What‘s the Best 55-Inch LG TV? A Detailed Comparison

LG is one of the most acclaimed TV brands today, lauded for its top-tier OLED panels and slick smart platforms. Deciding on the best 55-inch LG TV for your needs depends greatly on your priorities – flawless picture quality, killer gaming specs or an eye-catching design?

I‘ve analyzed LG‘s 2023 lineup of 55-inch TVs across various high-end and budget models. Here‘s a detailed feature-by-feature comparison to help you choose the perfect LG TV.

Picture Quality Showdown

LG‘s OLED TVs are renowned for their self-emissive pixel technology that switch off individual pixels to produce perfect, infinite blacks. This results in stellar contrast, making images pop with vividness and depth.

The flagship LG G2 takes this even further through its next-gen ‘OLED Evo‘ panel. It hits higher peak brightness levels with better color accuracy than 2021‘s LG C1 or even 2022‘s excellent LG C2.

But LG‘s QNED TVs using Mini-LED backlighting coupled with quantum dot technology have their own benefits. Models like the QNED85 deliver searing 1000+ nits peak brightness and rich, saturated colors in both dark and bright rooms.

For budget buyers, LG‘s entry-level LED-LCD TVs like the UQ9000 still outperform mid-range models from other brands. Key factors like LG‘s α5 Gen 5 AI processor, 4K upscaling engine and AI Picture Pro tech ensure excellent picture optimization.

Winner: LG G2 for its self-emissive OLED Evo panel with Brightness Booster technology, stunning contrast and HDR performance. But LG QNED Mini-LED TVs show LG can deliver gorgeous QLED visuals at more affordable price points.

Gaming Goodness

LG‘s 2023 lineup sees big improvements in gaming features that matter – 4K 120fps gameplay, variable refresh rates (VRR) and ultra-low input lag.

The LG G2 and LG C2 stand out with four HDMI 2.1 ports supporting 4K 120fps across major gaming consoles and PC GPUs. They also have the latest HDMI 2.1a specification that unlocks useful gaming-centric capabilities like Source-Based Tone Mapping (SBTM).

VRR support now extends to budget models like the LG B2 and even LG‘s new LED-LCD TVs like the QNED80. So no matter your budget, you can enjoy smoother, tear-free visuals with the latest titles.

Input lag across models like the LG C2, LG G2 and LG QNED85 is down to under 10ms, on par with dedicated gaming monitors. This super-responsive performance is vital for fast-paced, competitive online multiplayer games.

For the ultimate gaming experience, LG‘s best-in-class Game Optimizer dashboard provides genre-specific calibration, dynamic tone mapping and AI-powered acoustic tuning. Premium features like AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility further enhance gaming visuals.

Winner: LG C2 hits the gaming sweet spot with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, sub-10ms input lag with VRR and FreeSync/G-Sync support at reasonable prices. But the LG G2 and new QNED TVs are also excellent premium options for next-gen gamers.

Smart Platforms

LG TVs utilize the company‘s intuitive webOS platform that provides quick access to popular streaming apps. The 2023 webOS 23 update refines the navigation menus with profiles, scroll wheels and discover tabs tailored to your viewing history.

Integrated support for LG‘s Magic Remote makes operating these TVs a breeze with motion gestures and voice commands executing your every need. Whether launching apps, adjusting settings or searching for content, webOS offers a smooth smart TV experience.

LG ThinQ AI and the α9 Gen5/α7 Gen5 processors power the personalization capabilities of webOS. Your usage patterns shape recommendations from LG‘s expansive content library with over 300 free channels.

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple smart home ecosystems are all supported for hands-free voice control. Apple users benefit from seamless AirPlay streaming integration.

Winner: webOS is among the best smart TV platforms today. The 2023 updates cement its position with improved personalization powered by LG‘s latest AI silicon. Voice control flexibility through integrated Google/Alexa solutions is the cherry on top.

Design & Usage

A vital but often overlooked aspect of bigger TV purchases is how seamlessly the product blends into your living space.

LG‘s Gallery Design OLED TVs like the G2 use flush wall mounts to hang almost bezel-less, akin to a picture frame. When powered off, the dedicated Art Mode kicks in to display various gallery-grade artwork digitally. It‘s perfect for design-centric spaces.

The all-new Objet TV takes a radically unique direction with its easel-like floor stand. The OLED panel hovers effortlessly with a fabric cover flowing down the back, hiding unsightly ports and cables within the stand‘s internal channels. Objet makes a true visual statement, transforming your TV area into a chic art installation.

More conventional designs retain their appeal too. LG‘s A3 budget OLED TV delivers the same perfect blacks and vibrant colors as the premium G2 and C2 models. Yet it comes at nearly half the price in a simplified but practical table-top form factor.

Winner: Depends on your setup and preferences, but LG certainly innovates on the design front. Objet‘s sculpture-like aesthetic offers showpiece potential while Gallery models like the G2 embrace minimalism. More affordable LG TVs stick to familiar but reliable builds.

Audio Experience

LG packs capable sound technologies into its 2023 TV lineup, eliminating the need for external soundbars for many users.

AI Sound Pro on premium models like the G2, C2 and even QNED TVs delivers virtual 5.1.2 surround sound. It analyses scene content to optimize audio output, boosting vocals and effects for immersive viewing. Support for premium codecs like Dolby Atmos adds to the cinematic acoustic experience.

Budget buyers shouldn‘t feel left out either. Even entry-level models like the A3 come equipped with Dolby Digital Plus for dynamic range compression and virtual surround sound.

But there is a clear difference in loudness and quality moving from 20W (A3) to 40W (C2) and even 60W (G2) speaker systems. LG‘s high-end Gallery Design TVs with integrated flush-wall mounts also provide greater soundstage space for their beefier drivers.

Winner: Premium buys like the LG G2 and LG C2 produce room-filling, cinematic sound that belies their slim form factors. But even budget models deliver decent built-in audio, especially with AI audio tuning.


LG‘s 2023 lineup delivers sensational OLED as well as QNED Mini-LED models to suit every preference and budget. The perfect black levels and pixel-precise contrast control of LG‘s self-emissive OLED panels result in simply the best picture quality possible today. And their sweeping upgrades to gaming connectivity and performance keeps them at the cutting-edge.

If your viewing leans towards movies over gaming, and you have the budget for it, the LG G2 OLED Evo represents the pinnacle of television technology. Nothing else can match its stunning cinematic visuals and room-filling sound. Highly recommended.

More affordable options like the LG C2 provide nearly as good performance and should satisfy all but the most discerning videophiles. Compelling newer QNED alternatives like the QNED85 also deserve consideration.

Even LG‘s cheapest LED-LCD offerings outpunch models from rival brands in their class. So you can be assured of excellent picture quality and smart usability regardless of price range.

When it comes to immersive, future-ready television in 2023, LG continues to lead the way across segments. Hopefully this detailed feature breakdown has helped identify your perfect 55-inch LG TV match. Feel free to reach out in comments below if you still have questions!

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