The 6 Best SSDs for PS5 on Earth Today

Upgrading your PS5 with a fast external SSD is one of the best ways to boost your gaming experience. Faster storage means shorter load times, quicker file transfers, and more space for games. After in-depth testing and research, these are my top recommendations for the best SSDs for PS5:

1. Seagate Firecuda 530 (Best Overall)

With incredible speeds over 7000 MB/s and a giant 4TB capacity, the Seagate Firecuda 530 is a powerhouse SSD perfect for the data demands of PS5 gaming. It outruns almost every other SSD on the market. The built-in heatsink ensures cool performance and the 5 year warranty provides peace of mind.


  • Blazing fast speeds
  • Huge capacity up to 4TB
  • Long 5 year warranty


  • Premium price

2. WD Black SN850X (Best Value for Money)

The new WD Black SN850X combines great value with fast 7300 MB/s speeds at a reasonable price point. The 1TB capacity offers ample storage. Features like predictive loading, thermal management and Windows dashboard software make this SSD a savvy choice.


  • Great performance per dollar value
  • Advanced gaming features
  • 1TB capacity holds many games


  • No 4TB option

3. Samsung 980 Pro (Best Brand Name)

As the leader in SSD tech, Samsung delivers superb speeds, optimal thermal throttling and clever software in the Samsung 980 Pro. The built-in heatsink handles heavy usage and workloads like a seasoned pro.


  • Leading Samsung SSD technology
  • Reliable performance
  • Capable cooling solution


  • Only 1TB and 2TB options

4. Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus (Fastest SSD)

Demand the most gonzo, blistering SSD speeds around? The Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus obliges with a ludicrous 7GB per second velocity. Instantaneous game loads become reality. The SSD runs very warm under heavy loads however.


  • Insane transfer rates
  • 4TB maximum capacity


  • Requires efficient cooling
  • High power draw and temperatures

5. Crucial P5 Plus (Best Budget SSD)

Despite having no heatsink, the Crucial P5 Plus still hits excellent speeds beyond most PCIe 4.0 SSDs, especially for its affordable price. The compact drive easily fits in the PS5 SSD expansion slot too. Great bang for buck!


  • Super affordable cost
  • Compact, compatible shape
  • Very good speeds


  • No integrated heatsink
  • Performance dips under heavy loads

6. Patriot Viper VP4300 (Best Alternative)

An unconventional option like the Patriot Viper VP4300 brings unique advantages: a slick RGB design, optional heatshields and swift memory technology. Worth a special look if you want customization options.


  • Snazzy RGB aesthetics
  • Optional heatshield kit
  • Quality SSD platform


  • Underdog brand
  • Only 1TB & 2TB sizes

Now that you‘ve seen the top contenders for upgrading your PS5‘s storage with a faster SSD, let‘s dive into more helpful tips for making the right purchase decision.

Shopping Considerations for the Best PS5 SSD

Choosing compatible SSD hardware is critical or you risk frying those precious silicon components! Heed these handy pointers when perusing different models.

Meet Sony PS5 SSD Requirements

Sony mandates that new SSDs must meet two key criteria:

PCIe 4.0 Interface: The PS5 utilizes the fast PCI Express 4.0 bus standard so matching 4.0 SSDs leverage maximum bandwidth potential. Models with older PCIe 3.0 connectivity lack that speed edge.

5500 MB/s Sequential Reads: To keep up with internal PS5 SSD velocities, external SSDs need 5500 MB/s rated sequential read performance at a minimum. 7000 MB/s SSDs fare even better of course!

Mind the Size Constraints

While 1TB and 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSDs are quite common now, make sure any prospective SSD purchase adheres to PS5‘s strict dimensional requirements:

  • 22mm width
  • 11.25mm height
  • Up to 25mm length

Measure carefully if selecting a unit with an attached heatsink, which increases thickness. Chunkier SSD+heatsink combos may not squeeze into the slim expansion bay.

Weigh the Value of Heatsinks

Heatsinks play an invaluable role in preventing SSDs from overheating and thermal throttling during intense gaming loads. Most premium SSDs tout built-in heatsinks nowadays. If your chosen model lacks one, consider buying a third party heatsink and installing it manually. Note that adhering separate heatsinks inside the PS5 can be tricky however.

Installing a PS5 SSD

Putting a new M.2 SSD into your PS5 is a straightforward process for anyone comfortable tinkering around computer hardware. Just be very gentle and patient! Follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. Turn off your PS5 completely and unplug cables.
  2. Place the PS5 horizontally on a flat, soft surface. Remove the base stand if still attached.
  3. Locate the small screw on the back panel keeping one side of the exterior case locked in place. Use the correct screwdriver to remove this screw.
  4. Carefully slide the back cover upwards to detach it. Set it aside securely.
  5. Identify the M.2 expansion slot underneath with its small silver screw. Unfasten this screw also and set it aside safely.
  6. Line up your new SSD‘s notch with the matching ridge in the expansion slot. The connectors should perfectly align. Insert gently at an angled tilt.
  7. Press the SSD down flat. If properly seated, the circuit board edges should not overlap the slot.
  8. Replace the small PS5 expansion slot screw to secure the SSD.
  9. Replace the back case cover, reinsert its screw and stand the PS5 vertically again.
  10. Reconnect cables and power on. Make sure automatic firmware updates install if prompted.
  11. Have fun gaming with newly enlarged, speedy storage!

As long as you follow guides carefully and avoid forcing connections, swapping SSDs takes less than 15 minutes even for first-timers. Need a visual demonstration? Consult our step-by-step PS5 SSD installation video.

Optimize PS5 SSD Performance

Slide your shiny new SSD into the PS5, format it correctly using system tools and enjoy the benefits instantly. But here are a few extra SSD fine-tuning tips for enthusiasts who want the absolute best speeds.

Update SSD Firmware

Check the manufacturer website for any available SSD firmware updates offering bug fixes, compatibility changes or speed boosts for your model. Login to Windows and run the update from there.

Enable TRIM in Windows

TRIM helps maintain longterm SSD performance in Windows by clearing unused memory segments. Ensure the feature is active for your SSD.

Test With Benchmarking Software

Use benchmark tools like CrystalDiskMark to test empirical read/write metrics and compare SSD models. Push your SSD to its rated limits!

Monitor Temperatures

Download handy system info apps like HWiNFO to watch realtime SSD temperatures, clock speeds and usage stats. Keep temperatures under 70°C for safety. Add secondary heatsinks if needed.

Buying Advice for the Best PS5 SSD

What should savvy shoppers evaluate when choosing the ultimate SSD to transform PS5 storage speeds? These key points help guide prudent decisions:

  • Price Per GB – Compare cost efficiency across different capacities to find best value
  • Warranty Length – Longer coverage like 5 years brings more peace of mind
  • Sustained Speeds – Steady performance matters more than peak bursts
  • Brand Reputation – Trust SSD innovation leaders like Samsung
  • PS5 Compatibility – Ensure dimensions, slots and connectors all match
  • Sequential Reads – Aim for rated speeds above 5500 MB/s minimum

If upgrading PS5 storage sounds complicated, don‘t worry – selecting the right SSD model for your needs and budget is very achievable. Let this guide illuminate the way forward!

Now gear up and feed that PS5 the lightning fast SSD it craves! Game loading bottlenecks will vanish, allowing you to store vast libraries of titles and jump into virtual worlds in the blink of an eye.

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