Which HyperX Headsets Come In Pink? A Complete Guide

HyperX Company Overview

HyperX is a leading gaming peripherals brand known for their high-quality headsets, keyboards, mice and other gear. Originally a division of Kingston Technology, HyperX launched in 2002 focused specifically on the needs of gamers and overclockers.

Over the past two decades, HyperX has built a reputation for durable, comfortable and great-sounding products. Their headsets in particular have earned praise from both critics and customers. Models like the popular Cloud Alpha and Cloud Revolver lines set new standards for audio and mic quality in a gaming headset.

More recently, HyperX has expanded their headset lineup with special color variations — including pink editions of two of their most popular models geared toward the growing female gaming market.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Stinger, originally released in 2016, is HyperX‘s budget-friendly introductory headset. Despite the lower price point, the Cloud Stinger still delivers solid audio performance and signature HyperX comfort.

In June 2021, HyperX introduced a vibrant pink special edition of the Cloud Stinger. This slick colorway helped make a great headset stand out even more.


The Cloud Stinger Pink Edition features a bright pink plastic body contrasted by dark gray oval ear cups. The headband is padded with a leatherette material and has a steel slider mechanism for adjusting the fit.

Matching pink stitching accents the memory foam ear cushions wrapped in breathable polyurethane leatherette. At just 275 grams, the headset remains lightweight and comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

The left ear cup houses a swivel-to-mute noise-cancelling microphone and volume control wheel, while the fixed audio cable connects to the right side.

Features and Sound Performance

Equipped with 50mm directional drivers and a closed-back design, the Cloud Stinger provides surprisingly powerful, crisp audio given its affordable price tag. It delivers punchy bass without drowning out higher frequencies and offers good stereo imaging for positional audio.

The noise-cancelling microphone uses a uni-directional pickup pattern which reduces background noise for clear voice chat. Its convenient swivel-up mute function allows muting the mic by raising it vertically against the headband.

With support for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices out of the box, the Cloud Stinger works with all major gaming platforms. Just plug in the 3.5mm connector and you‘re good to go.


Weighing in at just 275 grams, the Cloud Stinger Pink Edition remains lightweight and comfortable to wear. The soft leatherette and memory foam earpads avoid uncomfortable pressure even after hours of continuous play.

The headband extends up to 5 clicks for finding the ideal fit, while 90 degree ear cup rotation allows for preferred wearing position. For players with glasses, the Cloud Stinger won‘t apply unwanted pressure thanks to the ample headband and ear pad room.

Performance Summary

  • Crisp, balanced stereo audio ideal for gaming
  • Effective noise-cancelling microphone for clear voice chat
  • Durable construction with signature HyperX comfort
  • Multi-platform 3.5mm wired compatibility
  • Attractive, eye-catching pink colorway

The Verdict

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Pink Edition retains everything which made the original model so widely praised — great gaming sound, chat clarity, long-wearing comfort and plug-and-play simplicity across platforms — now wrapped in a slick new pink skin sure to appeal even more to the growing female gaming demographic. At just $49, it remains the best budget headset option for girls who game.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Audio Drivers: 50mm drivers

Connection: Wired 3.5mm

Microphone: Swivel-to-mute noise cancellation mic

Weight: 275g

HyperX Cloud II

The HyperX Cloud II, originally launched in 2015, set a new standard for premium gaming audio performance. With vastly improved sound over the original HyperX Cloud, the Cloud II remains one of HyperX‘s most popular headsets.

In March 2022, HyperX released a special pink color variant of the Cloud II tuned to appeal directly to female gamers.


The HyperX Cloud II Pink Edition sports a clean white exterior with vibrant pink accents. The aluminum frame, adjustable headband slider and removable microphone give it a durable yet sleek look perfect for gamers.

The pliable leatherette headband cushion features generous padding covered in breathable material. Both ear cups utilize soft memory foam and leatherette along with an extra set of velour ear cushions. Weighing just 350 grams, the headset remains remarkably lightweight considering its premium metal and leather construction.

Features and Sound Performance

Audio playback represents a massive upgrade over both the original Cloud headset and Cloud Stinger budget model. Large 53mm drivers deliver punchy bass, crystal clear highs and accurate mids ideal for gaming immersion.

But where the Cloud II really shines is its surround sound performance. The included USB control box amp enables hardware-driven 7.1 virtual surround sound with noticeable expansion to the audio‘s spatial dimension and positional accuracy.

This surround processing combined with the headset‘s noise isolation results in an incredibly immersive listening experience – picking up subtle sound effects and character dialogue while remaining comfortable for long sessions.


The Cloud II Pink Edition matches its excellent sound with equally impressive long-term comfort. Adjustments to the steel slider and swiveling ear cups let you customize the fit. Both leatherette and velour ear pads sufficiently block external noise without causing irritation after hours of wear.

At just 350 grams, the headset disappears during use. The plush memory foam ear and headband cushioning avoid unwanted pressure points while keeping you fully immersed in your games. For gamers who wear glasses, the Cloud II won‘t applying any squeezing force or annoyance thanks to the roomy fit.

Performance Summary

  • 7.1 virtual surround sound for immersive gaming audio
  • Large 53mm drivers with impactful bass and sparkling highs
  • Removable noise-cancelling microphone
  • Extreme long-wearing comfort from memory foam and velour
  • Durable aluminum frame backed by 2-year warranty

The Verdict

With upgraded 7.1 surround sound, bigger audio drivers and premium metal-and-leather construction, the HyperX Cloud II Pink not only looks great but provides a noticeably more immersive and high-fidelity gaming experience over bargain models. For female gamers seeking top notch audio performance without breaking the bank, the Cloud II Pink Edition gaming headset should top their list.

HyperX Cloud II Pink Edition

Audio Drivers: 53mm drivers

Connection: Wired USB + 3.5mm

Microphone: Detachable noise cancelling mic

Weight: 350g

Comparing the Cloud Stinger and Cloud II Pink Editions

When choosing between HyperX‘s pink gaming headsets, the main differences come down to sound quality and budget.

The Cloud Stinger Pink Edition retails for an affordable $49, less than half the price of the premium $99 Cloud II headset. For gamers shopping on a tight budget, the Cloud Stinger provides impressive performance and comfort considering the low cost.

However for buyers willing to spend up, the Cloud II Pink Edition offers a noticeable audio upgrade thanks to dedicated 7.1 surround sound processing and larger audio drivers. This allows picking up subtle in-game sounds like enemy footsteps with greater detail and positional accuracy — a key advantage in competitive multiplayer titles.

Here‘s a quick side-by-side spec comparison:

HyperX Cloud Stinger

  • 50mm audio drivers
  • Stereo sound
  • Fixed microphone
  • Multiplatform 3.5mm wired
  • $49.99 MSRP

HyperX Cloud II

  • 53mm audio drivers
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Detachable microphone
  • Wired USB and 3.5mm
  • $99.99 MSRP

For shoppers prioritizing audio performance over budget, the upgrade to 7.1 virtual surround and larger drivers makes the $99 Cloud II Pink Edition an easy recommendation over the entry-level Cloud Stinger model.

However more casual gamers who don‘t demand top-tier sound may find the sub-$50 Cloud Stinger Pink Edition a better choice fitting their needs and budget. Ultimately you can‘t go wrong with either HyperX gaming headset.

What to Consider When Buying a Pink Gaming Headset

Here are a few key factors to keep in mind when shopping for a pink gaming headset:

Sound Quality

Arguably the most important consideration, sound quality comes down to a headset‘s audio drivers, surround sound support and frequency response range:

  • Audio drivers: Larger drivers typically equate to better bass and acoustic power
  • Surround sound: Virtual surround helps localization and positional accuracy for competitive gaming
  • Frequency response: Wider range allows hearing more in-game sound details

Ideally you want audio hardware best suited toward your gaming genres of choice. For example FPS titles rely more on positional accuracy versus cinematic games which demand top notch dialogue and soundtrack reproduction.

Microphone Quality

Today‘s gaming headsets come equipped with attached boom microphones. When evaluating mic quality, you want decent recording quality and background noise cancellation so your voice remains clear:

  • Recording quality: Clear voice pickup without muffling or hissing
  • Noise cancellation: Reduces unwanted ambient sound in the background
  • Mute function: Easy way to mute mic when not speaking


You‘ll likely wear your headset for extended periods during gaming and voice chat. So prioritizing long-term comfort helps avoid neck, head or ear pain over time. Key factors include:

  • Weight: Lighter is typically more comfortable over multi-hour sessions
  • Ear pad material: Leather/velour prevent sweaty ears during longer wear
  • Adjustability: Helps dial in ideal personalized fit


Make sure any headset you choose works with the gaming platforms you own. Most pink headsets support multi-platform use with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Some use wired 3.5mm aux cords while others may require USB connectivity.

Extra Features

Higher priced models include bonus features like RGB lighting, on-ear controls and software EQ customization. While not strictly necessary, these extras do enhance the overall user experience.


As with any gear purchase, setting a headset budget helps narrow down selections. Budget-priced models around $50 provide surprising value. But stepping up above $100 brings upgrades like surround sound processing and premium build materials. Ultimately strike the right balance between cost and features fitting your gaming needs.

Using a Pink HyperX Gaming Headset: What‘s the Experience Like

Thanks to their combination of stellar comfort, audio performance and attractive style, HyperX‘s pink Cloud Stinger and Cloud II headsets make gaming more enjoyable.

Their lightweight construction and ample memory foam cushioning practically disappear on your head after just minutes. You‘ll remain fully immersed for hours thanks to the over-ear leakage isolation and directional audio hardware.

The noise-cancelling mics ensure your voice remains loud and clear when chatting with teammates. Convenient flipping up vertically against the headband makes it easy to mute yourself.

The eye-catching colorways also let you show off some style without sacrificing gameplay performance. Despite their slick pink makeover, both headsets retain the top tier durability HyperX is known for.

For female gamers wanting to combine fashion and function with their gear, HyperX sets the standard when it comes to attractive, top-performing purple headsets ready for marathon gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which headset has better sound quality, the Cloud Stinger or Cloud II?

The Cloud II Pink Edition delivers noticeably better audio performance than the cheaper Cloud Stinger model thanks to its dedicated 7.1 surround sound processing and larger 53mm drivers.

Do these gaming headsets work with other HyperX hardware?

No, the pink Cloud Stinger and Cloud II editions are not compatible with HyperX‘s NGenuity software platform used to control their RGB PC gaming gear. They work as standalone headsets.

What‘s the difference between the Cloud II‘s 7.1 USB sound card versus using its 3.5mm audio jack?

The included USB sound card enables hardware-based virtual 7.1 processing more accurate than simulated surround effects from a console controller or PC sound card over 3.5mm headphone output. It‘s the preferred way to achieve proper positional audio on the Cloud II.

Which headset lasts longer on a single charge?

Both the Cloud Stinger and Cloud II Pink Editions connect via a wired analog cable rather than battery power, so long-lasting power isn‘t a factor. Their always-on wired connectivity guarantees unlimited usage sessions.


HyperX now offers two standout pink gaming headsets — the entry-level Cloud Stinger and premium Cloud II 7.1 models. Both match attractive style with HyperX‘s signature comfort but the Cloud II claims the audio performance crown thanks to dedicated surround sound processing and larger drivers.

At just $49, budget-minded female gamers will find lots to love in the vivid Cloud Stinger model. But discerning shoppers seeking a more immersive, audiophile-friendly experience will appreciate the upgraded detail and spatial imaging of the top-tier $99 Cloud II Pink Edition.

Either pink headset looks stunning and makes a bold fashion statement. Only you can decide just how much to prioritize audio excellence to find your personal sweet spot between budget, sound and style. But for gaming girls who demand awesome aesthetics backed by incredible performance at reasonable prices, HyperX delivers.

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