Rivian or Mercedes? How to Decide Between the Striking R1S & Sublime EQS Electric SUVs

So you‘ve decided to go electric with your next luxury SUV, but gotten stuck evaluating the buzzy Rivian R1S against the highly anticipated Mercedes EQS. Besides beautiful designs and environmental friendliness, these two innovative models take widely different approaches.

As an electric vehicle advocate and analyst,allow me to guide you through an expanded tour of the R1S and EQS SUV‘s features, performance, technology and real-world strengths. Considering the table below overview plus the detailed comparisons of capability and driving experience ahead, I‘m confident you‘ll know which suited new EV adventure awaits you!

CategoryRivian R1SMercedes EQS SUV
Base Price$78,000$125,850
Available TrimsExplore, AdventureSingle Well-Equipped Trim
Seating Capacity5-7 Passengers5-7 Passengers
Driving Range314–316 Miles285-310 Miles (est)
Acceleration (0-60 mph)3.0 Seconds4.5 Seconds
Available Power408–754 hp355-536 hp
Maximum Charging Rate190 kW200 kW
Available Driver Assistance FeaturesHands-Free Highway Driving, Surround View CameraExtensive Hands-Free Options, AR Navigation

First we‘ll analyze the vital performance, capability, and charging differences. Then we‘ll contrast the radically distinctive interiors. Last comes examining how real drivers rate the overall ownership experience as luxury electric SUV newcomers…

Driving Fun Takes Many Forms

Performance holds special importance for SUVs meant to inspire adventure – whether storming sand dunes or ruling luxury boulevards. The robust R1S outpaces the elegant EQS here.

Let‘s crunch the power and acceleration numbers first.

SpecsRivian R1SMercedes EQS SUV
Horsepower Range408–754 hp355-536 hp
0 to 60 mph Time3.0 seconds4.5 seconds
Maximum Torque826 lb-ft633 lb-ft

The quad motor R1S configuration nearly matches performance sedans like the Lucid Air and Tesla Model S Plaid with its 754 horsepower. Achieving 0-60 mph in the 3 second range places firmly it among elite supercar company. Intense amounts of torque contribute to that neck-snapping acceleration along with strong towing capacity of up to 7,700 pounds.

While the EQS SUV‘s torque pushes past most traditional SUVs, its total output still falls over 200 horsepower short of the high performance R1S. And achieving 60 mph a full 1.5 seconds slower feels dramatic from the driver‘s seat. Still, its 4.5 seconds to 60 mph handily outruns nearly all non-electric rivals.

Both premium electric SUVs deliver sports car acceleration while seating 5-7. But the muscular R1S claims the performance crown.

Now onto charging and battery essentials powering these carbon-friendly adventure mobiles!

SpecsRivian R1SMercedes EQS SUV
Battery Capacity135 kWh108 kWh
Max Charging Rate190 kW200 kW
EP/Est Range314–316 mi285-310 mi
Charge Time 10-80%~40 minutes~35 minutes

The R1S enjoy a battery capacity advantage contributing to its slightly greater EPA certified range – though cold weather and towing do reduce real world mileage. Mercedes does estimate a healthy 285-310 miles from its 108 kWh pack.

DC fast charging rates up to 200 kW futureproof both SUVs for adding dozens of miles rapidly during pitstops. But with less battery to fill, the EQS SUV may hold a small edge recovering range quickly.

The R1S justifies its large battery with enhanced capability – exactly what adventure seekers demand for remote expeditions beyond public charging networks. For those staying closer to home, Mercedes facilitates easy charging with 2 years free sessions nationwide.

Overall the R1S claims the range and performance edge, while the EQS focuses more narrowly on refinement. Now onto the interiors!

Like Night & Day: Industrial Adventure vs Luxury spaceship

Pictures may showcase sleek vehicles, but owners spend 99% of time enjoying the cabin. Here both Rivian and Mercedes embrace radically different sustainable luxury visions through design and material choices.

R1S Interior – Rugged Flexibility

  • Durable, sustainable materials resistant to scrapes and spills
  • Massive electrochromatic panoramic roof for indoor/outdoor feel
  • Five seat layout with optional third row jump seats
  • Gear tunnel "frunk" storage perfect for outdoor gear or groceries
  • Large interactive central touchscreen for control and entertainment
  • Eight driver configurable vehicle modes adapting powertrain and suspension

Industrial design mingles post-consumer plastics and fishing nets for interior surfaces that still avoid any recycled quality compromises. Clever small item storage built into doors and lower dash hoard everyday essentials conveniently.

EQS SUV Interior – Sensory Sanctum

  • Five seat layout with optional two captain‘s chairs second row
  • Opulent leather seating with massage/heating/cooling functions
  • Soaring MBUX hyperscreen dash clad in glass/wood/metal
  • Extensive ambient interior lighting channels aircraft first class cabins
  • AR-enhanced 3D navigation integrated into optional head up display
  • Fortifying silence ensured by acoustic foam, double glazed glass, and sealed climate unit

This sanctuary cocoons occupants seemingly in another universe thanks to indulgent seating and a sci-fi spaceship cockit transforming expectations. Clever use of sustainable eucalyptus wood, crystal glass, and recycled plastics maintain eco-standards.

Which environment suits your personality? The R1S delights the outdoor enthusiast crowd with functionality, while the EQS‘s soothing spaceship aesthetic entrances luxury hound buyers.

Both vehicles excel at their diverging interpretations of luxury thanks high build quality and painstaking details from two young automakers with much to prove. But your interior priority remains highly personal between utility and indulgence.

Real World Ownership & Driving Impressions

Spec sheets and press photos only reveal part of any vehicle‘s story. Weighing actual owner experiences and expert tester first drives proves pivotal. How have these headline-grabbing electric SUV newcomers actually performed since reaching public roads?

Rivian R1S Owners Highlights:

  • Smooth comfortable ride yet tackle dirt roads with ease
  • Quick throttle response makes quick work of fast highway merges
  • Gear tunnel "frunk" and storage solutions impress with utility
  • Up to 316 mile max range handily road trips between charges
  • R1S draws crowds of curious onlookers wherever driven

While only several thousand have reached eager Rivian early buyers so far, already the R1S earns high marks for delivering great range, off-road talent setting it apart from other SUVs electric or otherwise. Early software has needed polish, but frequent OTA updates tweak things rapidly. With every sighting sparking EV fan curiosity given its standout looks, going viral comes standard!

Mercedes EQS SUV Expert Impressions

  • Otherworldly cockpit environment unlike any luxury vehicle
  • Effortless torque thrusts vehicle forward with hushed authority
  • Foating Hyperscreen interface creates clean, radical user experience
  • Impressive estimated range of 300+ miles during road test preview
  • Handling feels more athletic than internal combustion Mercedes SUVflagships

Automotive media lucky enough to gain early access to the EQS SUV come away wowed by its spaceship cabin feeling decades ahead of competitors. The synthetic sounds programmed to emulate traditional engine notes during acceleration prove divisive among critics – but reinforce the vehicle‘s mission to coddle passengers not appease bystanders. Early range estimates match real-world ratings as well during brief test drives.

Both manufacturers still have plenty to prove transforming themselves into durable long term EV mass production powerhouses after such auspicious starts. But clearly the R1S and EQS SUV showcase how luxury and electric blend beautifully already while pointing toward the automotive industry‘s zero emission future.

So whichboundary pushing electric luxury SUV best fits your life? That depends…

Which Electric Adventuremobile Suits You Best?

If you yearn most for confident long distance cruising across states powering national park adventures, the R1S‘s 300+ mile range, DC fast charging, and long trip comfort edge out the EQS. Go Rivian!

For prioritizing prestiguous styling wowing country club crowds and pampering yourself through daily driving, the sensory immersion of the EQS SUV can‘t be topped. Embrace Mercedes eLuxury!

Seeking the ultimate flexible family hauler for roadtrips or home improvement store runs, the clever storage packed R1S embraces function. Its roomy cabin and gear tunnel swallow your lifestyle. The adventure wagon calls!

But performance matters most, so blistering 0-60 mph times, instant torque, and muscular presence of the R1S makeAccelerating into the sustainability age excites your inner speed demon.

Either vehicle paves new ground as electric pioneers melding cutting edge capability with conscience. Both the 2023 Rivian R1S and 2024 Mercedes EQS SUV represent milestones visions of the battery-powered future luxury.

I hope illuminating their key athletic, aesthetic and amenity strengths as well as needed maturation has sparked greater confidence about which aspirational electric SUV properly fits your expectations today and in 5 years hence. Feel free to reach out if any other questions arise!


~Your EV Analyst~

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