How to Play 2-Player on Minecraft Nintendo Switch: The Complete Multiplayer Guide

Have you ever wanted to explore the blocky worlds of Minecraft with a first mate by your side? Seeking treasure and battling monsters together on the high seas of multiplayer Minecraft? By navigating these steps, you’ll be playing side-by-side with friends on your Nintendo Switch ship in no time!

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to play 2-player Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, including:

  • Multiplayer Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Step-by-Step Setup Instructions
  • Local Wireless vs. Online Multiplayer Comparison
  • Top Mini-Games and Activities to Try
  • Fixing Common Issues and Bugs

So batten down the hatches and prepare to embark on an epic Minecraft multiplayer adventure!

Charting the Multiplayer Waters: Requirements and Setup

Before we sail forth, let’s take stock of the essential hardware and software needed to play Minecraft with friends on your Switch:

Multiplayer System Requirements

ComponentMinimum RequirementRecommended
Nintendo Switch Consolev10.0.0 FirmwareLatest Firmware
Controllers2 Controllers (Joy-Con, Pro)4 Controllers
DisplayTelevision w/ 720p ResolutionTelevision w/ 1080p Resolution
Internet Connection1 Mbps Download Speed10+ Mbps Download Speed

Software and Accounts Required

  • Minecraft for Nintendo Switch (Purchased on eShop)
  • Nintendo Account
  • Free Microsoft/Xbox Live Account
  • Nintendo Switch Online Membership (for online multiplayer)

Multiplayer Game Settings

Also make sure the following in-game settings are configured:

  • Multiplayer Game option enabled
  • World has Multiplayer Game toggled on

As long as your Switch hardware and accounts meet these minimum specs, you’ll be ready to set sail on the multiplayer seas!

Charting the Course: Step-by-Step Setup

Follow this map to enable Minecraft’s multiplayer features on your Switch:

Step 1: Purchase and Download Minecraft from the eShop

If you haven’t already embarked on your Minecraft journey, purchase Minecraft from the Nintendo eShop for $29.99. Once downloaded, the Minecraft game icon will appear on your Home screen.

Step 2: Create/Sign Into Your Microsoft and Nintendo Accounts

When first launching Minecraft, sign in with your Microsoft account. If ye don’t have one, select “Create One” to establish an account. This enables cross-platform multiplayer.

You’ll also need a Nintendo Account to play online multiplayer. If you own multiple Switches, note that only one console needs an active Nintendo Switch Online membership to play!

Step 3: Connect Additional Controllers

Up to eight buccaneers can join a multiplayer crew locally! Connect additional Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers by pressing their sync buttons and holding L + R. The LED light indicates successful syncing.

Step 4: Enable Multiplayer Game Setting

From Minecraft’s main menu, hoist anchor to:
Settings > Multiplayer > Toggle Multiplayer Game to ON > Done

With that setting sail, your vessel is ready for multiplayer!

Local Wireless vs. Online Multiplayer Features

While online play enables recruiting far-off mates, local wireless keeps your crew physically close as you game. How do the features compare when playing 2-player? Let‘s take a look:

Multiplayer FeatureLocal WirelessOnline Multiplayer
Maximum PlayersUp to 4 playersUp to 8 players
Split-screen Support✅ Yes❌ No
Online Connection Required❌ No✅ Yes
Cross-Platform Friends❌ No✅ Yes
Realms Support❌ No✅ Yes
World Uploading❌ No✅ Yes

As shown in the table, online multiplayer allows more friends and cross-platform support, but local wireless is better for split-screen and offline play. Choose the option that best fits your voyage!

If playing online, Player 1 can send out invites via Xbox Live/Microsoft accounts. For local play, Player 2 presses + to join the world. Now let the adventures begin!

Top 2-Player Mini-Games and Activities

Once your vessel is sailing the multiplayer seas, which activities and games should your crew try out? Based on Minecraft player data, these are amongst the most popular:

Spleef2 to 8Compete to destroy blocks under opponents
Build Battles2 to 4Construct structures based on themes
Survival Maps2 to 4Cooperate to gather resources and escape islands
Adventure Maps2 to 4Embark on sweeping quests and dungeons
Hide and Seek2 to 8Classic fun, now with crafting twists!

In addition to these greatest hits, mini-games like raid events, race maps, parkour, and PvP battles offer endless multiplayer fun. The only limit is your imagination – so let it sail free!

Battening Down the Hatches: Fixing Multiplayer Bugs

Of course, even smooth sailing multiplayer experiences can occasionally run into choppy waters. Here are some common Minecraft Switch multiplayer issues and troubleshooting tips:

Can’t connect additional controllers – Re-sync controllers by pressing their sync buttons again. Check controller battery levels.

World won’t load multiplayer – Double check that the world has multiplayer enabled in its settings. Relaunch the world or restart the software.

Multiplayer game is slow/laggy – Make sure consoles and controllers have the latest firmware. Check internet connection speeds if playing online multiplayer. Reduce graphical settings.

Players get disconnected – Strong internet connectivity minimizes disconnections when playing online. For frequent issues, power cycle networking hardware.

Errors joining world – If one player gets stuck loading into a world, have them force close and relaunch Minecraft. Also reboot the host‘s Switch itself.

Stuck on other bugs? Minecraft’s Troubleshooting Guide contains additional fixes. Consulting fellow pirates on Switch forums can also help navigate tricky issues. With some patience, you‘ll be smoothly sailing the multiplayer seas once more!

All Aboard for Adventure!

Playing Minecraft with first mates opens whole new treasure troves of enjoyment. While sailing solo has pleasures, joining a multiplayer crew lets you achieve greater glory in your blocky conquests!

This guide charts a course straight to 2-player fun on your Nintendo Switch. From hardware needs to setup steps to troubleshooting tips, we’ve covered everything you need to begin an epic multiplayer adventure. Just purchase the game, sync some controllers, configure settings – and set a heading for gaming glory!

So call your mateys to join you, and embark on thrilling journeys across Minecraft’s blocky oceans together. Build and battle to your hearts content! Weigh anchor and let imagination and camaraderie carry you away. Adventure awaits on the multiplayer high seas!

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