Sneaker Proxies Facts – 7 Facts About the Sneaker Proxies

Speed is an Important Feature of Sneaker Proxies

sneaker proxy speed

When looking at the quality of a proxy server, the speed it provides is one of the indicators of high quality. Generally, proxies reduce Internet speed, but the speed they provide is still acceptable for most tasks. However, in the case of sneaker copping, it is a different game entirely. If you rely on the speed regular proxies provide, you will surely miss out on 9 out of 10 – that’s if you do not miss out entirely. And this is not without reason.

Sneaker copping is a game of speed as releases are limited and, in most cases, a game of first come, first serve. You will want to squeeze out all of the speed you can get from your tools which includes the sneaker bot, proxies, and even server. For this reason, sneakerheads and resellers invest in high-speed proxies that will increase their chances and make them more competitive. This is the reason most go for datacenter proxies or even ISP proxies as opposed to the more undetectable residential proxies with slow speed.

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Sneaker Sites Can Detect Proxies

sneaker proxies detecting

As a sneaker reseller looking forward to buying proxies that will increase your chances of copping more limited-edition wears, you need to know one very important hidden secret – sneaker sites have the capability of detecting proxies. This will save you headaches along the way and avoid ruining your chances. One of the biggest challenges sneaker sites faces during the release of any of their limited-edition is that it gets into the wrong hands – into the hands of resellers who would want to sell at an overpriced resell price.

For this reason, sneaker sites put in place anti-spam systems in place to detect automated access and web requests routed via proxies. And some of these sites, including Nike, Adidas, and many more, are effective at detecting and blocking these. If you are caught using a proxy, you will lose out. Unfortunately, there are bad actors that do not have what it takes to provide sneaker proxies that would go ahead and offer regular proxies, and if you give in to their marketing gimmicks, you will end up spending money on proxies that won’t help you when copping.

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They Are Not Always on Sale

sneaker copping market

There is one interesting thing about the sneaker copping market – the tools are as competitive as the sneakers people want to purchase. This includes the sneaker bots and proxies. For regular proxies, if you need them, you can always buy them at any time. In the case of sneaker proxies, you will find a hard time getting working sneaker proxies from a known provider in the sneaker copping market as they are almost always sold out. If a provider has been identified as a good provider by the sneaker copping community, then buying proxies from such a provider becomes competitive. Unlike in the case of regular providers, sneaker providers seem to have a small number of IP addresses in their pool, and as such, they get easily sold out.

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IP Location is Very Important in Sneaker Copping

geo-location of the IP address

One thing you need to know about proxies for sneaker copping is that the geo-location of the IP address is very important. If you want to cop from Supreme UK, it is not a wise decision to make use of US IP addresses even though they seem fast to you because of 2 reasons. The first reason is that limited-edition releases in some cases are specific to certain regions. For these types of drops, only users from the specific region can partake in them. This means that if the release is for the UK audience, you can’t access it from the US. These sneaker sites use your IP address to determine your location and deny you access.

Another reason why the location of the IP address of a proxy server is very important is because of speed. The farther the distance between the proxy server and the sneaker server is, the slower the speed becomes. That’s why most sneaker proxy service providers only provide IPs for specific clusters of locations that host most sneaker sites. In the US, for example, New York, Chicago, and North Virginia are the most supported locations as these are the locations most sneaker sites are hosted. This ensures an excellent ping rate which improves response time.

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Regular Proxies Can be Used as Sneaker Proxies

Regular Proxies as Sneaker Proxies

If you are reading guides on how to cop limited-edition wears, you will come across the term “sneaker proxies,” and this will make you think for you to enjoy some level of successful copping, you will need to make use of proxies labeled “sneaker proxies” and avoid regular proxies. But in reality, regular proxies can also be used for copping. In fact, it might interest you to know that some sneaker proxy providers are nothing more than resellers of regular proxies – all they do is use marketing terms and probably give the regular providers specifications of the IPs and setup they require.

In sneaker copping, all that is required is to meet the requirement, and many regular proxies meet the requirement – they are set up on high-quality infrastructure, meet the location requirement, and can evade detection by sneaker sites. Proxies from premium providers like Smartproxy and MyPrivateProxy have been used for copping, and they have proven. You do not have to be disturbed about the label on a proxy – look at the feature and use that to make informed decisions.

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They Have Flexible Validity Period

sneaker proxies Validity Period

If you are conversant with regular proxy services in the market, you will know that except you are an active proxy user, you are made to pay for durations you will not even need. The minimum duration you can pay for is one month. This means that if you need to use a proxy server for just a day, you will still have to pay for a month. In the case of sneaker proxies, this is not the case. Sneaker proxy providers are aware of the seasonal nature of limited-edition releases, and as such, they have a flexible validity period. Sneaker proxy providers have daily proxies, weekly proxies, and then monthly proxies. Some even have proxies for specific days of the week, and so you can book beforehand.

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There is No Consumer Protection

No Consumer Protection

If you are planning no buying sneaker proxies from providers that tag themselves sneaker proxy providers, then you need to know one thing – you are not protected in case the proxies do not work for you. Yes, sneaker proxies do not come with a guarantee, and to make things worse, there is no free trial. So you will have to do your due diligence and only buy from a credible provider with proxies that have good reviews. While you might want to see the lack of guarantee as a bad thing, you need to know that they are doing that to protect themselves against sneakerheads that will want to ask for a refund because they miss or lose out of a drop – or even got the proxies ruined in the process of copping – and this happens a lot than you think.

That’s Myths and Truths about Sneaker Proxies before you buy it!

What do you know about sneaker proxies? If you do not know much before reading the above, then you have successfully learned most of the things you need to know about sneaker proxies. The information is presented in the form of interesting facts to make it easier for newbies to learn.

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