Samsung QN90B vs Micro LED CX: In-Depth 4K TV Comparison Guide

If you‘re looking for Samsung‘s best television technology available in 2022 and 2023, it likely comes down to a choice between these two heavy hitters:

Samsung QN90B – The impressive 4K Neo QLED TV that currently sits at the top of Samsung‘s 2022 lineup with quantum dot enhanced performance.

Samsung Micro LED CX – Samsung‘s next-generation self-emissive micro LED TV announced at CES 2023 that will launch later this year.

But which advanced Samsung TV should you put in your living room? In this guide, we‘ll compare the Samsung QN90B and Micro LED CX across all relevant categories – display quality, smart features, gaming chops and more – to help you decide!

QLED vs Micro LED Overview

Before we dive into Samsung‘s specific models, let‘s quickly demystify what makes QLED and micro LED unique technologies:

QLED (Quantum Dot LED) televisions supercharge a standard LED-backlit LCD panel by integrating a quantum dot color filter. This nanoscale filter of semi-conductor crystals radiates exceptionally pure red, blue and green light for boosted color accuracy and brightness compared to regular LED displays. However, there is still an LED backlight system similar to baseline LCD TVs.

Micro LED takes things to the extreme with self-emissive technology done on a micro-scale. Each individual pixel contains tiny LED lights capable of turning on and off independently without any backlight. This gives micro LED displays absolute control over dimming, brightness and black levels at the pixel level for phenomenal contrast and realism.

Now let‘s examine the display specifications behind Samsung‘s unique implementations of both technologies…


Samsung QLED TVs are prized for sleek industrial design using premium metal and glass. The 2022 QN90B follows this trend with:

  • Ultra thin profile measuring under 0.6” deep
  • A central stand with discrete cable routing in the rear
  • Just 0.2” thin bezels practically vanishing outside the 43” screen

The Micro LED CX design remains largely a mystery. But based on Samsung‘s existing 110” luxury micro LED TV dubbed ‘The Wall‘, we can expect:

  • Virtually borderless panel with up to 99% screen-to-body ratio
  • Completely customizable aspect ratios and form factors
  • Integrated front-firing speaker array delivering Dolby Atmos 3D audio effect

So if you want the most aesthetic flexibility including exotic curved or ultrawide display configurations, the CX micro LED TVs better fit the bill.

Samsung QN90B vs Micro LED CX Comparison Table

|| Samsung QN90B QLED TV | Samsung Micro LED CX |
|Screen sizes|43", 50", 55", 65", 75", 85", 98"|50" to over 140"|
|Display Type | VA-type LED w/ quantum dots | Self-emissive micro LED |
|Resolution | 4K (3,840 x 2,160)| 4K (3,840 x 2,160), 8K unconfirmed |
|Peak Brightness | ~2,000 nits | Expect brighter (>2,500 nits)
|Native Contrast | 16,384:1 | 1,000,000:1
|Refresh Rate | 120Hz native (144Hz max) | 240Hz |
|Response Time|Unknown | Under 2ms |
|Variable Refresh Rate|48-144Hz | Likely 48-240Hz |

Picture Quality

Here is where we really begin to see differences emerge!

The 2022 QN90B Neo QLED leverages precision mini-LED backlights matched with quantum dots to output enhanced color and contrast compared to standard QLED and LED TVs. In near darkness, this full array local dimming (FALD) performance truly shines.

However, the self-emissive micro LED pixels on Samsung‘s CX televisions take things to the next level with lighting and dimming controlled on an individual pixel level. This helps it surpass any modern QLED or OLED television when it comes to inky contrast and searing brightness levels.

Based on Samsung‘s comments around commercializing affordable micro LED technology in more screen sizes, the CX line will take everything that makes their ultra-premium 110" model stellar and cram it into displays ranging from 50 up to insane 140+ inch configurations.

So when it comes to sheer display quality and performance, the Micro LED CX should outclass even Samsung‘s best current QLED TVs by a wide margin once released. The only downside is more moderate screen size options compared to the QN90B.

Gaming Features

Gaming on these premium Samsung TVs proves extremely responsive thanks to cutting-edge attributes like:

QN90B Gaming Highlights

  • Native 4K/120Hz input
  • VRR from 48-144Hz
  • Under 6ms input lag
  • Samsung Gaming Hub

Micro LED CX Likely Improvements

  • Native 4K/240Hz input
  • Sub 2ms response time
  • VRR 48-240Hz range
  • AMD Freesync / NVIDIA G-Sync
  • Mini-map and multi-view support

While the QN90B currently provides an exceptional high-frame rate big screen gaming experience, the CX micro LED TVs should take things to another level with buttery smooth 240Hz gameplay.

Smart TV & Extra Features

Both TVs run Samsung‘s acclaimed Tizen smart platform, considered one of the best in terms of usability and app support. Unique to the QN90B and other 2022 Samsung TV releases is:

Samsung TV Plus – Instant access to over 200 free streaming channels.

Smart Trainer – Get instant form feedback while exercising via your phone‘s camera!

NFT Platform – Built-in support for displaying digital art NFTs.

SolarCell remotes – Never change batteries again with Samsung‘s solar powered Eco remotes.

Expect the cutting-edge Micro LED CX televisions to include these smart innovations and more when they hopefully launch later this year.

One negative of both TVs is the lack of Dolby Vision HDR format support. For the ultimate dynamic range experience, LG OLED TVs currently do better supporting both Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

Price Considerations

There‘s no doubt introducing self-emissive micro LED pixel display technology comes at a premium. Samsung positions their high-end micro LED TVs well over $100,000… out of reach for most people.

Even their smaller and more affordable Micro LED CX line likely won‘t dip under $5,000 – if rumors prove accurate.

That‘s why the QN90B Neo QLED provides a much more digestible value proposition:

  • 43” QN90B – $1,200
  • 50” QN90B – $1,500
  • 65” QN90B – $2,600
  • 75” QN90B – $3,500
  • 85” QN90B – $5,000

Though still premium, these reasonable prices reflect the QN90B‘s outstanding but achievable performance combining quantum dots, mini-LED backlights and machine learning smarts.

Unless budget is no concern, the QN90B gives buyers better bang for their buck – albeit with picture quality a notch below a theoretical $5,000+ 50" Micro LED TV.

The Verdict

The true picture quality champion here will be Samsung‘s next-generation Micro LED CX televisions once released later this year. By integrating 24 million self-emissive micrometer-scale LED lights into 50" or larger screens, they should deliver unmatched contrast and brightness thanks to pixel-level lighting control.

Factor in an insane 240Hz maximum refresh rate and sub 2 millisecond response time, and the Micro LED CX line instantly rockets to stardom as the ultimate display for gaming, sports and movies.

Yet with substantial price premiums expected, the more affordable QN90B Neo QLED strikes a better value balance for premium home theater enjoyment. While not reaching the CX‘s micro LED peaks, the quantum dot enhanced QN90B still delivers stellar QLED performance – especially in darker home theater rooms where its mini-LED backlight shines.

So in summary:

  • Samsung Micro LED CX – Cutting-edge self-emissive display breakthrough promising the pinnacle of picture quality once released.

  • Samsung QN90B QLED – A more accessible price point matching immersive QLED performance innovations to premium 75”, 85” screens.

Either next-generation TV should provide stunning image quality that wows. But based on your budget flexibility, you can determine whether the QN90B or Micro LED CX better slots into your particular 4K smart TV aspirations!

I‘m happy to answer any other questions in the comments comparing Samsung‘s elite 2023 and 2022 TV offerings. Let me know if you need any advice deciding between these two top contenders!

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