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Some people prefer to watch, others actively play sports. Fewer people like to bet 22Bet on games. No matter what sport you prefer, you can easily find people who do the same.

Sport enriches our life. It makes it healthier. Many integrate it into their everyday routine. There is also a huge market behind it, from advertising and fan merchandise to ticket sales and high salaries for athletes.

Since it plays an important role in our society, here are some facts.

 The Long Story


There is a debate among experts about which sport was the first. It is really difficult to clarify. But logically it was something close to wrestling or running. Because it was the easiest way to move. So it is likely that people made some kind of competition out of it. After all, we love challenges and want to prove ourselves.

Participation in such competitions varied. Some disciplines emerged from early means of transportation (horseback riding, running, or even canoeing) or from the military (rifle shooting and archery). Sometimes it is strange to think that fencing used to involve dueling and killing each other, and today it is taught in some schools.

Over the centuries, however, some ports have fallen into oblivion. Either by the advent of technology or simply by an updated version.

It is known that the ancient Olympic Games took place as early as 760 BC. However, they are very different from today’s version. At that time there was only one event, a walk. So the experts who claim that running was the first sport may be right after all. Over time, other disciplines were added, such as wrestling, boxing, horseback riding, discus throwing, javelin throwing and jumping.

When discussing which sport was the first, it is certain that European soccer is one of the most popular. Its origins date back to China in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. At that time, this game was called “Tsu Chu”. It has some similarities, such as kicking a leather ball filled with fur and that no hands were allowed.

Most sports were developed into their current form in the 19th or 20th century. Their roots lie mainly in ancient times.

Did You Know?


That there are no standards for the dimples of a golf ball? The logic behind it is to make it more aerodynamic, but it can vary from 300 to 500 dimples.

Winning a gold medal at the Olympics is a great honor and a great achievement for you and your country. However, since 1912, it is no longer made of gold. Rather, it is made of sterling silver.

Many athletes have their own lucky charms or rituals. Sebastian Vettel is no exception. The Formula 1 driver wears lucky coins hidden in the laces of his shoes.

Do you think you need gravity to play sports? Alan Shephard and Edgar Mitchel proved in 1971 that it is not necessary. The Apollo 14 astronauts played golf on the moon.

In competitions, it is normal for there to be a winner and a loser. Some athletes are more successful than others. A good example is Micheal Phelps. He has won more gold medals in the Olympics than some other countries. For example, Portugal since 1896.

There is a specific reason for the colors of the five Olympic rings. They represent not only all five continents, but also the colors of the flags of each nation. This was a nice idea of their inventor Baron Pierre de Couberteib in 1912.

With the new sports, some old ones were also lost. Some of them were even quite popular in their time. For example, ski ballet. Twice it was represented at the Olympic Games, in 1988 and 1992.

There are many more facts to discover. History seems full of interesting events like the ones described above.

Why is Sport so important?

It is clear that sport is exciting and for some it is a hobby. The fact that it is a growing lifestyle is also obvious. But what makes this role so remarkable?

The most obvious answer is the mental and physical health benefits. It helps strengthen bones and tone muscles and makes you more elastic. Some other effects are especially in group sports to improve the values of good teamwork. For example, soccer or cheerleading. If you can not rely on your colleagues, you will lose.

Also, being active is a balance to your daily work or study routine. Better self-esteem can come from improving results during your exercises. Communication also plays a big role in a team sport. You need to get your idea across to your teammates. That way they will understand how to support you and vice versa.

But sports can also show you your limits. You should listen to your body. When it tells you that enough is enough, you should stop. But do not stagnate and try again another time.

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