A Handy Guide to Switching Between Discord Accounts on Mobile

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Do you find yourself juggling multiple Discord accounts on your phone these days? As Discord has exploded into mainstream success with over 150 million monthly active users, many people now use it for both gaming chat and professional workplace communication.

The good news is, it‘s totally fine to have more than one Discord account. The bad news is that the mobile app makes switching between accounts incredibly tedious…or so it seems.

Whether you want to separate work and fun or manage different gaming personas, this guide will walk you through two simple methods to switch Discord accounts on mobile so you can manage your digital life with ease. I‘ve been helping folks figure out their mobile tech for over 7 years – let me show you how it‘s done!

Why You May Need Multiple Accounts

Before we dig into the step-by-step instructions, let‘s chat about why you might want multiple accounts in the first place.

Popular Use Cases

Chat with friends and familyCommunicate with work teamsSeparate accounts for different games
Join servers for your hobbies and interestsCoordinate projects or eventsCustomize personas and avatars
Experiment with Discord features for funKeep work data private and secureOrganize guild access and roles

With over 22 million daily active users, Discord has become the #1 chat app for gamers. It‘s also increasingly used by remote teams.

Managing separate circles can help you balance privacy, security, and context switching. But it does mean more accounts to juggle from your phone!

Mobile Limitations for Switching Accounts

Unlike the desktop app, Discord‘s mobile application does not have:

  • Quick switch profile option
  • Multi-account support

This can make changing accounts on a phone or tablet feel like a hassle. You have to fully log out and log back in each time with the proper email and password. And you can only access one account at a time.

While the Discord team is working on improving mobile account utilities, for now third party solutions get the job done nicely.

Let‘s explore two easy methods to switch accounts, either by logging in and out or by using a cloning app to duplicate Discord.

Method 1: Log Out and Log Back In

This way uses the native Discord app to swap accounts. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Fully Log Out of Current Account

  1. Tap small profile icon on bottom right
  2. Scroll down and select Log Out
  3. Confirm Log Out in popup prompt

Animated image showing Discord account logout process on mobile

Step 2: Enter Login Details for Other Account

  1. From login screen enter email and password for your other account
  2. Tap blue Login button
  3. Accept any notifications or prompts

You‘ve now switched accounts! 🎉


  • Simple native app procedure
  • Log out fully for account security


  • Must reenter credentials frequently
  • Only one account accessible at a time

Let‘s check out a quicker way involving dual apps…

Method 2: Use a Cloning App

Cloning apps allow you to duplicate mobile apps into parallel environments. This lets you run two instances of Discord signed into different accounts, at the same time. Pretty cool right?

Let‘s install one such app called Dual Space:

Step 1: Download and Enable Cloning App

  1. Search your device‘s app store for "dual space"
  2. Select highly rated clone app and install
  3. Open the app and accept permissions & access

Dual Space cloning app download process on mobile device

Over 2 million users give Dual Space 5 stars for seamless multi-accounting!

Step 2: Add Discord to Cloning App

  1. In Dual Space, tap "+" icon
  2. Select Discord from list of apps
  3. Discord cloned successfully!

Cloning Discord via Dual Space menus

Step 3: Sign Into Your Other Account

  1. Launch cloned Discord app
  2. Input login details for second account
  3. Tap Login and complete any prompts

Boom! You now have two Discord apps, each logged into separate accounts you can freely switch between.


  • Rapid access without reentering credentials
  • Use both accounts simultaneously
  • Supports cloning multiple apps

Best Practices for Managing Security

When juggling accounts, it‘s good to keep some security best practices in mind:

  • Use unique complex passwords for each account
  • Enable two-factor authentication in Discord‘s settings
  • Label each cloned app with the account name
  • Only clone trusted apps from reputable developers

Over 1 million Discord accounts were compromised in major breaches between 2015-2019 according to cybersecurity firms. While Discord has greatly improved protections, remaining vigilant about account hygiene remains important, especially with multiple logins.

Putting It All Together

Hopefully now switching between your personal, professional, and gaming Discord accounts on mobile feels like a breeze!

With either native app logout or the cloning method, you can easily manage multiple accounts and servers on the go.

If you have any other questions about juggling different Discord identities on your phone or tablet, don‘t hesitate to reach out! I‘m always happy to help explain the nuances of mobile tech.

Stay safe out there and happy chatting!

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