Get Ready to Ride the Lightning with Ram’s Electrifying 1500 Revolution

Hey friend! Have you seen the bold new electric-powered Ram 1500 pickup that‘s kicking up a sandstorm of buzz? This futuristic truck packed with next-gen tech wowed the crowds at CES 2023.

I couldn‘t peel my eyes off the chiseled bodywork with its smooth contours and LED accents lighting up the angular fenders. The driver and passengers of this all-electric beast even get treated to flat-folding steering wheels and sustainable Apple leather seats!

Beyond the SLEEK style, Ram engineers filled it with jaw-dropping capabilities under the metal too. I’m pumped to take you under the hood to showcase why Dodge is gearing up to dominate the future EV truck segment with their 1500 Revolution.

Overview: The Beast Unleashed from Its Cage

Before we dive in deeper, let me quickly recap the basics…

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV unveiled at CES is a CONCEPT model. That means some fanciful elements may not reach production when it hits streets in 2024.

But Dodge built this on its dedicated STLA electric truck frame. So the foundations for phenomenal range, charging speed, horsepower numbers and interior space carry over to the real deal guaranteed.

Keep reading to learn KEY DETAILS like:

  • Estimated Driving Range and Charging Compared to Lightning/Rivian
  • Performance, Power and Off-Road Handling
  • Interior Luxuries and Must-Have Features
  • Exterior Styling Changes Over Gas Rams
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Advances
  • Possible Changes Before Launch

Let’s kick things off by seeing how far this lightning-fast truck can ZAP on a single charge…

Lightning-Quick Charging (100 Miles in 10 Mins!) For 400+ Mile Range

The maximum mileage Rating remains unannounced. But industry watchers estimate between 300 to over 500 Miles depending on the battery configuration.

I expect Ram to match or trounce the 400+ mile Silverado EV. That gives plenty of buffer for towing boats/trailers without range anxiety!

It rapid “refuels” too – the 800V electrical architecture accepts insanely fast charging. Just 10 minutes on a 350 kW outlet adds another 100 miles of juice!

That has you smashing speed records from zero to 80% battery in under 40 minutes. Take a pee break and grab some coffee, your Ram Rev is almost filled up!

Here’s a handy table comparing est charge times and rates across plug-in methods:

Charging TypeAdded Range (Miles)Charge Rate (Mi/Hr)
Level 150 miles over 12 hours4 mph
Level 280 miles over 3 hours27 mph
DC Fast100 miles over 10 mins600 mph!!

When you get back to the barn after a hard day‘s work, the robot RAM Charger even activates…

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