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Cardano makes itself stand out in the crowd of cryptocurrencies. Basically, Cardano is the first cryptocurrency to be powered by utilizing mathematical principles. Moreover, this cryptocoin has a stand out multi-layer architecture.

Cardano coin was inspired by bettering on past cryptocurrency models, especially that of Bitcoin. Cardano coin stands out from other competing blockchain technology of other cryptocoins because of its environmental sustainability as well.

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Cardano Coin started with the goal to be a different cryptocurrency


Many cryptocurrencies seem to operate with similar aims and even very comparable blockchain models. However, the Cardano coin started with a different aim and objective altogether.

Cardano’s plan or goal when it started in 2015 was to transform  the way cryptocurrencies are made and how they evolve. For Cardano Coin, the initial coin offering (ICO) was important. The ICO process was meant to raise and invest money. Moreover, the objective of Cardano Coin was  to establish a new coin, app, or service.

After this period, Cardano officially launched in 2017. Cardano made a name for itself by utilizing math principles as a cryptocoin. The unique multidimensional aspect of their blockchains makes them stand out.

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Cardano Coin revolutionizes and pushes forward Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Cardano Coin takes blockchain technology a step forward and corrects some of the wrongs from previous cryptocurrencies.Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain network that improves upon past errors with utilizing more efficiency and economic strategies even in energy sustainability.

The Cardano coin did innovate in the sense that it did try to improve upon past cryptocurrency technology  and enhancements. The Cardano coin is the first peer reviewed blockchain because it is a proof-of-stake platform that would fully verify new transactions.

Cardano coin uses ideas, which are unidentifiable and purely peer reviewed before usage. Cardano developed from a scientific philosophy. This research driven approach and attitude was unique.

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Cardano Coin got its name from the Italian Renaissance

Italian Renaissance

The actual name Cardano comes from Italian physician and inventor, Gerolamo Cardano. In the 1500s, Cardano was considered a renaissance polyglot.

The Cardano coin has a connection to this Italian inventor because of his innovative thinking despite his challenges in life. Cardano was responsible for inventing mechanical devices like the combination lock, the gimbal, and the Cardan shift; universal joints for mechanisms.

It was Cardano’s love of mechanical discovery that inspired the name for Cardano coin as well. Moreover, the first discovery or exploration of typhoid fever is given to Cardano as well. In general, Cardano is known as a mathematician.

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Cardano Coin as the best for the environment among all crypto-coins


Cardano has learned from the missteps of the cryptocurrency scene, especially Bitcoin. The environmental impact has been a major issue and many cite the high electricity use as a negative. Well, Cardano is different and is environmentally sustainable.

Cardano has aimed to create a more effective, economical, and efficient system for energy savings. There is an innovative and specialized team of expert engineers and researchers, which are giving Cardano the extra advantage.

Cardano has gone so far to say they are the most environmentally sustainable cryptocurrency in the world!  Their state of the art proof-of-stake blockchain system or design is more energy efficient. Cardano will instead value the percentage of coins an investor or miner will have instead of processing the power they possess.

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Cardano Coin has a limited supply that is a set at a specific amount

Limited supply

Cardano supply is limited to 45 Billion coins. Unlike any other cryptocurrency, this is a tightly controlled coin for a reason. As investors come to Cardano then there has been some regulation to give some measure of control to the coin and its value.

The claims, as stated by Coin Market Cap, are that there is a maximum amount of 45 billion ADA with a circulation of around 31 billion. The cryptocurrency is mineable and utilized a proof-of-stake algorithm.

This formula or algorithm is the Ouroboros that is different from Bitcoin. Ouroboros is mathematically shown to be a highly secure and efficient proof of stake protocol. Overall, Cardano coin is much more efficient and energy sustainable than the competitors.

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The purpose of ADA and how it relates to Cardano Coin


First and foremost, ADA is the native token of Cardano. Cardano ADA is critical to how this cryptocurrency works overall. Because Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain it works in a specific way.

Cardano is a cryptocurrency project that has innovated how to master combining a scientific philosophy with this markey. Essentially, this cryptcoin is a research-first driven approach, according to

Currently, ADA coins are becoming more appealing. Because ADA coins are more environmentally sustainable, they are attractive to buyers. Cardano coin is built with unique code and structure that gives it strength in these uncertain times.

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Cardano works in a unique and different way compared to other cryptocurrencies

Different way

In summary, Cardano is a blockchain that connects with a platform as cryptocurrency that is referred to as “ADA.” Also, Cardano coin showcases a layered design. This means that there is more flexibility for upgrades and modification.

For example, the CSL (or Cardano Settlement Layer), is the base for the ADA cryptocurrency. All in all, the  CSL is where all token enabled activities and balances need to be managed.

Basically, all transactions in the Cardano network are powered by ADA. The main advantage to this is that the design keeps apart the transaction from the information that is attached. In essence, these layers will permit efficient and better focused updates and better protection of transaction privacy.

Cardano makes itself different by working as a cryptocurrency that utilizes

mathematical principles. It works by using its consensus mechanism. Moreover, it also fully realizes how a crypto coin can feature a unique multi-layer architecture. This blockchain innovation makes it more unique than almost any other crypto coin.

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Cardano Coin brings together a diverse group of people advocating positivity


Cardano grew and developed as a decentralized community. For example, there is a group of scientists, artists, and people of all types with a similar goal or purpose. Cardano advocates a positive change and effect on the globe.

The underlying drive for Cardano was to create a positive change and improve things already made. Improving things especially in technology is a driving theme for Cardano overall.

Every Cardano coin holder  has a stake and can be a part of the cryptocurrency network. You can earn rewards in ADA, the native coin token of Cardano. You can feel connected to Cardano more than you can imagine through numerous and varied Cardano applications and services.

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Cardano Coin has been able to innovate by a unique programming language

Unique programming language

This is one of the main advantages of Cardano overall. The structure and design of Cardano as a cryptocurrency is unique. Basically, Cardano is built and based on using the Haskell programming language.

In terms of programming languages, the Haskell code language stands out for various reasons. First, the Haskell language is the best to write code that is strong, durable, and precise within the cryptocurrency network and more.

In summary, the amount that is used starts with the  off-chain and on-chain code for Cardano. This code is written in Haskell. Therefore, it gives Cardano the power to inherit the valuable body of research that has been existing in the Haskell ecosystem throughout its history.

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Buying Cardano Coin is different from other Cryptocurrencies

Buying Cardano Coin

ADA coins can be bought at the following sites like, Coinbase and eToro. The process may seem easy but can be confusing as to what you buy.

In general, you can not just actually buy Cardano itself. Why? Just because Cardano is a blockchain cryptocurrency network is not the idea but more that there is a requirement and neccesity to buy ADA.

ADA is the cryptocurrency token for Cardano and all of its issues. When you buy ADA it translates into expecting to see Cardano value increase in the future. Why? Because Cardano is friendlier and more affordable overall. Moreover, the Cardano platform excels by supporting smart contracts.

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Cardano has its own wallet unlike many of the other cryptocurrencies


Daedalus wallet is what makes Cardano coin unique. No other cryptocoin uses its own digital wallet for the ADA cryptocurrency. All in all, Daedalus, which Cardano uses, is a full node wallet.

The way Cardano works is that Daedalus downloads a full copy of the Cardano blockchain. From there the wallet then independently validates every transaction in its full history, so this is a very comprehensive and efficient mechanism.

The competing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum don’t follow the model that Cardano is using overall. Cardano users and investors have the advantage to run a complete blockchain node.

In the end, this digital wallet gives them full control over their funds. And more importantly it gives users  the ability to get and be guaranteed transparency over the Cardano blockchain.

Author: Jay Garr

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