The 4 Best First-Person Shooters for Nintendo 3DS

Are you a fan of intense first-person shooter (FPS) action looking to enjoy some thrilling games on your Nintendo 3DS? This definitive guide will introduce you to the platform‘s standout FPS titles across graphics, controls, critical reception, and more to help find your perfect match.

Let‘s dive into the top 4 FPS games you need to play on your 3DS!


While not renown for first-person experiences like Call of Duty or Halo, Nintendo 3DS does offer several quality FPS options for fans of the genre. Lower hardware capabilities than contemporary home consoles at the time did limit more robust offerings, but innovative developers crafted some gems taking advantage of 3DS touchscreens and 3D visuals.

This list will count down the absolute best FPS games released specifically for Nintendo 3DS, analyzing what makes them each stand out. Key criteria include:

  • Gameplay – Weapon variety, mechanics, level design
  • Controls – Comfort and precision using 3DS input methods
  • Graphics/Technical – Visual quality, frame rate, 3D effect usage
  • Critical Reception – Scores and reviews indicating quality
  • Innovation – New elements brought to the FPS genre

Let‘s start the list with an underrated horror-tinged hospital escape!

4. Dementium Remastered

Originally a Nintendo DS title, Dementium Remastered transports you to a monster-filled hospital as amnesiac William Redmoor. Wielding firearms and melee weapons, you must battle security drones and biological experiments gone wrong while piecing together the protagonist‘s identity and escape route.

Key Info

**Developer**Renegade Kid
**Release Year**2015
**Genre(s)**FPS, Survival Horror
**Score – Critics**57 Metascore
*Score – Users**5.5/10

What Makes It Great

Remastered stands out through its horror atmosphere and puzzles breaking up intense first-person combat. The touchscreen allows smoothly cycling through weapons like a pistol, shotgun, and flashlight by tapping icons. It also enables interacting with objects in the environment to unlock new paths.

Reviewers criticized sparse level designs and monster variety, but praised the controls and sense of isolation and dread as you explore the hospital halls. Overall an underrated entry in the 3DS FPS library!

Dementium Remastered brings horror flavor to FPS gameplay

3. Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Bringing multiplayer focus, Metroid Prime: Federation Force puts you in a squad of marines battling space pirates and dangerous creatures across the galaxy. Like other Metroid titles, a heavy emphasis is placed on exploration and puzzle solving between firefights.

Key Info

**Developer**Next Level Games
**Release Year**2016
**Genre(s)**FPS, Action
**Score – Critics**64 Metascore
*Score – Users**5.5/10

What Makes It Great

The simplified FPS controls of the circle pad for movement and A button to shoot make gameplay accessible for all gamers. Co-op quests, online and local, provide engaging teamwork battling iconic Metroid enemies.

Reviews found faults with the art style and focus on optional missions over an epic solo campaign. However, the strong gameplay foundations and franchise pedigree earn Federation Force a spot as a quality 3DS FPS.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force brings co-op action

2. Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Blurring FPS and sports genres, Metroid Prime: Blast Ball will feel familiar to Rocket League fans. Teams of three compete in futuristic arenas to strike a giant ball into the opposing team‘s goal with blaster fire.

Key Info

**Developer**Next Level Games
**Release Year**2016
**Genre(s)**FPS, Sports
**Score – Critics**66 Metascore
*Score – Users**7.2/10

What Makes It Great

Fast and frenetic, Blast Ball delivers FPS action in short exciting bursts. Online and local multiplayer allow playing with friends for intense competitions. Smart use of established gameplay formulas give it widespread appeal.

Reviewers enjoyed the quick game times and simplicity of matches, though some felt it lacked depth for extended play. Still, it stands out as one of the most creative genre blends available from the 3DS FPS catalog.

Metroid Prime: Blast Ball combines sports and shooting

1. Moon Chronicles

Claiming our best FPS for Nintendo 3DS spot is Moon Chronicles and its Episode 1 installment. With scientists disappearing from a future moon base, players must discover the cause while battling insect-like alien species across lunar terrain.

Key Info

**Developer**Renegade Kid
**Release Year**2014
**Genre(s)**FPS, Sci-Fi
**Score – Critics**70 Metascore
*Score – Users**8.3/10

What Makes It Great

From intuitive touchscreen weapon selection to driving 3rd person moon buggies, Moon Chronicles makes excellent use of 3DS capabilities. Running at 60 FPS provides ultra smooth visuals. Multiple difficulty options keep the action engaging for all skill levels.

Strong reviews praised the tight controls, graphics, varied gameplay, and sense of isolation. It stands tall as the most well-designed FPS experience tailor-made for Nintendo 3DS hardware.

Moon Chronicles thrills with lunar world and alien combat


While not overflowing with titles, standout FPS games like Moon Chronicles demonstrate Nintendo 3DS offered plenty to love for genre fans. Smart design tailoring gameplay to the platforms‘ strengths, along with brand power from the Metroid series, make exploring the 3DS shooter library well worthwhile.

I hope breaking down these four excellent FPS options helps select your next immersive 3DS adventure! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy gaming!

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