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Sneaker bots are revolutionary – helping you go through the process of purchasing limited-edition sneakers and other apparel in an automated and fast manner in other to increase your chances of succeeding.

sneaker bots are illegal

We intend to start with this for an obvious reason; sneaker copping is an action, and you wouldn’t want to engage in it if it brings the hammer of the law on you. It might interest you to know that there is no law that criminalizes the use of sneaker bots for copping. Some users might be asking if it is illegal because ticketing bots for ticket scalping are.

Are sneaker bots illegal?

While the Government of the United States has looked into ticket scalping, they have not looked into sneaker copping yet, and as such, you are free to make use of sneaker bots without fearing that you could be sued. Being that as it may, while using a sneaker bot is not illegal, it is unethical and seen as gaming the system.

One thing you need to know is that sneaker bots being legal does not mean you will have a free pass using them.

Sneaker platforms, including Adidas, Nike, Shopify sneaker sites, Footsites, and the many other sneaker sites that offer limited-edition releases and drops, do not support the use of sneaker bots.

They have anti-bot systems in place that detect and block bots from accessing their platform. For this reason, if you must make use of a sneaker bot, you must make use of a high-quality one; else, you will be detected and lose out of the drop.

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No AIO Bot Captures the True Essence of AIO Bot


If you try checking out the sneaker bot market, you will notice that a good number of sneaker bots regard themselves as an AIO Bot. for those that do not know the meaning of AIO Bot, it means All in One (AIO) Bot. this means that for a sneaker site to be known truly as an AIO Bot, that sneaker bot should have support for sneaker sites.

However, if you look at the market and dig deeper, you will discover that many of them only answer the name AIO Bot with the hope that they will become one in the future. Currently, many of those sites do not even support more than 10 sites and would call themselves AIO Bot.

One sneaker bot that comes near what can be termed an AIO bot is the AIObot developed by AnotherNikeBot. This sneaker bot has over 70 sneaker sites supported, including Adidas, Shopify, Supreme, Bapes, Yezzy, Footsites, Finishline, and Nice Kicks, among others.

Even though it covers the highest number of sites, there are still some popular sites, such as the SNKR platform, that they do not support. So, it is the closest to being an AIO Bot.

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Sneaker Bots Do Not Work in Isolation

sneaker bot Isolation factor

Another very important fact you need to know about sneaker bots is that they do not work in isolation. For you to get the most out of your sneaker bot, you will need to make use of other sneaker copping tools that will increase your chances of succeeding.

One thing you need to know about sneaker copping is that you are not guaranteed anything because you are in competition – all you are guaranteed is that your chances will be increased. What are those tools that you need in other for your sneaker bot to work correctly?

For sneaker copping, among other things, you will need a server and proxies. For the server, you will need it in other to host your bot so that it can achieve its maximum capabilities. However, they are not foolproof.

You will need sneaker servers that are in the location where your target sneaker site is hosted for the purpose of speed. Another reason why you will need a server is if your computer is not highly powered and you need to run your bot on a high-powered computer for multithread capabilities and speed in situations where you will need to cop many pairs.

For Sneaker proxies are required in other to hide your IP address footprint and provide you as many IP addresses as you need. You can only cop a pair per IP address.

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Regular Updates are a Requirement

Sneaker bot Regular Updates

One very important requirement for a sneaker bot that you need to know before buying is how a particular sneaker bot is regularly updated. If you fail to do this, you will most likely end up with a sneaker bot that will work for a particular site and break for another, which means making you lose out for it.

Sneaker sites are always making last rime changes to their platform in other to break sneaker bots and make them fail – you wouldn’t want to own a bot that the developers are not always on their toes rolling out updates.

Before buying a bot, you need to look at their update history and how they have performed in the past and not only just looking at one success drop and make a purchase decision.

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Sneaker Bots Can Be Expensive

Sneaker bot high price

The major reason sneakerheads want to buy sneaker bots is to avoid paying resell prices. However, you need to know that sneaker bots that work can be expensive and when you consider the money for other tools, then you need to be sure you are making an informed economic decision.

There are some sneaker bots that go for as low as $50. This type of bot, while they work, are not bots you should depend on. The big deal that will earn you profit is more expensive.

Take, for instance, the AIObot by ANB we talked about somewhere at the beginning of the article goes for over $300 – and this is just for 6 months – you will have to pay for updates. Unfortunately, this is not the most expensive; there are some that are more expensive and some that are slightly cheaper but be ready to pay way above $100 for a sneaker bot.

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Sneaker Bots Can Fail You

Sneaker Bot failure

Do not put all of your trust in a sneaker bot. I know you must have done your research, read buying guides, and top 10 articles on the best sneaker bots to use in other to win and secure pairs in every release.

What’s the Best Sneaker Bot in 2022?

The features of the bot you end up with might be all rocky and all that’s required for a successful cop. But let me tell you something; that sneaker bot can fail you.

I don’t care which bot it is – AIO, Another Nike Bot, or even Nike Shoe Bot. No bot in the market will guarantee you a pair. This is because sneaker copping is highly competitive, and even after using the best sneaker bot, sneaker server, and sneaker proxy server, you will still fail. It has nothing to do with the sneaker bot but with the competition. However, a good bot will increase your chances.

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Speed is Not Everything

Sneaker Bot speed

Wait a minute. From the above, I made it look like speed is everything, right?  Well, I am not alone, other guides will make you believe so, and this is not without reason – in most cases, limited-edition releases are on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means that the faster you go through the process of ordering and checking out compared to others, the higher your chances.

However, this is not written on stone, and sometimes, speed is not needed. There are some releases that are not based on a first-come, first-serve – some are based on a raffle, and what is required is sending as many entries as possible and not how fast you do that. Also, there are some sneaker bots that can avoid the queue system of some sites like Shopify and go straight to checking out.

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Previous History of Success Does Not Guarantee Future Success

sneaker bot success history

History gives us a leap to what to expect in the future, right? In sneaker copping, you will have to take that saying with a pinch of salt to avoid trusting a history that might not repeat itself, thereby making you lose out. the sneaker market is very dynamic, and things change pretty quickly in surprising and unexpected times.

A sneaker site might have been working only for a new update to be rolled out by a sneaker site and break that bot. in the same vein, another bot that has not even been used for copping before could become successful in a drop.

What this means is that while you can trust a particular sneaker bot, it can disappoint, and when that happens, don’t bite yourself – it is part of the whole system.

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The Team Behind a Sneaker Bot Matters

sneaker bot team

I will advise you to know the team behind a particular sneaker bot in terms of what they have done before, what they are doing, their experience, and the team size. Trust, you will not want to work with a sneaker bot that is being managed by a one-man team.

This is not stereotyping, but how would one man roll out quick updates and patches in terms of surprises. If a team has a history of success and the team is experienced and large enough to take on any patch and update, then you can settle with them.

Take, for instance; the AIObot was developed by the developers behind Another Nike Bot, a successful Nike shoe bot. They also have over 40 developers working with them, which makes them a more serious team ready to take on any surprises.

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You Can Cop Without a Sneaker Bot

sneaker bot updated

This particular fact might come as a surprise to many – if sneaker bot users can lose out, then what chances do you have when you are not using a sneaker bot?

It turns out that a good number of sneakerheads do not make use of sneaker bots either because they see them as unethical, expensive, or even technicalities they do not want to interact with, especially for the non-techies.

For these sets of sneakerheads, all they have to do is put things in order, and sit in front of their computer, and swiftly go through the process. For you to be successful, you have to be fast. Also important is the fact that you should avoid thinking you can cop more than a pair and a slight delay means you have lost out.

That’s all Myths and Truths about Sneaker Bot before you buy it!

Not many sneakerheads know about them, and we felt we should write this content to educate them on facts they need to know about this piece of technology designed to make sneaker copping easier.

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