Hello There! Here are Oklahoma‘s Top Electric Cars Ranked by You the Buyers

Switching to an electric vehicle can be tough when choices feel overwhelming. But buyers in Oklahoma have front-runners emerging as customer-approved options suitable to replace their gas-powered cars. Review registration statistics make clear which EVs locals are embracing as practical and rewarding to own.

Let‘s explore favorites together from a 360-degree view – both objective performance metrics and actual owner experiences. You‘ll gain seasoned insights on what makes these electric models prized choices to serve your unique needs. Whether you prioritize affordability, performance or anything between, options for satisfy exist here tested by fellow Oklahomans already making the EV switch successfully.

Surging Popularity Thanks to Supportive Policy Momentum

Since 2018, over 20,000 total electric vehicles have been registered in the state as adoption accelerates yearly:

YearTotal EV Registrations

This hockey stick growth owes thanks to both improving EV tech and crucially, strong policy support. With over $56 million in recent funding earmarked specifically for vehicle electrification efforts, Oklahoma wants to lead the nation‘s sustainable transition.

Combine ample financial backing with consumer incentives like tax credits up to $2,500 and the state now actively encourages purchases via both infrastructure and individual subsidies. Support like this seems likely to sustain booming EV popularity for Oklahoma drivers converting from gas.

#1 – Tesla Model S: Prestigious Tech-Forward Premium EV

Since first deliveries in 2012, Tesla‘s Model S flagship has dominated America‘s electric luxury vehicle market. Offering class-leading innovation blended with visa-free torque straight from sci-fi movies, the Model S remains peerless for a stratospheric yet practical package nearly 10 years later.

Oklahoma drivers craving instant acceleration along with vanguard tech treats have propelled Model S to clear best-seller status among expensive EVs locally. 15% of all used EV listing in the state bear its name despite six-figure buy-ins.

Recent new owner David P. shared:

"I doubted any car could feel so fast yet handle my long commute reliably. But two years since getting my Model S I still eagerly look forward to driving it stress-free every day! Autopilot and these incredible updates keep making ownership feel new too. The cost hurt but honestly I‘ll never go back to gas now that I‘ve tasted Tesla‘s magic formula."

With game-changing updates continually enhancing abilities, the Model S looks to retain its sales crown among shoppers future-proofing their dream machine EV purchase here.

#2 – Chevy Bolt EV: Budget-Friendly Electrified Commuter

If chasing ultra-luxury matters less than pragmatic transportation at appealing economics, Chevrolet‘s affordable Bolt EV hatchback enjoys wild success serving Oklahoma deal-seekers. Often scoring local purchase incentives up to $4,000 for going green on the cheap, the Bolt electrifies tailpipe-free mobility without breaking budgets.

Charm-filled owner Wendy A agrees:

"Rather than some showoff sports car using electricity, I wanted a budget EV to just make my errands easier without hurting my pocketbook. The Bolt gives me that perfectly! Its surprising pep and 250 mile range let me zoom around town or work commutes with gas stations long forgotten! My friends love riding along too with how roomy it feels. Chevrolet made going electric a breeze I can actually afford and enjoy."

For wallet-conscious motorists focused on fuel-cost-slashing frugal transportation over status statements, Chevy‘s Bolt remains Oklahoma‘s efficiency EV darling.

#3 – Ford Mustang Mach-E: Electric Horsepower‘s New Maverick

What self-respecting American state abstains from Mustang mania? Certainly not Oklahoma given booming popularity for Ford‘s first-ever battery-powered pony car – the Mach-E. Blending classic muscular looks with guilt-free torque thrust rivaling its V8 forebears, the Mach-E successfully brings Mustang essence into an eco-friendly future without losing its soul.

Local Mustang loyalist Jacob R. shares his Mach-E excitement:

"I assumed no eco-car could pump adrenaline quite like my old gas-powered ‘Stangs did. But taking delivery of my Mach-E GT filled me with the same childish glee and excitement of buying my first V8 model years ago! Sure I appreciate the green footprint. But honestly I bought Mach-E to have wicked fast performance fun minus the pumps and oil changes. This time ‘filling up‘ feels more special plugging into home electricity I supply myself via sun-powered panels. Mach-E lets this Mustang guy uphold speedy tradition while finally going all-in on our electrically-powered future."

For both oldschool fans and newcomers welcoming iconic Mustang antics without environmental guilt, Ford‘s inspired Mach-E clearly provides Oklahoma drivers that golden formula.

#4 – Audi e-tron: Premium Applause for Refined Electric Luxury

What happens when a world luxury juggernaut like Audi applies its refined DNA blueprint into an electric future? Instant admiration from Oklahoma‘s financially-blessed luxury traditionalists, many whom favor the Four Rings above all else.

Bringing trademark uber-upscale Audi enhancements like quilted massage seating, virtual cockpits and AWD poised corner-carving, the e-tron SUV spearheads electric motivation into exclusive company. Beyond the creature comforts though Audi‘s e-tron impresses via real driving engagement conjuring the brand‘s vibrant LeMans racing success. Adaptively controlled suspensions out-handles nearly any rival tall wagon despite hefty curb weight. Acceleration and braking also feel decisively superior to stereotypical "soft luxury" rivals trading grace for performance.

Inside and within the competitive set, Audi simply builds the best luxury SUV electric or not. Which explains its stellar acceptance by that choose to pay more for superior quality within Oklahoma dealer showrooms.

#5 – Hyundai Kona Electric: Practical Electric Mobility for the Masses

Finally rounding out customer-approved EV popularity charts locally is Hyundai‘s quirky Kona Electric mini-SUV. Applying the brand‘s value ethos into an electrified small crossover brimming with personality and feature content, Hyundai encourages mainstream buyers into full-time EV adoption perhaps before they planned to make the switch.

Penny-wise super-commuter Daryl explains the Kona Electric‘s appeal in his driveway:

"I used to think 300-mile range didn‘t exist yet for EVs anywhere close to my budget. But seeing ads for Hyundai‘s 250-mile electric crossover made me test drive it just for laughs. Well now the laughs on me – I‘m driving the Kona Electric home the same day thanks to a package matching my favorite gas cars at 10 grand less! Even better my wife loves its cute style and zippy acceleration around town. Plus with fees and gas costs I‘ll literally make my money back quick in like three years of ownership compared to my old CR-V. At this value I almost feel silly not going electric with Hyundai sooner!"

Boasting both initial purchase and long term ownership value, the zippy petite Kona Electric makes electrification reality for mainstream buyers.

I hope reviewing reception and first-hand perspectives gives clarity about which exciting EVs your neighbors already embrace as their preferred choice within America‘s heartland. With options spanning budget to luxury use-cases, local familiarity and approval exists to match virtually all appetites and financial situations. Whether chasing extreme performance, passenger practicality or anything between, these customer-verified electric options await your test drive search. Feel free to reference my detailed ownership notes during visits with Midwest EV dealers. Here‘s to a smooth transition arresting gas pump dependence for good during your own love-at-first drive experience!

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