Welcome to Tennessee‘s Thriving Tech Hub

Have you heard the news? Tennessee has become one of America‘s top destinations for the biggest names in technology. Global giants like Amazon and Dell along with rising local stars such as Asurion and Eventbrite are choosing to call Tennessee home.

What is drawing these industry titans to the Volunteer State? For starters, Tennessee offers technology companies a business-friendly environment full of advantages:

  • Lower Operating Costs – With no state income tax and affordable real estate, Tennessee boasts operational costs 15% below the national average. This translates into bigger margins and competitive capability for tech firms.

  • Strategic Location – Situated within a day‘s drive of 2/3 of the U.S. population, Tennessee provides technology companies with rapid access to markets and talent.

  • High Quality of Life – From vibrant cities like Nashville and Knoxville to scenic natural wonders, Tennessee offers technology workers an enviable work-life balance.

These compelling factors and more have fueled explosive growth within Tennessee‘s tech sector. Let‘s explore the 10 largest technology companies powering innovation in this emerging regional leader:

10. Concept Technology, Inc.

Founded in 2003 by a team of IT professionals, Concept Technology set out to give small and mid-sized Tennessee businesses an alternative to poor-quality break-fix providers. Their managed IT services focus on strategic technology optimization rather than just patching problems.

"Too many Tennessee companies were suffering from outdated systems, insufficient security and constant downtime," explains Wesley Smith, Concept Technology‘s CEO. "We believed properly-managed IT infrastructure should empower growing businesses, not restrict them."

To achieve this vision, Concept Technology offers 24/7 monitoring, help desk support and IT consulting scaled to each client‘s needs. Their growing suite of solutions includes data protection, cloud infrastructure, VoIP and more.

Headquartered in Nashville with additional offices in Knoxville and Chattanooga, Concept Technology‘s business model has resonated. The company saw 25% revenue growth last year eclipsing $160,000 while amassing over 110 regional customers.

Building upon this momentum, founder Wesley Smith recently unveiled plans to double Concept Technology‘s technical team over the next three years. "The pandemic proved just how vital technology and support are for modern companies," he explains. "We need to match this soaring demand."

If Concept Technology sticks to their strategic roadmap, they seem poised for continued success as one of Tennessee‘s leading pure-play IT services firms.

9. StudioNOW

StudioNOW founder David Mason moved from Los Angeles to Nashville in 2007 with dreams of melding Music City‘s creative culture with internet video production. He saw a need for Ad Tech helping brands navigate the rapidly-evolving world of online content and advertising.

"Nashville is brimming with world-class artists and storytellers," David told the Nashville Technology Council. "I wanted to bridge these talents with major publishers and advertisers hungry for digital media capabilities."

He founded StudioNOW as a boutique content studio serving this vision of connectivity. The company quickly aligned with publishing powerhouse AOL to amplifier their early video campaigns.

As social and streaming boomed over the following decade, StudioNOW kept pace by expanding services:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Video Production
  • Custom Graphics & Animation
  • SEO & Email Marketing

They also grew the team to over 30 talented designers, developers and cultivators. StudioNOW further embedded into Nashville‘s tech ecosystem via partnerships with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, 36|86 Festival and local startups.

David Mason‘s initial vision proved prescient. In 2022, StudioNOW expects to generate nearly $1 million in revenue helping national brands evolve multi-channel digital marketing strategies from their Nashville headquarters.

8. Clarishealth

Seeing firsthand administrative dysfunction within American healthcare systems, a team of former HCA healthcare managers founded Clarishealth in 2013. Their mission revolved around alleviating technology pain points for hospitals, clinics and patients alike.

"We spent millions implementing cumbersome platforms that never quite delivered on expectations," recalls CEO Dean Stephens. "It became obvious the industry needed flexible tools purpose-built for the realities of modern care."

That revelation sparked Clarishealth‘s unique API-based approach. Rather than bulky all-in-one systems, they designed modular software allowing providers to tackle specific organizational challenges:

  • Patient Management – Registration, scheduling and referral coordination
  • Clinical Quality – Secure health data sharing across care teams
  • Staff Workflows – Automated forms, alerts and documentation
  • Reporting & Analytics – Insights from EHR data analysis

This platform approach provides scalable and customizable infrastructure without disrupting best-of-breed solutions already in place.

Based in Brentwood just south of Nashville, Clarishealth has seen rapid adoption over the past nine years. The company is on pace to drive 2022 revenue past $9 million while continuing to evolve healthcare technology.

7. Axial Healthcare

Axial Healthcare‘s founding team also identified critical shortcomings within modern medical systems. Wrestling firsthand with digitization challenges during the 2000s, Axial‘s founders envisioned intelligent software capable of extracting insights from disjointed healthcare data.

"We needed to translate complex information into action for physicians, administrators and patients alike," recalls CEO Paul Brient. "The technologies were there, but lack of integration and intelligence created analysis paralysis."

Launching from Nashville in 2011, Axial designed systems to aggregate data, drive standardization and guide decision-making:

  • Efficient Workflows – Integrated order sets and embedded decision support
  • Effective Reporting – Graphical performance insights from structured data
  • Predictive Analytics – Machine learning pattern recognition

Axial now offers specialized solutions for healthcare subsectors like cardiology, home health and payor analytics. Their software integrates with most major EHR, RCM and LIS systems.

Run by Nashville technology veterans, Axial expects revenues to cross $10 million during 2022. With tailwinds from regulatory changes and continued IT modernization, the company seems poised for strong growth supporting hospitals across America extract value from their data.

6. Campaign Monitor

Founded in Sydney, Australia during 2004, Campaign Monitor produces email marketing automation software utilized by over 250,000 companies globally. Their platform empowers marketers to create targeted campaigns, define customer journeys and track performance.

Seeing growing traction from North American SMBs and enterprises, Campaign Monitor recently chose bustling Nashville for their Americas headquarters.

"Nashville signaled everything we want in a U.S. home – unconventional creativity, fearless growth and human-first values," says CMO Andrea Landry. "Plus, barbeque!"

Beyond juicy Nashville hospitality, Campaign Monitor looks to be further fueled by market momentum. Overall, the company expects 2022 revenue growth exceeding 20% driving top-line performance past $33 million.

As email marketing share increases against social and search channels, tools simplifying complex segmentation and compliance offer strong appeal. Campaign Monitor seems ready to keep growing by making e-campaigns accessible for organizations of all sizes and maturity.

5. SyndicateGO

While historically focused on agriculture and manufacturing, Tennessee has recently cultivated an unexpected specialty – ecommerce. Spurred by logistical advantages, retail giants like FedEx, Amazon and Walmart have established massive distribution infrastructure across the state.

Seeing this trend, Nashville-based SyndicateGO anticipated explode demand for software managing increasingly complex order fulfillment operations. Established in 2015, their platform helps retailers track inventory, process orders, optimize shipments and accept payments through integrated APIs.

"We want to empower best-of-breed ecommerce solutions already proven for specific needs – CRM, CMS, marketing automation, ERP," explains CEO Michael Meehan. "Our software stitches these together for unified commerce."

This platform approach has resonated with leading D2C brands struggling to scale order fulfillment. SyndicateGO partners with clients during rapid growth phases with highly-configurable solutions fine-tuned through an on-staff solutions architect.

They also embed directly in the Tennessee startup community as sponsors of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, 36|86 Festival and startup mentorship initiatives. SyndicateGO‘s ongoing hometown support seems likely to continue as their own revenue scales past $250 million this year.

4. Asurion

When paying thousands of dollars for devices central to both work and home life, no one welcomes the prospect of cracked screens or water damage. Seeing this underlying consumer anxiety, Nashville-based Asurion has built a multi-billion dollar empire helping people protect gadget investments.

Founded in 1994 to insure mobile phones, Asurion now offers comprehensive product protection including damage repair, technical support, enhanced warranties and proactive device monitoring. Their portfolio has expanded to cover smart home systems, appliances, TVs, headphones and nearly any other gadget selling for over $200.

Powering this support ecosystem, Asurion leverages three key strengths:

  • Logistics Network – With 300+ repair facilities including 5 in Tennessee, Asurion can quickly dispatch or ship replacement phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Talent Pool – Their 20,000+ global tech support agents and product experts guide consumers through everything from initial setup to filing claims.
  • Risk Modeling – Three decades insuring tens of millions of devices provides Asurion an ocean of actuarial data ensuring profitable policies.

This massive operating machine drives over $4.6 billion in annual revenue – making Asurion one of the largest technology companies in Tennessee. With people only growing more reliant on things requiring wall plugs, Asurion expects the future remains highly charged.

3. Microsoft

When listing the world‘s essential enterprise technologies, Microsoft‘s portfolio leaps immediately to mind – Windows, Microsoft 365, Azure and so much more.

Originally founded in 1975, the Seattle software pioneer now employs over 4,000 Tennesseans developing products we all use daily. Beyond operating some of tech‘s most lucrative franchises, Microsoft also focuses improving regional education and quality of life.

Recent efforts include:

  • Sponsoring the Nashville Software School to develop local tech talent
  • Providing productivity tools to Tennessee schools and governments through programs like Microsoft 365 for Education
  • Supporting environmental initiatives across Tennessee via solar installations and pollution reduction partnerships

Of course, it‘s product sales fueling Microsoft‘s staggering value near $2 trillion – making it one of the world‘s largest public companies. From smartphones and laptops to server rooms and game consoles, Microsoft software still provides the building blocks powering Tennessee‘s technology infrastructure.

And with hybrid work growing 30% annually since COVID, Microsoft stands ready to enable secure collaboration however we get work done. Over $200 billion in 2022 revenues suggest they‘ve built effective tools.

2. Google

As Tennessee converges into a technology epicenter, search giant Google continues growing roots across the state:

  • Google‘s Clarksville Data Center – This $600 million cloud infrastructure hub opened in 2019, creating 200 local jobs. The facility spans 1 million square feet.
  • Havana Submarine Cable – This 2020 undersea cable investment connects Europe to the United States with a Tennessee endpoint bolstering network backbone capacity.
  • Ongoing Digital Inclusion Efforts – Google offers digital skills programs for adults through libraries and community colleges across Tennessee. This helps narrow the digital divide.
  • Google for Education – Many Tennessee schools leverage Google‘s free productivity tools like Gmail, Drive and Classroom to enhance instruction and communication.

Core search and advertising naturally continue fueling the internet juggernaut. Google‘s parent company Alphabet reported over $250 billion in revenue during 2021 accounting for its roughly $2 trillion market capitalization.

As Google Moonshots like autonomous vehicles, smart glasses and artificial intelligence progress from research toward reality, Tennessee seems likely to play an ongoing role hosting both infrastructure and talent to support Google‘s next chapter.

1. Amazon

What happens when a former Tennessee farm transforms into a package sorting hub for one of the world‘s most prolific online retailers? Jobs happen – and plenty of them.

Just ask Lebanon, Tennessee. In 2021, retail giant Amazon opened a new 855,000 square foot fulfillment center outside Nashville. The operation expects to employ 1,000 locals managing shipping logistics.

It‘s a drop in the bucket for Amazon. Within fast-growing Tennessee, the e-commerce behemoth already operates over 20 facilities including sorting centers, warehouses and Prime Air shipping hubs.

Tennessee‘s overnight emergence as an Amazon stronghold simply underscores soaring consumer adoption of e-commerce. While Amazon began selling books in 1994 from Jeff Bezos‘ Seattle garage, the company now offers 30+ retail categories shipped within hours almost anywhere via transportation infrastructure spidering the state.

This fulfillment machine propels over $500 billion in annual sales – making Amazon the third largest company on the planet only trailing Saudi Aramco‘s oil production and Apple‘s technological luxury.

Yet in Tennessee, Amazon feels like a hometown hero keeping economic momentum churning. That new Lebanon facility will inject an estimated $65 million annually into rural Wilson County through wages and taxes.

Something tells us Amazon‘s Tennessee takeover is just getting started. Many more jobs seem likely with continuing growth through emerging channels like healthcare technology.

So while New York and Alibaba eye Tennessee‘s technology ascendance with envy, locals can smile knowing these dynamic companies chose their state as the South‘s silicon hub. The future looks bright y‘all!

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