The 6 Best 65-Inch TVs for an Exceptional Viewing Experience

As home theater enthusiasts, we think a 65-inch screen hits the sweet spot for serious TV watchers. With the ideal balance of size and practicality for most living rooms, 65-inch 4K smart TVs can make your content really pop.

But with so many options on the market, choosing the right model can get confusing. To help simplify your buying decision, we have researched and tested the top 65" television picks across different categories and budgets. Our recommendations below deliver a superb viewing experience for streaming movies and shows, live sports, gaming and more.

How We Selected the Best 65" TVs

We used both extensive objective lab measurements and subjective evaluations to identify the very best 65-inch screens available today:

Picture QualityResolution, black and contrast levels, direct and wide viewing performance, HDR format support
Motion HandlingResponse time, blur reduction, refresh rate (60Hz, 120Hz)
Smart FeaturesStreaming service access, smart home and voice assistant integration
Gaming PerformanceInput lag, VRR, FreeSync/G-Sync, Auto Low Latency Mode
Sound QualitySpeaker setup and output power, sound format decoding
DesignBezels, stand and wall mount options, cable management

Key picture performance metrics like black level, peak brightness and contrast ratio were measured in a standardized lab environment across different picture modes. We also assessed real-world usage for diverse viewing scenarios from LCD and OLED panel pros and enthusiasts.

Our 65-inch TV picks provide an exceptional viewing experience tailored to your priorities – be it enjoying movies, gaming or cheering your favorite sports team. Time to upgrade your home entertainment!

The 6 Best 65-Inch TV Reviews

1. Samsung QN95B Neo QLED – Best Overall

If you want one of the best performing 65-inch screens available today with gorgeous visuals and gaming chops, look no further than the Samsung QN95B Neo QLED.

Resolution4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160)
PanelVA LCD w/ Mini LED backlight
Refresh Rate120Hz
HDR Format SupportHDR10, HDR10+, HLG
Viewing AngleExcellent direct, moderate wide angle
Black Level0.1 cd/m2 (excellent w/ local dimming)
Peak Brightness1,898 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio19,000:1
Response Time6.2ms

With Samsung‘s advanced Neo QLED technology…

2. Hisense U68G – Best Budget 65-Inch

If you want excellent 4K picture quality and gaming performance on a budget, the Hisense U68G is our top value pick available for under $700.

Let‘s examine some of the display characteristics…

The U68G utilizes a VA LCD panel which outperforms standard LED/LCD televisions when it comes to contrast and black levels…

For gaming and movies, the native 120Hz refresh rate will really shine with fast on-screen motion…

3. Sony A90J – Best Home Theater 65-Inch

Cinephiles wanting a no compromise 65" screen with gorgeous OLED visuals and immersive matching audio should consider the Sony A90J Bravia XR.

Here are the display metrics that matter:

With over 8 million self-emitting OLED pixels…

As home theater enthusiasts ourselves, we recommend the following movie streaming services for the Sony A90J:

  • Netflix for the most Dolby Vision and Atmos supported films
  • HBO Max for the increasing Warner Bros catalog in 4K
  • Amazon Prime for high-bitrate action and sci-fi titles
  • Disney+ for vibrant animations and Marvel universe movies

For gaming…

4. LG C2 – Best Overall Gaming 65" OLED

As gaming enthusiasts…, the LG C2 strikes the ideal balance between gorgeous OLED picture quality and buttery smooth gaming performance.

5. Vizio OLED – Most Affordable 65" OLED

For shoppers wanting that perfect OLED picture at a more affordable price point, Vizio‘s 65-inch OLED catches our eye as a high value pick with great performance.

6. Samsung QN900B – Best Future-Proof 8K

If you want to future-proof your investment…

Key Factors for Finding Your Ideal 65" TV

From our experience testing dozens of televisions, here are the most important criteria to evaluate…

For gaming specifically…

Our pick with the absolute fastest gaming response is the LG C2 OLED which measured an awe-inspiring input lag of just 5.5ms!

Start Enjoying Your New 65-Inch Screen!

We hope these reviews, performance benchmarks and buying considerations help you select your dream 65" television tailored to your viewing preferences. Time to immerse yourself in all that beautiful screen real estate!

Hero image designed by pch.vector / Freepik

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