The 5 Best iPhone X Cardholder Cases

An iPhone X cardholder case allows you to carry your essential cards like credit cards, ID, and cash together with your phone, eliminating the need to bring your wallet. With numerous options on the market, finding the right case that fits your needs can be a challenge. After extensive research and testing, I‘ve determined the 5 best iPhone X cardholder cases based on factors like storage, protection, price, durability, and design.

1. Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case – Best Overall

The Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case is crafted from fine European nubuck leather that develops a unique patina over time. It provides enough storage for 3 cards and cash, protects your phone, and looks stylish – making it the best overall iPhone X cardholder case.

Key Features:

  • Genuine nubuck leather handmade in Europe
  • Holds up to 3 cards + cash
  • Leather exterior protects against drops
  • Flexible plastic inner protects screen
  • Magnetic closure secures case shut
  • Built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing

This full-grain leather case covers all bases with its functionally and protection. The inner plastic shell and outer leather absorb shock if dropped. A magnetic strap keeps the case securely closed. The integrated kickstand is great for watching videos. Overall an exceptional case priced very reasonably at around $36.

Buy the Snakehive Vintage Leather Case on Amazon.

2. Nomad Rugged Folio Case – Best Premium Pick

For those seeking a high-end leather iPhone X cardholder case, the Nomad Rugged Folio is the premium choice. It’s constructed from durable Horween leather that develops a unique patina over time. The case provides impressive 6-foot drop protection.

Key Features:

  • Horween leather made in USA
  • Holds 3 cards + cash
  • 6-foot drop protection
  • Microfiber lining protects phone
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Rugged design with metal buttons

You’re investing in outstanding craftsmanship and materials with the Nomad case. Horween leather is revered for its quality and durability. The supple leather exterior and microfiber interior protect your iPhone from serious bumps and drops. Despite its ruggedness, it remains slim enough for comfortable pocket carry. If you believe in buying the best, the Nomad Rugged Folio case is for you.

Buy the Nomad Rugged Folio on Amazon.

3. Spigen Slim Armor CS – Most Durable

Boasting dual layers of protection and military-grade certification, the Spigen Slim Armor CS is built to last. It can survive drops of over 4 feet while securing up to 2 cards.

Key Features:

  • Dual layers of PC and TPU
  • Holds 2 cards + cash
  • Military drop-test certified
  • Air cushion corners absorb shock
  • Raised edges protect screen
  • Affordable price under $18

With its combination of PC and shock-absorbing TPU, the Spigen case shields your iPhone X from some abusive treatment. The MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certification proves it meets rigorous military testing standards. Air cushions on the corners diffuses force from falls. The lip around the screen prevents it from scraping if dropped screen-down. For the price, you’d struggle to find a more protective iPhone X cardholder case.

Buy the Spigen Slim Armor CS on Amazon.

4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case – Best Value

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro offers full-body protection, card storage, a kickstand, and screen protector – all for just $17.

Key Features:

  • Dual-layer TPU and polycarbonate case
  • Integrated screen protector
  • Holds 2 cards
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Port covers keep dirt out
  • Meets military drop standards

Despite the low cost, this case checks all the boxes. The combination of soft TPU and rugged polycarbonate provides rock-solid protection that meets military tests. Port covers prevent dust buildup. Conveniently store cards inside the back of the case. The built-in kickstand is great for media viewing in landscape orientation. For the price, you’d struggle to find a more feature-packed iPhone X cardholder case.

Buy the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro on Amazon.

5. Dockem Leather Wallet Case – Most Stylish

For those wanting card storage and style, the Dockem Leather Wallet Case is a fantastic choice. Made from genuine leather, it looks great while holding up to 3 cards.

Key Features:

  • Premium top-grain leather
  • Holds up to 3 cards
  • Magnetic closure
  • Precision cutouts
  • Microfiber lining protects phone
  • Compatible with wireless charging

Beyond just looks, Dockem’s leather case provides functionality. Store cards in the interior slots that won’t stretch them out. The faux leather lining cushions your phone. Wireless charging works without removing cards. Precise cutouts allow access to ports and buttons. For the fashion-focused, thisquality leather case elegantly merges form and function.

Buy the Dockem Leather Wallet Case on Amazon.

How to Choose an iPhone X Cardholder Case

With many options on the market, use this buying guide when picking an iPhone X cardholder case:

  • Budget: Set a spending limit. Cases range from $10 to $60+.
  • Card storage: Choose a case with enough slots for your essential cards and cash. 2-3 cards is typical.
  • Durability level: Determine how much protection you need. Cases vary from basic to military-grade strength.
  • Material: Consider leather, plastic, TPU, PC, or combinations. This affects look, feel, and protection level.
  • Wireless charging: Some cardholder cases don’t support wireless charging. If this feature is important, verify before buying.
  • Design style: Select a stylish cardholder case that matches your personal taste. Many options are available.

Also factor in thickness, grip, raised edges to protect the screen, compatibility with accessories, and brand reputation. Finding the right balance depends on your priorities. Analyze these aspects closely to determine the best iPhone X cardholder case for your requirements.

Using an iPhone Cardholder Case

Using an iPhone X cardholder case provides some nice conveniences:

  • You can leave your wallet behind and just carry your phone plus the essential cards secured inside the case. This simplifies what you need to bring daily.
  • The case keeps your ID, credit/debit cards, driver’s license, and cash all in one place so they’re less likely to be misplaced.
  • The protective case safeguards your iPhone from cracks or scratches if accidentally dropped. Some even allow wireless charging without removing cards first.
  • Certain cases feature a built-in kickstand for comfortable hands-free media viewing in landscape orientation.

Just beware of overfilling cardholder cases as it can stretch them out. Only insert the bare essentials you’ll actually need access to daily. This helps retain the case’s structure and card security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are iPhone cardholder cases really necessary?

A: That depends on your habits and priorities. For those wanting to minimize what they carry daily, cardholder cases are very convenient. If you don’t mind hauling both a phone and wallet, then a typical phone case without card storage may suffice. Assess your personal preferences.

Q: Do I still need a screen protector if my case has card storage?

A: We recommend keeping a screen protector on at all times for maximum protection. Some cardholder cases lack front flaps, so your screen remains exposed. A tempered glass screen guard prevents cracks and scratches. For cases with cover flaps, assess drop protection level and closure security. When in doubt, applying a screen protector is wise.

Q: What’s better – a phone case or screen protector?

A: That depends on your protection priorities. Screen protectors excel at preventing scratches and cracks but don’t safeguard the rest of your phone. Cases shield the entire device from harm if dropped, although screens stay vulnerable without a protector. For comprehensive protection, utilize both a quality case and screen guard.

Q: Can keeping credit cards in a phone case damage them?

A: There’s little risk of damage in most instances. However, keeping cards too close to wireless charging coils as the phone charges can degrade magnetic strips. Also avoid overstuffing card storage slots, so cards aren’t bent or stretched out. As long as you take basic precautions, storing a couple cards in your iPhone case poses no issues.

I hope this comprehensive guide of the best iPhone X cardholder cases assists you in finding the right one tailored to your needs and preferences. All the options covered provide excellent functionality, card storage, defense against drops, and style. Analyze the pros and cons of each against your priorities to make a sound buying decision. Your new case will provide the convenience of keeping essential cards secured alongside your iPhone so you can leave the wallet behind!

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