Ethereum Facts

Ethereum is one of the bigger cryptocoin alternatives on the market. In terms of growth and investment, Etherereum is set to surpass Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency with the highest market cap value.

Ethereum is decentralized like many crypto coins as well as being an open source blockchain with incredible capacity. Ethereum has a smart contract functionality along with possessing one of the largest potential market capitalization in the industry. In terms of blockchains, Ethereum is the most used by far in the market.

Ethereum presently ranks as the 2nd most popular coin behind Bitcoin. But, despite popularity there are technology issues. Moreover, there are network limitations that have been noted.

How much do you really know  about Ethereum in comparison to other cryptocurrencies? Knowledge is power so learn more about ever changing digital currency. Here are the best and most fascinating aspects about this growing and very popular cryptocurrency for anyone curious about cryptocoins and investment.

Ethereum developed and grew from crowdfunding when it was starting


In a nutshell, Ethereum had been funded through various crowdfunding campaigns and group funding efforts. The founder, Vitalc Buttern, was a researcher and budding programmer with a dream. Buttern needed resources so he needed to raise money.

The next logical step for Ethereum to get going and grow was to get group funding. The development of Ethereum started in 2014 as Ethereum had many founders. However, the issue was financing and investment.

In the end, Ethereum was able to conduct a public crowdsale to finance and help give investment to the cryptocurrency project. The same year they founded a non-profit organization, the Ethereum Foundation. By July 30, 2015, Ethereeum was completed and expectations and funding met after one year of group funding.

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Initially, Ethereum was originally intended as a White paper application

Ethereum whitepaper

In the very beginning, Ethereum started as the white paper equivalent by founder Vitalik Buterin. The programmer and co-founder of Ethereum had a goal of constructing decentralized applications. A white paper is defined as a guide to educate readers on challenging issues to solve problems, understand concerns, or even make a decision.

Moreover, there was a lot of research and exploring about the future of cryptocurrency, so the paper application goal was viable. Furthermore, it was seen that blockchain technology may be improved from being developed to linked stocks or even property.

The paper option of Ethereum was never developed, but it shows this idea was being considered for blockchain technology. The script and white paper outline was a possible direction that would eventually lead instead to the digital currency of Ethereum.

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Ethereum guarantees more and is able to be more investor friendly

Ethereum investor friendly

The big difference with Bitcoin is that Ethereum guarantees more stability and return investment. Fundraising is crucial so expect a lot more solid and tangible backing and guarantees.

Many people know that Ethereum is popular for its fundraising, so this makes it more reliable to many who want to invest. In general, the money or investment funds stay put until fundraisers are completed. This is a great guarantee to any uncertain invester or consumer.

In summary,if you are a user who requires and wants backing, more finances, then there are resources to help. Basically, there are people who want to make your ideas work and see through a project and not lose what they invested. To make a long story short, Ethereum is more guaranteeing that if projects fail, the money or funds will go back to the ones who invested.

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Ethereum growing every day

Not many will realize that Ethereum is a large scale provider in terms of its network. At the moment, there are estimates of around one million transactions in one day on average.

In terms of statistics, Ethereum has processed around 500,000, 000 or more transactions. The overwhelming engagement is a massive number and better yet it has gone up by 100 million in around 6-7 months. The network growth is exponential and very inspiring for its supporters and investors.

Ethereum has been moving and developing quickly in a stable way thus pointing to a strong and robust currency. At first, Ethreum was started at $1,000, but broke a record high of $4,196.63. According to Coin Metrics Ethereum has an average growth rate of 197.4% in 2021 so far.

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Ethereum can be used for finance and trading

Ethereum used for finance and trading

Ethereum has many uses. One primary big factor to consider is using Ethereum to build and develop customized blockchain networks. These networks can be used in trade finance. In general, finance is integral because it is an industry that needs and thrives on digitalization.

Trade Finance has always involved copious documentation and lengthy processes. Moving away from this towards digital processes, enabled by blockchain technology, could allow institutions to offer faster payments and more efficient and secure processes. Cryptocurrencies can also be used to bypass banks and reduce transaction fees.

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Tech Companies and powerful public figures love Ethereum

Tech Companies and powerful public figures love Ethereum

Many crypto coins may have celebrities or rappers in music who boast about them, but Ethereum is popular with Big tech. Investment is key with any new company let alone digital cryptocurrency, so it is worthwhile when major companies place stakes in Ethereum as it builds confidence and value.

Some of the biggest companies in the world like Microsoft, HSBC, and Barclays utilize Ethereum. For example, each of these companies has discovered Ethereum in their systems.

In general, it is obvious that big business is more open to Ethereum because of the nature of the company as well. Initially, in development, the founding members of Ethereum included or featured Accenture, J.P. Morgan, BlockApps, BNY Mellon, CME Group, ConsenSys, IC3, Intel, Microsoft, and other large and notable companies and corporations.

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Ethereum has security risks and concerns more than other cryptocurrencies

Ethereum has security risks and concerns

All in all, it can be seen that Ethereum still is risky at times more than the competition. Cybersecurity is the main issue with any cryptocurrency, but with Ethereum the problem has been more problematic. Overall, the value and stability of the currency has come into question overall.

Currency’s security is the main thing to look out for Ethereum because of developmental and technological challenges. Moreover, Ethereum has had issues with the network and its limitations and failures to fulfill demand for its users. This is a serious concern overall.

In summary, the security concerns have deemed around 35,000 Ethereum contracts to be vulnerable to hacking. The main reasons are technological and include ineffective coding, glitches, and general bugs. Therefore, be careful with Ethereum and your security concerns.

In the end, it has been noted that it is easy to hack ethereum in its pure form.

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Ethereum has a nonexistent cap, so that there are no limits put in place

Ethereum has a nonexistent cap

In general, a cap is meant to be a restriction or control mechanism. However, there’s no real cap for Ethereum. The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is known for having a fixed amount of coins that are available. In general, the fact that there is no cap is what separates Ethereum overall.

In terms of limitations and restrictions in general, the only thing to worry about would be for Ethereum mining. Basically, you can only mine about 18 million Ether in a year long period.

Ether is defined as the solution to the issue of a payment. Basically, if you wanted to define it as something similar to a bond or security. Some may think of Ether as the cryptocurrency of the ethereum network in general.

In conclusion, Ethereum is perhaps one of the best Bitcoin mining options for anyone who wants to continue making a steady income.

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Ethereum is hosting most of the ICOs

Ethereum is hosting most of the ICOs

ICOs are best defined as a type of cryptocurrency that a business can utilize in order to raise capital or funds. When we consider ICO trading platforms, investors have the ability to get or receive distinct cryptocurrency tokens, which can be exchanged for financial support or any type of investment in a business.

Ethereum hosts the majority of ICOs within the cryptocurrency world. The probability someone may have invested in Ethereum is high because of its role in ICO sales.

In summary, around 75% of all ICOs are hosted, within the whole market, on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Programmers of Ethereum have developed and made their own code

Ethereum have code

In essence, programming is very important in cryptocurrency. And, it was the programmers of Ethereum who had created their own unique language, which is referred to as ‘Solidity’.

The essence of this programming language is what makes Ethereum special. Because Solidity is a statically styled programming language explicitly targeted and created for developing contracts that operate on Ethereum.

The beauty and benefit of Solidity is that it allows you to do more than the Satoshi script, which is used by Bitcoin. Technically, in terms of the speciality, Solidity is defined as a “statically-typed curly-braces programming language.”

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