New Genesis Games for Switch Online

Hey friend! Did you hear the news? Nintendo just dropped three more Sega Genesis classics onto the Switch for free! As a fellow retro fan, I wanted to share the lowdown on these retro gems being resurrected for Switch Online subscribers. Let‘s dive in!

First, what is this Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack thing? Basically, it expands on the base Switch Online subscription by letting you play a selection of N64 and Sega Genesis games. I‘ll focus on the new Genesis additions here.

In September 2022, three iconic Genesis games were added to the mix. Now this was exciting news for me since the Genesis was my first real gaming obsession as a kid in the 90s. These new titles are:

  • Alicia Dragoon
  • Beyond Oasis
  • Earthworm Jim

I couldn‘t wait to fire these up on my Switch OLED to see how they translate decades later. Let‘s explore what made these games special back in the day and why long-time Sega fans should be hyped!

Alicia Dragoon: Mythic Dragon Fantasy Platformer

I have to admit I was not familiar with Alicia Dragoon prior to its Switch port. This game flew under the radar since it released late in the Genesis life cycle back in 1992. But now thanks to the port, I got to discover this lost gem of a 2D fantasy platformer.

In Alicia Dragoon, you play as the titular hero out seeking revenge for her murdered father. The mythological setting stands out here – with earth dragons, stone golems and undead warriors among the eccentric enemies populating the dragon-filled fantasy realms.

Alicia Dragoon1992Victor Interactive/Taito

This game wowed me with its fast-paced combat as you run, jump, slash beasts and unleash dragon spirit helpers, establishing a unique flow. I found the challenge steeper than expected too – no simple task beating levels with enemies attacking non-stop from all sides. But mastering the swordplay and platforming prove so gratifying when tackling menacing mythic baddies!

While maybe less refined than later Genesis greats, Alicia Dragoon paved the way for titles like Golden Axe with its medieval fantasy hack-and-slash vibe. 30 years later, I was blown away that the hectic combat still feels great while the vibrant pixel art and thumping soundtrack transport me to a mystical world. If you missed this gem in the 90s like me, it‘s awesome we get to experience it via the Switch now!

Beyond Oasis: Legend of Zelda Meets Streets of Rage

Whereas Alicia Dragoon was new for me, I fondly remembered playing Beyond Oasis back on my Genesis. Released in 1995, this action RPG quickly won fans over as a faster, combat-focused alternative to top-down Zelda games. Instead of relying on puzzles, Beyond Oasis keeps the focus on lush action setpieces as you battle menacing beasts.

You play as Prince Ali who obtains the Gold Armlet artifact, granting powers to summon elementals like water and fire spirits. In a twist versus Zelda, thesespirits fight alongside you rather than solely solve puzzles. And the combo-based combat emphasizes timed sword slashes, dodges and unleashing spirit attacks for extra damage. Resulting in thrilling, almost fighting game-like encounters!

Beyond Oasis1995Ancient

For an action RPG on underpowered Genesis hardware, I remembered Beyond Oasis pushing some stunning visual setpieces and landscapes. The port translates the colorful, expertly animated sprites and environments smoothly to the Switch screen. It still stands tall as one of the most gorgeous Genesis games with an atmospheric, cinematic score to match.

Beyond Oasis condenses the best bits of top-down Zelda titles into a brisk action RPG full of magic, silver swords and menacing monsters to trounce. It laid groundwork for later hits like Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures on GameCube. And now we can savor this lost classic on modern hardware!

Earthworm Jim – The Wackiest Cult Classic Reborn

But the game I was most ecstatic to replay via the new Switch Online Expansion library was – drumroll please – Earthworm Jim! Released in 1994 from developer Shiny Entertainment, Earthworm Jim gained an immediate cult following for its bizarre premise, self-mocking humor and challenging 2D run-and-gun platforming.

Insert Earthworm Jim wacky description here!

The game has you take control of awkward earthworm Jim after he comes into possession of an advanced robotic exosuit, granting outrageous new abilities. The levels play out as chaotic, challenging obstacle courses. Like navigating the slick innards of a freakish lab dog, dodging cow udders and battling eccentric baddies like Major Mucus.

Earthworm Jim1994Shiny Entertainment

As Jim, you run, shoot, swing from your head whip and unleash weapons like heat-seeking Barnyard Blasters to trounce foes across memorably themed stages. I have vivid memories of struggling to control Jim precisely with buddies back on Genesis, laughing at the wacky sights filling the screen.

Well I‘m thrilled to say this Switch port holds up that zany legacy splendidly! The slippery platforming, slightly chaotic combat and cow-launching carnage all intact. For a generation who missed this gem originally or want to relive playground memories, Earthworm Jim hitting the Switch is epic news.

Adding Alicia Dragoon, Beyond Oasis and Earthworm Jim make an already stellar batch of Genesis ports on Switch even stronger. What strikes me is the diversity – Alicia Dragoon‘s medieval fantasy dragonslayers, Beyond Oasis‘ cinematic action-RPG hybrid or Earthworm Jim‘s anything-goes absurdity all left their mark on Sega‘s legacy.

Their addition gives me hope that other unsung Genesis classics could make the jump in future. I‘d love to slash foes in the Streets of Rage beat-em-ups or experience the semantic 3D platforming in weird mascot title Ristar someday on my Switch.

But for now, delving into Alicia Dragoon‘s hidden gem status, Beyond Oasis greatness and Earthworm Jim cult zaniness should keep retro fans busy awhile! Combined with the N64 Expansion titles, this is really becoming an aweseome service for revisiting classic gems lost to time.

Well my friend, that concludes this tour through three more Genesis legends revived! Give these new ports a shot when you can. Until next time, happy gaming and be excellent to each other!

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