The 10 Largest Information Technology (IT) Companies In The World, And What They Do

Examining the Titans Powering the Digital Economy

As an experienced technology analyst, I‘m often asked – who are the companies leading the global IT sector that makes all this innovation possible?

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the 10 largest publicly traded IT corporations globally based on market valuation, delving into their offerings and strategy.

These IT leaders provide the core infrastructure, software, services and cutting-edge new technologies that organizations rely on to digitally transform.

From productivity cloud suites to secured endpoints, quantum computing to metaverse applications, they are the titans powering the continued growth of the digital economy.

1. Microsoft Corporation – $1.8 Trillion Valuation

Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has expanded from Windows operating systems into cloud, business applications, gaming and more.

Major business units include:

  • Productivity & Business Applications: Office productivity software used by over 1 billion people, LinkedIn, Dynamics ERP and CRM
  • Cloud Platform Infrastructure: Azure public cloud, Azure SQL database engine, Visual Studio IDE
  • Personal Computing: Windows OS, Microsoft Surface devices, Xbox gaming

With over 200 million active seats and subscriptions to business clouds, Microsoft is investing heavily in AI, gaming metaverse and security.

2. Oracle Corporation – $170 Billion Valuation

Oracle provides database, cloud infrastructure, enterprise resource applications used by 430,000 customers globally.

Founded in 1977, Oracle pioneered commercial relational databases and world‘s first autonomous database powered by machine learning.

Today‘s offerings include:

  • Oracle Database: World‘s most popular enterprise database now cloud-native
  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications: Over 6,000 customers use their ERP, HCM, Marketing, CX and Data Management SaaS applications
  • Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure: Provides high-performance compute, storage and networking technologies

Oracle has strong foothold across core industries like financial services, telecom, and the public sector.

Recent trends shows increased technology spending across SMBs as Oracle expands reach through partners.

3. Accenture – $166 Billion Valuation

Established in 1989 in Dublin, Ireland, Accenture provides technology consulting, managed services, digital transformation and outsourcing for 94 of the Fortune 100 companies.

With 721,000 professionals serving clients across 200 cities and 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation across industries and geographies.

Major business units and service lines include:

  • Accenture Technology: Focused on R&D, emerging tech like web3, AI, IoT, quantum
  • Accenture Consulting: Mobility, analytics, content ops, supply chain management
  • Accenture Strategy: Corporate strategy, technology strategy and operational strategy

Recent acquisitions expand expertise globally in sustainability, cloud, AI, industry X.0 and the metaverse.

Dedicated industry groups provide specialized technology solutions for 14 sectors including travel, software & platforms, infrastructure and health.

Leading IT Companies by Valuation 
| Company | Market Cap | Revenue |
| Microsoft | $1.8T | $198B |
| Oracle | $170B | $46B |   
| Accenture | $166B | $61B |

4. Tata Consultancy Services – $134 Billion Valuation

Founded in 1968 by Indian conglomerate Tata Group, TCS builds software applications and provides business process services to enterprise customers.

With over 616,000 consultants across 55 countries, TCS is the largest IT services firm in India serving 65% of the Fortune 500 companies.

Offerings span:

  • Cloud Transformation: App modernization, infrastructure optimization, data center build outs
  • Software Defined Infrastructure: Storage management, serverless computing, network virtualization
  • Application Development: Custom application development, low-code app development, SaaS enablement

TCS invests 3% of its $25B+ annual revenue into R&D focused on AI, intelligent automation and advanced analytics.

Flagship products include TCS Mastercraft and TCS BaNCS applied in industries like BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing and more.

5. International Business Machines – $111 Billion Valuation

Founded in 1911, IBM provides advanced enterprise information technology including quantum and AI solutions.

IBM has presence across 175 countries with expertise in 20 industries. Offerings include:

  • Cloud and Cognitive Software: Hybrid cloud, AI, security, blockchain and quantum solutions
  • Consulting: Business transformation and strategy services focused on data and analytics
  • Infrastructure: On-premise and cloud-delivered compute, storage, networking hardware + services

50%+ of IBM‘s $60B revenue comes from cloud and cognitive software.

Ongoing investments in quantum computing and AI aim to pioneer next generation enterprise technologies.

6. SAP SE – $98 Billion Valuation

Established in 1972 by ex-IBM engineers, SAP is now the market leader in enterprise application software.

With over 400,000 customers globally, SAP powers intelligent operations and integrated data flows across procurement, finance, inventory, manufacturing, HR and more.

Core products include:

  • SAP S/4HANA: Flagship intelligent ERP system running advanced analytics
  • SAP Customer Experience: CRM solutions providing marketing, sales, service and commerce apps
  • SAP Business Technology Platform: Integration and extensibility layer connecting SAP applications

90% of total global transaction revenue touches an SAP system indicative of market penetration.

R&D efforts focus on boosting supply chain resilience through visibility, automation and agility leveraging latest tech.

7. Infosys – $72 Billion Valuation

Founded in India 1981, Infosys provides next-generation IT services combined with consulting. Offerings encompass:

  • Consulting: Defines digital transformation strategy leveraging next-generation services
  • Application Management: Modernizes and optimizes existing enterprise applications
  • Software Application Development: Builds innovative cloud-native apps aligned to strategy

With over 250,000 employees, Infosys enables clients in financial services, insurance, retail, energy and manufacturing to digitally transform.

Flagship products include NIA AI platform and Finacle digital banking suite used by banks globally.

Strong growth projected across 5G rollouts, cloud migrations and SaaS enablement.

8. Cognizant Technology Solutions – $31 Billion Valuation

Founded in 1994 in New Jersey, Cognizant provides digital IT strategy and software engineering services for top global 2000 companies.

With over 340,000 specialized professionals, Cognizant takes clients through full lifecycle:

  • Digital Strategy: Consulting, design thinking and rapid prototyping
  • Software Engineering: Cloud native development, DevSecOps, data engineering
  • Managed Services: Application management, cloud operations, IT infrastructure services

Expertise across healthcare, financial services, logistics, manufacturing and insurance.

Recent acquisitions expand capabilities in machine learning, analytics, digital engineering and cloud platforms.

9. Capgemini SE – $26 Billion Valuation

Established in France in 1967, Capgemini helps organizations globally on their digital transformations through technology consulting and development.

With over 350,000 practitioners in more than 50 countries, offerings connect business and technology across key areas:

  • Cloud and Infrastructure Services: Cloud strategy, scalable infrastructure, managed services
  • Customer First Solutions: Beautiful user experiences, customer intelligence through data analytics
  • Business Operations: Finance, supply chain, manufacturing process improvements enabled by 5G and edge tech

Capgemini also builds tailored solutions leveraging advanced analytics across industries from retail banking to consumer products.

10. HP Inc. – $26 Billion Valuation

Formed in 2015 from the split of Hewlett Packard, HP Inc. focuses exclusively on empowering today‘s hybrid workforces through cutting edge personal systems and print technologies.

Product lines encompass:

  • Personal Systems: Industry-leading laptops, desktops, displays and accessories for enterprises, SMBs and consumers
  • Print Technology: Web-connected LaserJet, InkJet and PageWide printers supported by robust cloud ecosystem and mobile apps

Under new leadership prioritizing sustainable innovation, HP aims to accelerate growth through expanding its printing and PC portfolios.


This analysis shows an IT sector investing actively to progress the digital revolution across cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G networks and ambient user experiences.

As these IT leaders continue to deliver both the infrastructure and innovation powering individuals, businesses and societies globally, we can expect boundary-pushing developments in quantum, metaverse, self-driving vehicles, Web 3.0 and much more.

The future is undoubtedly digital – and it is being manifested rapidly by the strategic technological advancements driven by these titans of the industry.

Hope you enjoyed this insider‘s guide to the giants fueling the global digital economy! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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