Finding the Best Internet Service in Seattle: Analyzing the Top 11 Providers

Are you searching for the perfect internet provider for your Seattle-area home? With so many companies serving the region, it can get overwhelming evaluating all the options for speed, reliability, coverage, and affordability.

To simplify your decision, I‘ve taken a data-driven look at Seattle‘s internet landscape and ranked the top 11 providers available to city residents. After careful analysis weighing factors like download speeds, pricing structures, customer satisfaction, and service technology, I present my picks for 2021‘s best internet providers below, starting with #11.

Let‘s dig in and find an ideal match for your home!

An Overview of Seattle Internet Speeds and Costs

Before reviewing the providers, it will help set expectations around internet terminology and pricing ranges in Seattle.

Internet download speeds represent how quickly you can access web pages, stream movies, and download files. This rate is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). For perspective, 25 Mbps allows smooth streaming and web browsing, while gamers and bigger families need 100+ Mbps speeds.

Here are the download speed tiers typically offered in the city:

  • Basic internet – 20 to 100 Mbps
  • Fast internet – 100 to 400 Mbps
  • Ultrafast internet – 500 to 1000+ Mbps

Of course, faster internet comes with a price hike. Broadband internet plans in Seattle range anywhere from $30 per month up to $300 per month for the very fastest multi-Gigabit fiber connections. Evaluate both what speeds you need and what fits in your budget.

Now let‘s see how the top 11 residential providers in Seattle compare across these factors!

11. Xfinity from Comcast

First up is Comcast and their Xfinity internet brand, one of the largest cable TV and internet providers nationwide. In Seattle, Xfinity offers wide availability with internet speeds ranging from 60 Mbps up to 1.2 Gbps, depending on your area.


  • No data caps
  • Fast top speeds up to 1.2 Gbps
  • Reliable service and good customer support


  • Contracts required for the fastest speed tiers
  • Monthly equipment fees add to cost
  • Speeds vary and can be inconsistent

Comcast garners middling customer satisfaction scores compared to smaller rivals. But for a cable giant, Xfinity does alright on speeds and our 11th spot reflects their extensive availability more than value and service quality.

Xfinity Packages & Pricing

Performance Starter60 Mbps$29.99/month1 year
Performance Pro200 Mbps$59.99/month1 year
Blast!400 Mbps$69.99/month2 years
Extreme Pro800 Mbps$79.99/month2 years

10. CenturyLink

Local telecom CenturyLink relies primarily on older DSL networks to provide internet across many Seattle suburbs and outskirts. Top speeds weigh in at just 100 Mbps where their fastest VDSL service is available.


  • Competitive $45 pricing for life on base 20 Mbps plan
  • No data caps on any speed tier
  • Reliable customer and tech support


  • Slow max speeds compared to cable & fiber
  • Speeds can be inconsistent
  • Limited plan options

CenturyLink nets average customer satisfaction scores. They lack flexibility around speed tiers and upgrades compared to cable providers. For basic web browsing and streaming needs, however, CenturyLink delivers adequate performance at a fair price.

CenturyLink Packages & Pricing

Basic Internet20 Mbps$45/month*None
Internet100 Mbps**$65/month*None

*Price for life + taxes & fees
**Limited availability

9. Astound Broadband

Regional cable television and internet provider Astound, operating locally as Wave Broadband, services areas of north and southeast Seattle. Maximum download speeds reach 1 Gbps in their coverage footprint.


  • Gaming-friendly optimization technology
  • Broad range of speed tiers
  • Competitive pricing, especially on slower plans


  • 1 Gbps speeds not available everywhere
  • Monthly equipment fees
  • Mixed reliability feedback

Astound nets slightly below average for customer satisfaction compared to nationally-known brands. Their gaming support proves a nice perk, however, and a wide selection of plans fit varying needs. Shoppers wanting widely available gigabit fiber speeds may need to keep looking.

Astound Packages & Pricing

Express100 Mbps$25/monthNone
Extreme500 Mbps$45/monthNone
Extreme Pro940 Mbps$55/monthNone
Extreme Plus1200 Mbps*$65/monthNone

*Limited availability

8. Spectrum Internet

Charter Spectrum utilizes cable infrastructure to deliver internet across Seattle. Download speeds reach 940 Mbps with their high-end Spectrum Gig plan, available in select neighborhoods meeting technical qualifications.


  • No data caps
  • Strong reliability ratings
  • Wide availability


  • Requires contracts
  • Monthly equipment fees
  • Mixed customer support reviews

We rank Spectrum in the middle of the pack primarily due to their pricing. While speeds are fairly competitive with other cable providers, similar performance comes at $20+ more per month compared to brands like Xfinity and Cox. Still a decent option for cable internet though.

Spectrum Packages & Pricing

Internet200 Mbps$50/month1 year
Internet Ultra400 Mbps$70/month1 year
Internet Gig940 Mbps$90/month1 year

7. Viasat Satellite Internet

Viasat relies on satellites in space rather than landlines to provide residential internet access. This makes the provider an option for rural city outskirts lacking cable and fiber infrastructure.


  • Available in remote areas
  • 25 Mbps speeds included
  • Unlimited data on some plans


  • Speeds vary significantly
  • Data caps on lower tiers
  • 2-year contract required
  • High equipment fees

Satellite internet works alright for lighter use cases, although latency does lag behind terrestrial providers. Factor in upfront hardware costs and required contracts, and the value proposition looks questionable within metro regions with wired options available.

Viasat Packages & Pricing

PlanData CapPrice
Bronze 1240 GB$65/month
Silver 2560 GB$100/month
Gold 30100 GB$150/month

6. Verizon Fios

Let‘s continue this analysis of the top 11 Seattle internet providers, including detailing the packages and pros and cons of Verizon Fios, T-Mobile Home Internet, Ziply Fiber, Google Fiber Webpass, HughesNet satellite internet, and EarthLink…

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