Crafting "Big" in Little Alchemy 2: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever felt stuck trying to make the "big" element in the popular crafting game Little Alchemy 2? You‘re not alone! Combining abstract concepts like size and scale can seem unintuitive at first.

But mastering the creation of "big" unlocks tons of new element combinations critical for reaching the final 700 count. So it‘s an important milestone for any serious player.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explain everything you need to know about the "big" element, including:

  • What is "big" and why make it?
  • Simple step-by-step methods for crafting
  • Alternate options if lacking key elements
  • Exciting new elements unlocked with "big"
  • FAQs about the game and the elusive "big"

After reading, you‘ll have all the tips, tricks, and knowledge needed to easily add "big" to your Alchemy repertoire. So let‘s get mixing!

What is the "Big" Element in Little Alchemy 2?

The "big" element represents exponential size, growth, and scale. On its own, it‘s quite abstract. But when combined with other items, it creates larger, more complex versions.

For example, mixing "big" with:

  • "Boulder" → Mountain
  • "City" → Metropolis
  • "Planet" → Solar System

So while unintuitive at first, mastering this element allows tremendous room for creativity. And it unlocks many key late-game elements required in your quest to discover all 700.

Now that you know why you want to make “big”, let’s get into the how!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making “Big”

Creating the "big" element requires advancing to more complex crafting chains involving over 20 steps. But don‘t worry – just follow along with our visual guide below:

Step 1. Combine earth with itself to create land.

Step 2. Mix two land elements to make continent.

Step 3. Two continents makes planet.

Step 4. Combine earth + water to get mud.

Step 5. Mix air with itself to unlock pressure.

Step 6. Combine earth + pressure to get stone.

Step 7. Mix stone + mud to create clay

… And so forth through 24 total steps combining different elements.

We won‘t list every single one here so the section doesn‘t extend too long. But the key takeaway is methodically building complexity until you unlock the needed elements.

For readers needing more detail, here is an extended step-by-step guide with images of the full process.

The most important elements for making "big" are:

  • Planet – Made by combining continents
  • Philosophy – Created by mixing human, idea, and lightbulb

Mix these two, and voila…you‘ve made big!

How to make big in Little Alchemy 2

Combining “planet” and “philosophy” is the quickest way to make “big”

Easy as that…right friend? Okay maybe not that easy if it‘s your first time. But with practice making more complexes chains gets easier.

Now what if you don‘t have all the elements needed yet?

Alternate Methods for Making “Big” Without Key Elements

The fastest way to make "big" utilizes the time element in one key combo. But what if you haven‘t unlocked time yet?

No worries! Here are two alternate methods you can use:

Option 1 – Substitute Energy for Time

Follow the main guide, but when you reach Step 13 to make life, use:

Energy + Primordial SoupLife

This small substitution still nets you life and everything after. Slightly longer, but works without time!

Option 2 – Start from Philosophy

If lacking multiple elements in the main guide, you can also work backwards from philosophy:

Human + IdeaPhilosophy (Then combine with planet, etc).

This method can work if you already have the human/tool-making elements unlocked from other combos.

I recommend trying both options to see which works best for your current progress. And here are a few more methods that also produce the big element:

  • Combine universe + philosophy
  • Mix galaxy + philosophy
  • Add philosophy to solar system

The key is having that spark of thought (philosophy) to perceive the exponential nature of big!

Exciting New Elements Unlocked with “Big”

Why go through the long journey to make “big” at all? Because mixing it with other elements unlocks some really cool new items!

See just a small sample of possibilities in the table below:

Combine "Big" WithTo Make
ExplosionAtomic Bomb

And tons more options become available! For example, adding big to monster yields a freakish giant. Or to story to evolve myth into legend.

Be creative in your combinations. See if you can discover uses for big that surprise you with their cleverness or sensibility.

That‘s the true joy of Alchemy after all!

Final Tips for Making “Big” in Little Alchemy 2

Let‘s recap the key tips to remember about making the important big element:

  • Use the 25 step planet + philosophy method for fastest results
  • Substitute energy for time if that element is still locked
  • Work backwards from philosophy if lacking other elements
  • Mix and match big with other items to unlock more complex combos

Mastering the abstract big element is very rewarding. It represents reaching that higher level of crafting complexity within Little Alchemy 2.

Now no mountain or bus stop should stand in the way of your element-discovering journey!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions on making big in Little Alchemy 2. And what cool new items you are able to create by utilizing this strange element.

Happy alchemizing my friend!

The awesome featured image for this post is ©Stanislavskyi/ Check out their full portfolio here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Making “Big”

Still puzzled on some aspects of Little Alchemy or creating the “big” element? Read through answers to these common questions:

How do you play Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 can be played for free on any desktop or mobile browser at Simply drag and combine elements to unlock new ones in this addictive crafting game!

Is Little Alchemy 1 the same as the sequel?

The original Little Alchemy has over 500 elements to discover. Little Alchemy 2 expands this to over 700 elements, along with adding “Myths and Monsters” DLC. The gameplay works the same way in combining items!

Why is the “big” element useful in Little Alchemy 2?

Creating “big” unlocks the ability to make exponential, complex versions of other items. This opens up tons of new crafting combinations needed to reach the full 700 element count.

What if I’m missing key elements needed to make “big”?

Not to worry! We covered alternative methods in this guide for making “big” even if you don’t have certain elements yet, like “time”. Getting creative with substitutions is part of the fun!

How do I know the full list of what I can make with “big”?

Within the app, tap on the “big” element itself to popup a list of everything it can currently combine with in your saved game. There are dozens of exciting options to explore!

I hope these answers help explain both the basics of Little Alchemy 2 and specifics on mastering the “big” element within it. Let me know if you have any other questions pop up on your crafting adventures!

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