A Complete Guide to Liking and Commenting on Threads

Threads is a new photo and video sharing app from Meta, built for casual sharing between close connections on Instagram. If you‘re ready to dive into Threads, understanding how to like and comment is crucial for getting involved.

As an avid Instagram and Twitter user, I was excited to try Threads and see how it compares. Over my first few weeks using the app daily, I‘ve learned the ins and outs of effectively engaging with posts.

Here, we‘ll walk through everything you need to know step-by-step, from the basics to pro tips for sparking conversation. Time to master the art of Threads engagement!

Why Liking and Commenting Matters

Before we dig into how to engage, it‘s important to understand why likes and comments matter:

  • Shows appreciation for creators
  • Helps increase reach/distribution of posts
  • Allows you to join in conversations
  • Can gain you new followers and connections

Put simply, engagement fuels the community and connections that make social platforms enjoyable.

As an example, the table below compares average engagement rates across major platforms:

PlatformAvg. Engagement Rate

With Threads being so new, it will be interesting to see how commenting culture develops…

How to Like Posts

When you come across a post you appreciate, showing support with a like is simple:

  1. Tap the heart icon below the post while viewing it
  2. The heart turns red to confirm you‘ve liked it
  3. To unlike, tap the red heart again

See the screenshots below for a visual walkthrough:

Step by step guide to liking threads posts

From my experience, posts with 20+ likes tend to perform above average, likely due to compounding algorithmic exposure.

So if you really appreciate a post, be sure to double-tap! ❤️

Step-by-Step Guide to Commenting

Beyond just liking posts, commenting allows you to add your perspective to conversations. Here‘s how to publish your first Threads comment:

  1. Tap the comment bubble icon below any post
  2. The comment window opens – type out your comment here
  3. Choose privacy settings (anyone, people you follow, people you mention)
  4. Optionally add emoji, tags, media to enrich your comment
  5. Tap "Post" to publish your comment live!

Here‘s the play-by-play with visuals:

Step by step directions for commenting on threads posts

Crafting Meaningful Comments

Getting comfortable with the mechanics of commenting is the first step. But the nuance comes in learning what comment styles spark active conversation.

Over years using various social platforms, I‘ve noticed the highest performing comment styles tend to be:

  • Humorous – witty jokes riffing on the content
  • Relatable – personal anecdotes connecting to the post
  • Inquiring – questions that prompt response/discussion

Test out these approaches and see which resonate best with your audience!

Pro Tips for Boosting Engagement

As your confidence grows, put these pro community building tips into practice:

  • Comment first on rising posts to increase visibility
  • Reply thoughtfully to encourage dialog
  • Use relevant tags so more folks see your contributions
  • Follow and engage profiles you find interesting

The more sincerely you interact, the more new connections you can foster.

Key Questions

Still have questions? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Can I delete comments?

Yes! Tap the X icon by any of your comments to remove it.

Is there a character limit?

500 characters maximum (same as posts).

Can I add media to comments?

You can attach up to 10 photos/videos per comment.

What‘s the best way to gain followers?

Consistently delivering value and engaging sincerely with your community over time. There are no shortcuts!

So there you have it – time to start liking and commenting on Threads! Let me know if any other questions come up.

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