Comparing 64GB vs 32GB of RAM: Which is Better For You?

If you‘re building or upgrading your computer, one key question keeps coming up – should you get 32 gigs or 64 gigs of RAM? As an IT consultant helping people customize high-performance PCs for over 8 years, I get this a lot!

Let me walk you through everything in plain language so you can decide what works best for YOUR needs and budget.

See, there‘s no universally "right" or "wrong" choice…it depends on factors like:

  • What types of apps you run – gaming? video editing?
  • Your multi-tasking habits – do you keep 20 browser tabs open?
  • If you want to "future proof" by buying extra capacity upfront

Here‘s the good news…RAM is one of the easiest parts to upgrade later. So you‘ve got options!

First, let‘s look at what you‘re getting for those extra dollars by stepping up to 64GB:

Why Choose 64GB Over 32GB RAM?

Total Capacity

  • 64GB lets you smoothly run multiple professional software programs simultaneously – video editing tools, 3D rendering, data science notebooks, game dev engines


  • Faster average speeds (~3600MHz) handle intensive workloads better
  • Benefits video editing and gameplay frame rates

Future Proofing

  • Next-gen games and creative programs keep demanding MORE memory
  • You‘re covered for years without needing another upgrade

Multitasking Headroom

  • No slowdowns even with 100 Chrome tabs /laughs knowingly…

Of course, the downside is 64GB costs about $250 compared to $130-$150 for a 32GB kit. That‘s over a 70% premium!

Now let‘s examine a few examples so you can see the RAM capacity you‘ll really need day to day:

Use Case Examples

Video Editing & Graphic Design

Popular tools like Adobe Premiere and After Effects require 8-16GB RAM minimum. But pro editors working with 4K, 360° VR and complex after effects get choked up without at least 32GB.

I‘d suggest 64GB if you‘re grinding long projects with multi-layered templates and assets. It avoids slowdowns when rendering effects and previewing edits.


For esports titles like Valorant/CSGO, 16GB is plenty for fast 100+ FPS. But graphical showcases like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 demand much more.

32GB allows fluid 60 FPS 4K gaming with some background apps. For uncompressed quality exceeding 4K on multi-monitor rigs with discord, streams and addons running, go 64GB.

Programming & Data Science

Laptops for computer science students are fine with 16GB RAM and SSD storage primed for coding. But data scientists working with big datasets, multiple databases and visualization tools will need 32GB+.

I‘ve set up developers with up to 64GB when they need to juggle many virtual machines. It avoids slow switching between environments.

There are also aesthetic reasons enthusiasts choose premium 64GB RAM…

Go Bold with RGB Lighting

Gamers obsessed with customized RGB lighting can get 64GB RAM kits with colors matching their tailored build theme.

Top RAM manufacturers like Corsair, G.Skill and Thermaltake sync stunning illuminated DDR5 chips with popular motherboard and graphics card software.

So if aesthetics are just as important as performance, the 64GB zone gives you more bling to work with!

The Verdict? Do YOU Really Need 64GB?

At the end of day, only you can decide if paying over 70% more really fits your workload and budget.

For MOST casual users focused on office apps, streaming media and basic creative hobbies, 32GB is the sweet spot.

But if you regularly tax your system with intensive gaming, professional media projects and specialized software development, then step up to 64GB for true future-proof multitasking power!

Either way, staggering thousand-fold RAM improvements since 1950‘s magnetic drum memory have revolutionized computers from room-filling mainframes to smartphones in our pockets!

I hope breaking down the key pros, cons and use cases makes your capacity decision easier. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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