What Channel Is CNBC on DirecTV? An In-Depth Viewer‘s Guide

Are you looking to tune into CNBC‘s acclaimed real-time financial news and market analysis? As one of the leading business networks, CNBC is essential viewing for investors, entrepreneurs and anyone wanting an edge in understanding money.

The good news is – it‘s readily available to DirecTV viewers! This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know to start watching CNBC today. Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • A Brief History of CNBC
  • CNBC‘s Must-See Programming
  • Finding CNBC in Your DirecTV Channel Lineup
  • Related Channels for Viewers
  • What Makes CNBC Appointment Viewing
  • FAQs and Additional Resources

So whether you‘re new to CNBC or a long-time fan, read on for the full scoop on accessing this fantastic source of business intelligence through your DirecTV subscription. Let‘s dive in!

A Thorough Background on CNBC

CNBC has an intriguing origin story, launching in the 1980s as a niche outlet before growing into the global media juggernaut it is today. Here are some key milestones in CNBC‘s formation and expansion over the past 30+ years:

  • 1980s – An Italian TV network called Consumer News and Business Channel attempted to enter the U.S. market but failed to gain traction. Still, it introduced the idea of a channel dedicated to financial news.

  • April 17, 1989 – NBC and Cablevision fill the business news void by launching CNBC, focused primarily on live market reports for day traders.

  • Early 1990s – CNBC rapidly extends its daily live programming to 17 hours and introduces innovations like the CNBC Ticker with real-time data.

  • Mid 1990s – Mainstream popularity grows through high-profile coverage of events like the dot-com boom. Iconic shows like Squawk Box also premiere.

  • 1996 – CNBC launches a companion website, CNBC.com, allowing viewers to access streaming content online.

  • Early 2000s – Expands globally with additional channels in Europe and Asia. Signature shows like Mad Money with Jim Cramer join the lineup.

  • Present Day – CNBC continues leading the industry while expanding its focus into wider business and economic issues. It blends news with entertainment in primetime slots.

Now operating under the NBCUniversal banner, today‘s CNBC provides unrelenting coverage across digital platforms and on-air for over 100 million American households.

Reviewing CNBC‘s Can‘t-Miss Programming

So what exactly can you look forward to tuning into on CNBC? Let‘s explore the network‘s offerings by key time blocks:

Mornings – Jumpstarting Your Day

  • Squawk Box (6am – 9am ET) – This rapid-fire show starts your day with the latest need-to-know market updates and CEO/expert interviews. It will make you a market savant before you finish breakfast!

  • Squawk on the Street (9am – 11am ET) – Carries you through the critical morning hours with fast-paced analysis on the Open Bell, intraday trends, and all early trading action.

Afternoons – Capitalize on Opportunities

  • Fast Money Halftime Report (12pm – 1pm ET) – Mid-day trading tactics from pro traders on quick-hitting market moves.

  • Power Lunch (1pm – 2pm ET) – Current market trends plus under-the-radar stocks and economic shifts that could impact your money.

  • Closing Bell (3pm – 5pm ET) – Bookend your trading day by dissecting crucial end-of-day and after-hours market moves.

Evenings – Grow Your Money Savvy

  • Mad Money with Jim Cramer (6pm – 7pm ET) – Jim Cramer brings passion and entertainment to stocks, delivering fiercely honest market takeaways. A CNBC staple!

  • Fast Money (5pm – 6pm ET) – Traders debate on the smartest plays from that day‘s hottest market action and news events.

Beyond the core financial lineup, CNBC also airs various documentary-style programs on entrepreneurship, luxury goods and consumptions trends – making business fun and accessible!

Locating CNBC in the DirecTV Universe

Ready to finally start watching CNBC? Here is exactly how to access it through your DirecTV channel guide:

  • CNBC Main Channel – Channel 355
  • CNBC World Channel – Channel 357

It‘s just that easy. Tune to channel 355 at any time to turn on CNBC‘s domestic U.S. programming and enjoy lightning-fast market news plus perspectives on money matters big and small.

Meanwhile, channel 357 serves up CNBC World. This channel zooms out to cover international business headlines shaping economies abroad. It could impact your foreign investments. Some popular CNBC World programs include:

  • Squawk Box Europe – Morning updates anchored from London before key European exchanges open.
  • Street Signs – Showcases daytime news driving Asian markets and stocks.
  • Capital Connection – Evening broadcast centered on emerging overseas market events.

So with both channels 355 and 357 at your fingertips, you‘ll stay thoroughly plugged into domestic and global financial developments 24/7 through CNBC‘s unmatched reporting and expert insights.

Other Related Money Channels to Complete Your Lineup

While this guide focuses specifically on accessing CNBC through DirecTV, it‘s worth noting related channels of interest to business and money aficionados.

Expand your channel lineup even further with these additional stations:

  • Bloomberg TV – Channel 353 – More analyst opinions and interviews surrounding markets and economics.

  • Fox Business – Channel 359 – Fox Corporation‘s competitive answer to CNBC with a similar focus.

  • MSNBC – Channel 356 – Breaking news and political commentary with economic angles.

That rounds out your essential set of financial news sources. But hunger for business knowledge doesn‘t end there. Consider adding specialinterest channels like:

  • Golf Channel – Channel 218 – Explores the profitable world of golf including media rights, hospitality, equipment and pros.

  • ESPN – Channel 206 – Analysis around lucrative sports franchises, marketing contracts and related industries.

With the full gamut of specialized channels, DirecTV essentially delivers a mini MBA covering business happenings across every sector!

Why CNBC Stands Out as Must-See TV

While DirecTV offers no shortage of respected business shows and channels, CNBC remains distinctly authoritative and essential in the pack. Here‘s why:

  • Speed and Accuracy – CNBC reports time-sensitive financial news faster and more urgently than any peer network. Details and data accuracy are also top-notch.

  • Unmatched Access – Anchors and reporters have unrivaled insider access to top-tier sources across Wall Street, Washington and Silicon Valley. Viewers benefit from rare insider insights.

  • Star Power – An ensemble of larger-than-life anchors and commentators makes market news entertaining and accessible for any audience. Veterans like Jim Cramer are legends.

  • Comprehensiveness – From bell-to-bell market coverage to investigative special reports, CNBC connects all aspects of business, economics and investing. No stone is left unturned.

CNBC retains an aura as the gold standard in business journalism – a vault of indispensable wisdom to consult daily. Now that you know precisely how to access it through DirecTV, be sure to make watching CNBC a habit whenever tuned into channels 355 or 357!

Additional Questions and Resources

For supplementary info about CNBC and its DirecTV channels, check out these resources:

Feel free to reference those sites for the latest on CNBC. But we hope this guide gave you everything needed to easily access CNBC daily through DirecTV. Happy watching!

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