What Channel Can I Watch Big Ten Network on My DISH Guide?

Wondering how to tune into Big Ten Network (BTN) for all the hardwood and gridiron action? As a passionate college sports fan, you don‘t want to miss incredible matchups featuring Michigan, Ohio State and other Big Ten juggernauts. This complete viewer‘s guide has you covered with everything you need to know to watch BTN on DISH Network.

A Quick Intro to Big Ten Network

Before jumping into channel listings, let‘s get familiar with BTN itself.

Big Ten Network is the first-ever TV network created specifically to cover a single collegiate athletic conference – the Big Ten. It launched in 2007 through a partnership between the Big Ten Conference and Fox Sports Media Group.

This groundbreaking concept created a 24/7 home showcasing the universities with some of college sports‘ most loyal, diehard fans:

  • Ohio State
  • Michigan
  • Penn State
  • Wisconsin
  • Michigan State
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska

And more top-tier programs attracting national audiences and NFL talent year after year.

BTN offers the in-depth game coverage, behind-the-scenes stories and expert perspectives these faithful followers crave.

Today, over 60 million households access this content through cable and satellite subscriptions. DISH Network has carried BTN since the network‘s inception.

Now let‘s get you tuned into channel 405 faster than a 100-yard pick six!

How to Watch Big Ten Network on DISH

Don‘t wear out your remote thumb endlessly scrolling through DISH listings trying to locate BTN. Following the channel blueprint below takes you straight there:

Channel Number405
Channel NameBig Ten Network (BTN)

Finding Big Ten Network on DISH is just that simple. No piles of guide pages to dig through or tiny-font footnotes to squint at.

Just punch channel 405 into your DISH remote. Then kick back and enjoy the latest Big Ten matchup unfolding in vivid 4K clarity!

Big Ten games shine bright in 4K definition only on DISH

But before diving into the play-by-play commentary, let‘s quickly trace the game-changing history leading to BTN‘s creation.

Brief Origin Story of Big Ten Network

The Big Ten Conference actually conceived plans for a dedicated sports network alongside ESPN in 2004. But disagreements arose regarding school ownership stakes.

When ESPN balked, Big Ten officials pivoted to Fox Sports. The two media giants swiftly mapped plans for a first-of-its-kind teamup.

BTN producers captured lightning in a bottle immediately by broadcasting the August 2007 Appalachian State upset victory over Michigan as the network‘s maiden event.

While Michigan fans still have nightmares of that shocking loss, it propelled the fledgling network directly into the national spotlight.

Experts explain BTN‘s early success in how it catered programming specifically to Midwestern audiences hungering for extensive Big Ten coverage. This built a loyal viewership bloc that‘s only expanded exponentially across the country over 15 years and counting.

But beyond game telecasts, BTN also won distinction through spearheading "event equality" – promising balanced airtime and production value between men‘s and women‘s athletics.

Fast forward to today, where BTN sits fixtures in over 60 million homes as the gold standard of conference-specific sports television.

Now that you know the history, let‘s break down everything BTN offers fans glued loyally to channel 405 all year long!

BTN Sister Stations

While BTN‘s content shines a non-stop spotlight on Big Ten athletics, it also enjoys brand affiliations with other major cable sports networks under the Fox umbrella:

  • FS1 – This network broadcasts MLB, NASCAR, MLS and other mainstream pro and college matchups and programs.
  • FS2 – FS2 provides additional overflow national sports coverage.
  • Fox Soccer Plus – As you‘d guess, Fox Soccer Plus offers 24/7 international and domestic soccer.
  • Fox Deportes – Fox Deportes presents sports content tailored for Spanish-speaking American audiences.

So even when you need a break from BTN‘s Buckeye and Wolverine commentary crews, simply flip to these sister stations for bonus live sports action.

Now let‘s preview the well-rounded programming categories that define BTN‘s weekly schedule beyond the expected football and basketball events.

Big Ten Network Programming On-Air and On-Demand

The Big Ten Network programming roster delivers a viewing trove to rile up fans all year long. Live events represent just the tip of the content iceberg.

BTN also produces critically-acclaimed original shows plus provides on-demand access to documentaries, analysis and stories via BTN+ subscriptions.

Here‘s your category-by-category guide to what‘s playing daily on channel 405:

Live Events

BTN annually televises over 520 Big Ten games and 170 different NCAA championships. Marquee productions include:

  • Football – BTN airs household names like The Ohio State University and University of Michigan plus up-and-comers you need to watch.
  • Women‘s Basketball Tourney – Tune in for the intensity only a conference title can deliver!
  • Baseball Tourney – Top sluggers vie for the Big Ten crown.
  • Olympic Sports – From wrestling to volleyball, BTN is your Summer Games hub.

You‘ll enjoy extensive women‘s athletics coverage at equal production value as men‘s programming.

2022-2023 BTN Athletics CoverageEvents Aired
Football Games44
Women‘s Volleyball MatchesOver 80
Men‘s Hockey ContestsOver 35
Women‘s Basketball Total AirtimeOver 135 hours

This dedication to airing both female and male student-athletics defines BTN‘s bold leadership.


Intelligent discussion and breakdowns of news and events across the Big Ten conference ranks as a BTN cornerstone:

  • BTN Live – Expert analysts dissect the latest games, players and trends.
  • BTN Originals – Documentary-formats and long-form interviews explore complex issues.
  • The B1G Show – Personalities from across Big Ten territories passionately opine and predict outcomes.

Combined with coach‘s shows, press roundtables and replays, BTN offers 24/7 immersive coverage.

Original Series

BTN storytelling provides an insider‘s view of traditions, standout students and more direct from Big Ten campuses:

  • The Journey – Follow players‘ backstories like Michigan RB Blake Corum and Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud chasing Heisman and NFL dreams.
  • Big Ten Elite – Showcases legendary Big Ten grads who rose to the top of sports, business and entertainment.
  • Campus Eats – Tag along on a tasting tour of each school‘s iconic dishes fueling students and fans.

These human-interest productions build connections with athletes and universities.

Special Events

Throughout the year, don‘t miss appointment viewing events like:

  • Big Ten Quiz Show – Watch school rivals square off to test superfan knowledge of BTN programming minutiae!
  • Graduation Salutes – Catch moving ceremonies honoring groundbreaking academic and athletic achievers.
  • Classic Game Replays – Relive Nail-biting battles determining conference supremacy and BCS bowl fates!

From scholars to miracle touchdowns, BTN‘s one-off specials celebrate what makes Big Ten university communities special.

I‘ve just provided an overview sampling of programming you can view on BTN. Now let‘s compare its sports content focus to other major national college athletics networks.

How Big Ten Network Compares to Other College Sports TV

While BTN occupies its own unique niche catering to loyal Big Ten followers, college sports fans do enjoy various other conference-specific and general NCAA sports channels:

NetworkDescriptionSignature Programming
Pac-12 NetworkShowcases West Coast college athletics (USC, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, etc.)"Pac-12 Playbook", Original documentaries like "The Drive" following student-athletes
SEC NetworkFocuses coverage exclusively on Southeastern Conference (Alabama, Florida, LSU)"SEC Nation" on-site pregame show, "SEC Storied" documentary films
ESPNUOverflow channel for broad NCAA live events and commentaryAward-winning analytics-driven studio programs like "ESPN College Football Live"

Complementing dedicated conference channels, ESPNU functions as an "NCAA hub" airing action from over 200 different athletics programs coast-to-coast.

But for fans craving 100% Buckeye, Wolverine and Nittany Lion content, BTN fittingly remains king of the forest.

Big Ten Network Channel Listings on Other Cable/Satellite Providers

While this guide focuses specifically on finding BTN through your DISH subscription, don‘t fret if you utilize a different TV provider.

Big Ten Network maintains wide accessibility across all major cable/satellite services and streaming platforms.

Here‘s a quick reference guide to locating BTN in other popular provider‘s channel guides:

TV ProviderChannel #
Comcast XfinityVarious by region (Typically mid-400s range)
Verizon FIOS570
YouTube TVSearch "Big Ten Network"
Hulu LiveSearch "Big Ten Network"

So now you‘ve got the exact channel numbers to punch up BTN if you happen to catch gamewatch parties at your buddy‘s house when they have Comcast, DIRECTV or other cable TV subscriptions!

FAQs About Big Ten Network (BTN) on DISH

Here I‘ll answer some frequently asked questions about accessing and viewing BTN through your DISH Network subscription:

What sports are shown on BTN?
As the dedicated home for Big Ten Conference sports, BTN provides coverage of football, basketball (men‘s & women‘s), hockey, baseball plus Olympic showcase events like wrestling, volleyball and gymnastics across conference members.

Does BTN offer any original programming?

Absolutely! In addition to live events, BTN produces 40+ original shows and docuseries profiling athletes, campuses and traditions across the conference. Popular programs range from "The Journey" chronicling NFL hopefuls to "Big Ten Elite" spotlighting distinguished former students.

What extra content is unlocked through BTN+?

A subscription to BTN+ (available for $9.99/month or $79.99/year) provides access to over 1,000 exclusive live streams and on-demand content each season. This includes non-televised events and shoulder programming you won‘t see on DISH‘s BTN channel. It‘s a must-have upgrade for diehard fans!

What schools compete in Big Ten Conference play?

The "Big Ten" conference actually features 14 large public Midwestern universities: Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Michigan State University, University of Nebraska, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Penn State University, Purdue University, Rutgers University and University of Wisconsin. Set to join in 2024 are West coast stalwarts UCLA, University of Southern California, University of Oregon and University of Washington.

Hopefully this guide served as an invaluable reference making your pathway to watching Big Ten Network crystal clear! Whether through DISH or alternate providers, I want to ensure all college sports fans can easily stay on top of hardwood hoops, gridiron showdowns and more from a league shaping traditions and memories year after year.

Just punch in that three-digit channel number on your remote. Then sit back for the quintessential gameday experience as BTN raises the bar for conference-dedicated programming. Because no sports network better immerses fans within the exhilarating campus atmosphere and culture absolutely unique to this heritage-rich Midwestern conference.

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