The SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset: Detailed Review and Recommendations

Looking for an affordable but capable gaming headset that works across platforms? The SteelSeries Arctis 5 aims to deliver virtual surround, customizable RGB lighting and discord-ready microphone quality WITHOUT breaking the bank.

In this in-depth review, we‘ll assess how it stacks up to the competition on design, sound, and overall value. Read on to see if the Arctis 5 should be your next audio gear upgrade!

At a Glance

The Arctis 5 Value Proposition:

  • Virtual 7.1 Surround Under $100
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Retractable Noise-Canceling Mic
  • Understated Design

Target Buyer:

Budget-conscious gamers that play on a mix of PC and consoles

Top Alternatives:

  • Corsair HS50
  • Logitech G435

Bottom Line Up Front:

A superb mix of audio quality and features for the money. Compromises in materials and connectivity compared to premium brands keep costs down. Lack of Bluetooth limits mobile use.

Now, let‘s dig into the details…

All About SteelSeries

Chances are you’ve already seen SteelSeries gear used in blockbuster gaming tournaments or your favorite Twitch streams. The Danish company first specialized in premium mousepads back in 2001 before expanding into PC peripherals like mice, keyboards and headsets.

Today, SteelSeries is known for delivering high-quality, user-focused gaming gear that performs well without going over-the-top “gamer aesthetic”. Products appeal broadly from casual to enthusiast with prices spanning entry level to pro segments.

The Arctis line represents SteelSeries’ dedicated gaming audio series with options ranging from the $50 Arctis 1 all the way up to the $329 Arctis Nova Pro. The Arctis 5 reviewed here hits the sweet spot at around $75.

How The Arctis 5 Fits in SteelSeries’ Lineup

ModelKey FeaturesPrice
Arctis 1Detachable mic, On-Ear Design$50
Arctis 3Bluetooth Support, USB-C Dongle$100
Arctis 5Virtual Surround, RGB Lighting, Retractable Mic$75
Arctis 7Wireless 2.4Ghz Connection$150
Arctis Nova ProHigh-Res Speaker Drivers, Swappable Batteries, Dual Wireless, Bluetooth, ANC$329

Compared to others in the lineup, the Arctis 5 hits a nice balance of audio performance and features while keeping costs in check by cutting corners on materials and wireless capability.

Next let‘s jump into the specific details on what you get…

Expand on each section in more depth from here

Conclusion – Who Should Buy?

The Arctis 5 brings extremely competitive virtual surround sound and microphone quality down to just $75 in an understated design.

For PC & Console Gamers Seeking Surround Under $100

If your budget is limited but you still want an edge hearing enemies in shooters, the Arctis 5 is a perfect match. Compromises were made on materials and connectivity to keep costs low, but audio and mic performance punch well above the price category.

For Cross-Platform Use Across Desktop & Living Room

The universal 3.5mm jack guarantees wide compatibility beyond your gaming rig to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Conveniently take the Arctis 5 anywhere without worrying about wireless transmission distances or needing extra dongles.

For Gamers Without RGB Lighting & Aesthetic Priorities

The Arctis 5 foregoes overt “gamer” styling for a simplified design not out of place wearing on the go. Priorities stayed focused on great audio over lighting visuals.

However, shoppers wanting wireless capability, premium materials, or Bluetooth mobile connectivity may need to consider spending up on other SteelSeries or competitor options.

At the end of the day, I can easily recommend the well-rounded Arctis 5 if you want great virtual sound on a tight budget above all else. Convenience and quality align remarkably well given the affordable pricing.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to chat more about your audio needs to find the right gear that fits. Game on!

Amateur Audiophile & Gaming Gear Specialist

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