Why is DogeCoin so Popular?

DogeCoin is growing in popularity more and more everyday. The reasons behind the rise of this new and trendy cryptocoin are varied and fascinating in itself. Pronouncing Doge is tricky as the word is pronounced as “DOHJ” and “DOHG”. Dogecoin has a unique name for sure.

Dogecoin has a much shorter history than Bitcoin. Both Bitcoin, and Doge, are in

essence cryptocurrencies that are digital currencies. On the other hand, Dogecoin has raised money for Olympic teams, children, and invested in infrastructure projects!

In general, Dogecoin started as a joke somewhat, but  then Dogecoin developed, grew, and became popular. At this time, Dogecoin is currently worth more than $80 billion. These are the reasons why Dogecoin grew and became popular in more detail below.

Dogecoin has a relaxed and humorous approach that differs from its competitors

Dogecoin relaxed approach

Dogecoin when it started never took itself so seriously. This lighthearted approach was what set Dogecoin apart from the pack of cryptocoins. The story for Dogecoin begins in 2013.

In the beginning, Dogecoin exploded and was a favorite. The support and interest grew because the cryptocurrency seemed absurd and funny to many people and investors.

Many people wanted to feel a sense of freedom and expressiveness with cryptocurrency and Dogecoin provided this to many people. It also helped that Dogecoin was quite affordable. Overall, the sense of comical hilarity and carefree attitude has attracted many people to Dogecoin over cryptocurrencies.

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Shiba Inu dog of Dogecoin

Kabosu is the name of the dog or mascot for Dogecoin. The dog, a Shiba Inu posing as the symbol or brand of Dogecoin. This dog is well loved and adorable for many around the world. Clearly, Dogecoin has made a lot of fans and gotten support from the cuteness of the dog image.

This dog has become the least likely popular symbol or face for cryptocurrency. The dog is originally from near Tokyo, Japan, the dog is female. This Shiba Inu is a pedigree puppy who originally had been sent to an animal shelter. The reason why this dog was sent to an animal shelter was that the puppy mill shut down.

At the moment, the Kabosu is not the only face of the dogecoin cryptocurrency. This dog has inspired other cryptocurrency copycats. For example, there is Suki, who is also another Shiba Inu promoting Shiba coins. The trend of promoting a dog for your cryptocurrency has worked very well for Dogecoin and is inspiring a lot of imitation.

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Celebrities love Dogecoin and this helps sell any brand or product

Celebrities love Dogecoin

When it comes to selling things and making things popular then celebrity support will always help. This type of support will more than anyone be excited or enthusiastic about a new product especially cryptocoin.

In particular, celebrity endorsers do a good job of bringing more attention to DogeCoin. Some of the stars that publicly support Dogecoin include American rappers like Snoop Dog as well actors from popular new shows from Netflix. Even athletes and influences ranging from  Kai Greene to Mia Khalifa.

Celebrity appeal is a strong factor for anyone looking to invest or buy any product, especially a new product. So, Dogecoin is growing quickly because of this quick exclusive appeal that stems from celebrity and famous people that give Dogecoin a stamp of approval.

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Dogecoin has a quick mining processes compared to their competitors

Dogecoin mining processes

Among the competition, nobody is as fast as Dogecoin as they are one of the fastest for mining. For example, on one particular account about 98.9815 Dogecoins can be mined in a single day! This type of quick turnaround is what engages and interests people in Dogecoin.

All in all, if you want a cryptocurrency that is interactive then Dogecoin is perfect. Dogecoin utilizes script encryption more than other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. This type of encryption has grown faster than even Bitcoin.

Moreover, the block rate is one block per minute for Dogecoin. You can mine for more blocks and earn as many block rewards as you can with Dogecoin. The block rewards are a huge payoff if you use Dogecoin.

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Dogecoin has a caring community that is charitable

Dogecoin charitable work

Cryptocurrencies are usually not known for promoting caring or helpful communities. However, Dogecoin does offer just that as it is a company that is not only friendly, but charitable. There are a wide range of donations that Dogecoin raises to help charitable causes.

For example, ​​in March of 2014, the Dogecoin community raised $50,000 to help build and aid a water project in Kenya. The funds from Dogecoin built clean water facilities in Kenya. Clearly, this type of effort and social consciousness makes Dogecoin attractive.

Other notable and appealing examples of charity include helping a bobsled team to get to the Olympics. Another example shows how Dogecoin actually helped provide dogs to people in need.

In one particular example, a community initiative named “Doge4Kids,” generated $30,000. The money raised was to provide and offer service dogs to children with special needs. Clearly, people will follow, invest, and believe in a cryptocurrency like Dogecoin if it is charitable.

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Elon Musk has been a massive and vocal supporter of Dogecoin

Elon Musk supporter of Dogecoin

The support of Dogecoin has brought more attention to Dogecoin than previously known by anyone. When Dogecoin was launched in 2013 it was just another up and coming cryptocoin. But, the promotion by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk then dramatically increased the popularity of Dogecoin.

The promotion and support by Elon Musk has been massive for Dogecoin. Because Elon has over 50 followers on Twitter  and wrote on his Twitter account in a comment the following, he “loves dogs and memes.”

Once of course, Elon was behind and supportive of Dogecoin then he wrote many tweets supporting Dogecoin. Among Elon Musk’s followers, the Dogecoin meme became a favorite among his followers.

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The success and enthusiasm for Doge Day 2021 on Twitter

Doge Day 2021 on Twitter

No other cryptocoin was able to emphasize and elevate their own day like Dogecoin. Why? There was an idea to have a Doge Day on April 20, 2021 and then promote it. Therefore, the hashtag #Dogeday2021 once it was announced on Twitter became a viral sensation. This attracted many people.

The appeal and sudden appeal of this tweet was also helped by Elon Musk. Once the hashtag, #Dogeday2021, was storming social media then the food company Slim Jim decided to sponsor Doge Day on April 20, 2021.

The hype was so big on social media, especially Twitter that the worth and value of Dogecoin increased greatly. By April 19th of 2021, one Dogecoin was worth $0.35-$0.39 after it had increased based on this DogeCoin idea and promotion.

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Dogecoin Memes have exploded in popularity and been a big cause for success

Dogecoin meme

The Dogecoin meme became a big sensation after it was spread and posted on Reddit in October 2010. The original post by Dogecoin was very unique and memorable.

The original Dogecoin meme was, “LMBO LOOK @ THIS FUKKEN DOGE.” The meme culture and sensation has grown considerably since Dogecoin began doing this. In general, the meme concept is made up of a catchphrase, which includes interactive social media like GIFs, videos, and viral sensations

As well, some of the other characters that are utilized in memes are usually based on pictures of real dogs. This helps as an image as likable as a pet is appealing.

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Dogecoin has been a favorite of internet message board Reddit

reddit dogecoin

Reddit has been a supporter of Dogecoin and this helped with giving a certain status to this cryptcoin. This internet message board, Reddit, is known as a social news site and forum, which has a certain perspective.

Reddit is known for socially curating certain things, products, or trends. As well, Reddit is promoted by site members by voting. Reddit is a play on words meaning, “I read it.”

The fact that Dogecoin has had success, support, and discussion is massive and thus propels Dogecoin towards more interest and investment. Reddit is similar to the WallStreetBets group that was able to help take GameStop and make it successful with its stock value. In the end, Dogecoin’s value rose over 600% once Reddit was heavily promoting it.

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Dogecoin dares to be different and creative

Dogecoin for social media

Simply being different and a bit strange makes Dogecoin very appealing to many people and future investors. Even though it may appear to be a joke, Dogecoin is attractive for users and especially social media users.

You will often hear people refer to Dogecoin using words like “crazy,” “silly” and “absurd.” Often people who use Dogecoin for the first time may expect very little and then be shocked by the investment potential.

The story from users and people is often that Dogecoin was discovered on Twitter. Then later on the realization that Dogecoin is worth a lot of money. At the moment,  the Dogecoin cryptocurrency is worth more money, currently worth $80 billion, in the real world than surpasses most people’s expectations.

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