two popular electric outdoor brands, EGO and Greenworks both offer high-performing mowers, trimmers, blowers and more to keep your landscape looking its best.

This in-depth comparison guide examines the key differences on factors like product range, battery tech, and warranties to help you decide: is EGO or Greenworks the better brand for your needs and budget? I‘ll offer specific recommendations so you can determine the right equipment for your property.

Lineup and Products: EGO Edges Ahead

EGO specializes in outdoor lawn and garden equipment. Greenworks has a wider catalog spanning power tools, vacuum cleaners, and more. This gives Greenworks an initial product breadth advantage.

However, when comparing core outdoor power tools for yards and gardens, EGO offers greater depth and variation across the lineup:

Lawn Mowers

EGO has over a dozen battery-powered mowers available from small 14” push models to large 52” commercial riding mowers. Their Smart Cut mower technology provides added torque and efficiency.

Greenworks mowers have more limited size options topping out around 25” widths. They lack some of EGO‘s model diversity and rely more on older brushed motor technology.

Advantage: EGO

String Trimmers

Both brands provide a solid range of string trimmers at varied sizes and price points. EGO trimmers feature thicker power heads and commercial grade throttle triggers. Greenworks offers attachments like pole saws and cultivator options.


Leaf Blowers

You’ll find single and dual battery leaf blowers from both companies. EGO offers greater power with models outputting up to 800 CFM combined airflow. Greenworks tops out around 340 CFM for most models.

Advantage: EGO

Snow Blowers

EGO carries both single and two-stage snow blowers able to clear 18+ inches of snow. Greenworks lacks two-stage models but offers more width options for single stages up to 28”. Both utilize strong brushless augers.

Slight Advantage: EGO

So while Greenworks has a massive overall catalog, EGO gives you more selections for core outdoor yard tools. Now let‘s compare the all-important batteries and motors powering this equipment…

Battery Tech & Performance

EGO designed an industry-leading 56V Arc-Lithium battery platform purpose built for outdoor tools:

  • Highest capacity at up to 12.0Ah
  • Fade-free efficiency even in extreme cold
  • 2+ hour run times per charge
  • Rapid 30 minute fast charging
  • 5 year limited warranty

They also utilize premium brushless motors across their entire lineup for maximum power and lifespan.

Greenworks relies on two distinct batteries – lower capacity 24V packs for hand tools and higher 80V batteries for mowers and snow blowers. Run times max out around 60 minutes. Their lower-cost brushed motors save money but sacrifice performance.

In testing, EGO‘s robust batteries repeatedly outperform Greenworks’ power cells for sustained power and charging durability over years of use.

Clear Advantage: EGO

Warranties Protect Your Investment

Spending $300, $700 or even $2000+ on outdoor equipment means you want it to last. EGO provides among the industry’s best protection:

EGO Warranty Coverage

  • Power Tools: 5 years
  • Batteries and Chargers: 3 years
  • Accessories: 1 year

Greenworks Warranty

  • Power Tools: 4 years
  • Batteries: 4 years
  • Accessories: 90 days

The extra year of tool coverage provides more peace of mind for your major EGO purchases. Batteries make up a large chunk of lifetime costs as well, so EGO’s 1 year advantage is key.

Advantage: EGO

Cost Considerations: You Get What You Pay For

EGO positions their tools as premium products in the battery powered space. This comes through in pricing averaging 25-50% higher than comparable Greenworks models.

But EGO‘s outstanding performance, reliable components, and robust batteries make the investment worthwhile for serious home runtime needs.

Meanwhile, Greenworks allows buyers on tighter budgets to still access this technology. Despite lower prices, their 80V lineup holds its own respectably while 24V tools work well for lighter jobs.

So weighing cost considerations depends on your budget flexibility or restraints. In the battery-powered outdoor space, EGO provides a truly premium product that demands a higher but fair price. Greenworks makes key sacrifices to drive down costs and appeal to value-focused buyers.

Conclusion: Match the Brand to Your Needs

So when deciding between industry leaders EGO or Greenworks, start by honestly assessing your home and yard care needs:

  • Are you seeking no compromise pro-grade solutions?
  • Does maximum sustained power matter for acreage?
  • Is cost or value a primary driving factor?
  • Will you use tools beyond just outdoor equipment?

For homeowners wanting the very best battery powered performance money can buy, EGO earns its reputation as the top brand.

Between robust motors, leading battery tech, and broad equipment depth, EGO leaves nothing lacking for discerning buyers aside from budget pricing.

Greenworks provides a more affordable way to tap into this advanced technology. If you just have a small urban plot or need basic lawn coverage, Greenworks makes an attractive option to electrify your yard tools without breaking the bank.

So determine whether sheer quality and power justify EGO‘s higher prices for you. Or if Greenworks‘ wider range and cheaper costs adequately meet your property‘s needs. Both allow you to ditch gas and cords for greener outdoor power independence!

Hopefully mapping out these brands head-to-head provides clarity determining whether EGO or Greenworks is the optimal electric outdoor equipment choice for your home and property based on performance, features and budget! Feel free to reach out with any other questions.

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