The 5 Best Battery Life Phones for Unplugged Power

Our phones are with us every day, so we need them to last. But even top flagships can run dry before dinnertime, sending us scrambling for a charger. Fortunately, today‘s phones are packing bigger batteries that can better keep up with our always-on lifestyles.

In this guide, we spotlight the smartphones that deliver unmatched endurance when you need it most. We evaluated battery specs, real-world test results, fast charging capabilities and more to select the top five long-life phones on the market now. Keep reading to see which handsets earned a spot and get buying advice tailored to your needs – whether that means marathon gaming sessions or snap-happy traveling.

How We Chose the Best Battery Life Smartphones

Selecting battery life champs required more than peeking at phone spec sheets. We combined lab test results from outlets like Tom‘s Guide with first-hand reviews from real-world users to get a complete picture of how long these phones last.

Here are the factors we evaluated:

Battery capacity: The milliamp hour (mAh) rating indicates how much charge a phone‘s battery stores, but it doesn‘t tell the whole story. Processor efficiency, display resolution and software optimizations also impact battery life. Still, higher numbers are better.

Real-world runtimes: Rather than relying on manufacturer estimates, we referenced reliable third-party testing. For example, Tom‘s Guide runs phones through a custom app that simulates typical usage until the battery hits 5%. The best phones lasted over 13 hours.

Display size and resolution: More pixels require more power, so lower-res panels tend to sip less juice. Exceptions apply when manufacturers use efficient next-gen displays.

Charging technology: Phones with fast charging can juice up quickly when you do run low, while wireless charging offers added convenience.

With criteria in mind, we combed through new 2023 phones and existing models alike. In the end, five devices rose above the rest thanks to exceptional endurance even under pressure – and charging tech to refuel rapidly.

The 5 Best Battery Life Smartphones

1. Asus ROG Phone 7 – Best Battery Life Overall

With dual 3,000 mAh batteries adding up to an epic 6,000 mAh capacity, the jam-packed Asus ROG Phone 7 doesn‘t just claim the longest runtime crown – it trounces the competition.

Add a power-sipping 165Hz AMOLED display to the equation, plus smart software that learns usage patterns to optimize battery life, and this gaming-centric phone delivers runtimes over 18 hours in many real-world tests. Tom‘s Guide clocked the ROG Phone 7 lasting a full 16 hours and 9 minutes browsing the web continuously over 5G – hours longer than competitors.

Gamers can expect 6+ hours of play per charge thanks to the phone‘s processing platform. A Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip based on a super-efficient 4nm manufacturing process squeezes out more juice along with silky performance. Fans stay cool too thanks to an included AeroActive Cooler attachment that prevents battery-zapping heat buildup.

With charging just as killer as its battery life, HyperCharge pumps an impressive 65 watts for a 50% charge in just 25 minutes. The ROG Phone 7 sets a new standard whether your day calls for gaming marathons or endless scrolling.

Asus ROG Phone 7


  • Class-leading battery life over 18 hours
  • Insane 6,000 mAh capacity
  • HyperCharge for quick refueling
  • Advanced cooling for intensive gaming


  • Extreme gamer aesthetic not for everyone
  • No wireless charging

2. Motorola Edge Plus (2023) – Best Battery Life for a Flagship

The refreshed Motorola Edge Plus packs a robust 5,000 mAh battery within a sleek and eye-catching frame, earning it the title of longest-lasting high-end flagship phone.

Equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip just like leading 2023 phones from Samsung and OnePlus, the Motorola Edge Plus keeps up with the best in performance. But when it comes to endurance, this svelte Motorola leaves the competition in the dust.

In Tom‘s Guide testing, the phone lasted over 13 hours browsing the web continuously on 5G. And reviewers confirm you can expect up to two full days of normal usage without needing a charge.

Fast charging comes courtesy of 68W TurboPower adapter included in the box, with a 50% charge taking about 20 minutes. And the phone supports 15W wireless charging for added flexibility.

If marathon battery life in a premium package is what you‘re after, the Motorola Edge Plus delivers.

Motorola Edge Plus


  • Over 13 hours runtime in testing
  • Slim and attractive premium design
  • Super-fast 68W wired charging
  • Supports 15W wireless charging


  • Cameras aren‘t best-in-class
  • No mmWave 5G support

3. Google Pixel 7 Pro – Best Battery Life in a Stock Android Phone

The Google Pixel 7 Pro gives you outstanding battery life paired with that pure, unadulterated Android experience. Thanks to Google‘s software optimizations layered atop a efficient next-gen chip and ample 5,000 mAh battery, it outruns every other stock Android phone.

In testing, the Pixel 7 Pro lasted over 9 hours browsing the web and streaming video. And in real-world conditions, most users comfortably get through a full day of heavy use between charges.

Helping preserve that long runtime is Google‘s Adaptive Battery feature that reduces power to seldom-used apps. There‘s also Extreme Battery Saver mode which shuts down nonessential functions to stretch every last drop if you do run low.

When it comes time to recharge, 30W wired charging gets you from flat to a 50% charge in just 30 minutes. And the Pixel 7 Pro now supports faster 23W wireless charging versus predecessors – though you‘ll need to buy a compatible Qi stand to take advantage.

If you want impressive battery life from an Android phone that‘s all Google, no bloat, the Pixel 7 Pro delivers.

Google Pixel 7 Pro


  • Top-notch battery life for a stock Android phone
  • Adaptive Battery optimization
  • 30W wired and 23 wireless charging


  • Still slower charging than some rivals
  • No millimeter wave 5G

4. iPhone 14 Plus – Best iPhone Battery Life

Apple finally answered calls for better iPhone battery life with the iPhone 14 Plus and its robust 4,325 mAh battery – the largest ever in an iPhone. And while Apple keeps mum on exact figures, testing confirms it pays dividends in daily use.

The 14 Plus outpaced the iPhone 14 by over 5 hours in Tom‘s Guide web browsing battery test, likely thanks to the Plus‘ larger size that accommodates a bigger battery. Reviewers across the board report roughly 1.5 days of use from the 14 Plus before needing a charge versus just a single day for the regular iPhone 14.

You can credit efficiencies from Apple’s latest A15 Bionic chip for further battery savings, paired with an LPTO display supporting smoother scrolling and animations without the bigger battery drain of a constantly peak refresh rate.

On the charging front, Apple still trails some Android phones, but 20W USB-C fast charging can take the iPhone 14 Plus from 0% to around a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes. Support is still limited to slower 7.5W wireless charging, however.

If wringing as much life as possible out of an iPhone is your goal, the 14 Plus is Apple’s new battery champ.

iPhone 14 Plus


  • Significantly better iPhone battery life
  • Still reasonably sized for a phone with its endurance
  • Fast 20W wired charging supported


  • Wireless charging still slower than competitors
  • Expensive for less premium features than Pro series

5. OnePlus Nord N300 – Best Budget Battery Life

You don‘t need to pay flagship prices to get excellent battery life – the OnePlus Nord N300 offers battery that goes and goes for under $300.

It manages such impressive uptime despite the price thanks to a large 5,000 mAh battery plus nippy Helio G99 processor that doesn‘t guzzle power. While we don‘t have specific test numbers, reviewers rave about two day battery spans between charges.

The Nord N300 does cut some corners to keep costs down like shipping with a slower 15W charger versus faster-charging flagships. But accelerating Android software updates promise to further improve efficiency and endurance through the phone‘s lifecycle.

For budget-focused buyers less keen to splash on a premium device, the OnePlus Nord N300 provides amazing longevity all while keeping your wallet happy.

OnePlus Nord N300


  • Outstanding battery life for the price
  • Huge 5,000 mAh capacity
  • Flagship-tier battery specs for under $300


  • No fast charging support
  • Mediocre camera performance

How to Choose the Right Long Battery Life Phone for You

Beyond our top overall battery picks, a few key considerations can help you select your perfect match based on your priorities:

Power User or Lightweight?

Battery benchmarks make jaws drop, but casual users don‘t require so much runway and may prefer better portability. Assess your daily use to right-size battery capacity – whether that means going ultra big or savings some bulk.

Gaming Maven or Streaming Machine?

Intensive gaming and streaming will run a battery dry quicker than lighter web browsing or messaging. When your phone will tackle more demanding use, leave extra headroom with higher capacity options or quick charging.

Photo Bug or Functional Imager?

Frequent photo-takers and video shooters should weigh camera performance along with battery metrics. If imaging excites over endurance alone, sacrificing some life for flagship-quality multi-lens cameras could make sense.

Watts Your Need for Speed?

In a pinch, how long you‘re willing to wait to recharge makes a big difference. Balancing charge speeds against battery size comes down to your patience – maybe you crave top-ups quick as can be or don‘t mind slower overnight charging.

Battery Breakthroughs Still to Come

Today‘s top phones already support long days of use, but manufacturers are cooking up innovations set to push battery life even further:

Graphene Batteries – Using graphene material in electrodes rather than traditional graphite lets lithium ions pass quicker for faster charging and discharging. Graphene also enables thinner batteries.

Liquid Cooling – High-performance gaming phones combat battery-draining heat using cooling systems with liquid displacers like the ROG Phone 7.

Solar Charging – Tiny solar panels topping up battery alongside main charging would reduce dependence on wall power.

Efficient New Chips – Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung continue honing ferociously fast new chipsets that somehow sip less energy than past processors.

While pushing smartphones to ever more extreme performance heights can counteract efficiency gains, expect marathon battery life to hoover around flagships for the foreseeable future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phones with the Best Battery Life

Does fast charging damage phone batteries over time?

Fast charging won‘t appreciably shorten modern phone battery lifespans any more rapidly than conventional charging. Monthly charging cycles are more significant a factor than charge speed or depth of discharge between charges. Heat is a bigger degrader of capacity, but phones employing fast charging use smart temperature regulation for safety.

Does refreshing my phone‘s battery help it last longer?

Completely draining then fully recharging phone batteries to "recalibrate" or "refresh" them is ineffective and often undesirable for longevity. Modern phone batteries instead live their longest when regularly topped off. Completely avoiding full discharges when possible optimizes chemical performance.

Does using a bigger smartphone negatively impact battery life?

Enjoying a spacious 6-inch-plus screen does require more power, yes. But thanks to efficient next-gen displays with variable refresh rates – scaling down when screen activity slows – they generally don‘t tank runtimes catastrophically. Of course smaller phones still net an endurance advantage with smaller lamps to illuminate.

Is it bad for my phone if I charge it overnight?

You need not worry about the risks of overcharging even if your phone stays plugged in for prolonged periods. Charging mechanisms cut off power input when the battery is essentially full, only periodically topping up. Just avoid exposing phones to temperature extremes like under pillows or next to heaters overnight.

Charge Into the Future with a Phone That Goes and Goes

While every smartphone still requires a periodic top-up, today‘s best are pushing practical battery life into multi-day territory – even under demanding loads. As our picks highlight, long-lasting phones now come in every shape and budget.

We hope our guide steers you toward an energizing new smartphone that keeps interruptions to a minimum when you‘re out and about. With any luck, hunting for spare sockets during your adventures will soon be a thing of the past!

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