Why You Need Renters Insurance – And Reddit‘s Top Picks

Is your apartment or rental home protected? Renters insurance is a must, covering your belongings for under $15/month on average [1].

It shields you from major costs if items are damaged or stolen. And provides critical liability coverage so you don’t pay out-of-pocket if someone gets injured on your property.

Without renters insurance, you risk paying thousands of dollars to replace stolen goods or cover another‘s medical bills.

But where do you find reliable renters coverage without overpaying?

Real customers suggest starting your search on Reddit. Across threads on personal finance and insurance, over 13,500 Redditors have shared firsthand reviews revealing the best and worst renters insurance companies [2].

Take it from Reddit – these 7 top-rated brands should be on your list.

Key Factors in Choosing Renters Insurance

First, let’s quickly summarize what quality renters insurance provides:

  • Personal property coverage – pays to repair/replace items if stolen or damaged
  • Liability insurance – covers injuries that happen on your property
  • Loss of use – pays for living expenses if you must move out temporarily
  • Medical payments – covers medical bills for guests hurt on property

When picking renters insurance, users on Reddit highlight four key considerations:


  • Seek policies averaging $15 per month or less [1]
  • Look for opportunities to bundle with auto or life insurance


  • Ensure your valuables and liability risks are covered
  • Review policy documents closely


  • Multi-policy bundles (like renters + auto) offer the highest savings
  • Score discounts for paying annually, going paperless, or taking safety precautions

Customer Service

  • Read reviews to gauge claims process, responsiveness and care

Keeping these criteria top-of-mind, let‘s explore renters insurance options earning recognition on Reddit.

Reddit‘s 7 Most Recommended Providers

CompanyStarting PremiumHighlightsRating [3]
Lemonade$5+/monthSuper fast claims via AI bot, advanced tech featuresA+
USAA$10+/monthOnly for military. Bundling discounts available.A+
State Farm$15+/monthLocal agent support, ranked highly for claims processA+
AAA$10+/monthBundles with AAA auto insurance availableA
Travelers$12+/monthBroad coverage options, highly rated by J.D. PowerA
Liberty Mutual$5+/monthLots of discounts for bundling other policiesB+
Nationwide$15+/monthAbove-average customer service marksB+

Below we’ll explore highlights, policies, and real customer feedback on each top provider:


This newcomer disrupts the insurance scene with ultra-efficient signups and claims powered by AI bots and data analytics. Customers rave over the advanced, hassle-free experience:

“I cannot overstate how easy Lemonade made the entire claims process. Filing took less than 10 minutes total…Magic.”


  • $5+ monthly payments
  • Claims approved in ~3 minutes
  • Policies include personal property, liability
  • Top rating on Clearsurance [4]

Lemonade sets the gold standard for convenience while maintaining competitive rates.


Exclusively serving military members, USAA earns praise across Reddit for seamless service and long-term savings when bundling renters with auto policies.

"I‘ve had nothing but good experiences with USAA for 20+ years now…They make everything really easy."


  • For veterans, military members and their families
  • Average $12/month
  • Up to 15% off bundled policies
  • 97% customer satisfaction rating [5]

If you qualify based on military affiliation, USAA should top your list.

State Farm

Backed by nearly 100 years of experience, State Farm satisfies customers with quality coverage and localized agent support.

"I‘ve had State Farm my whole life. Great service, easy to make changes, and good prices."


  • Average $15/month
  • 17% discount when bundling home + auto
  • Highly rated claims process
  • Over 19,000 local agents nationwide [6]

Turn to State Farm for seamless support guided by someone in your community.


The iconic automobile club extends its expertise to renters policies focused on affordability and ease.

"Got AAA bundle insurance for car/renters. Super easy to set up and very affordable."


  • Starts around $10/month
  • 15% off when adding to AAA auto policy
  • Coverage includes liability, personal property, loss of use and medical payments

Bundle with existing AAA membership for ultimate savings.


In business for over 160 years, Travelers is a leading national carrier with breadth of packages and protection.

"Been with Travelers for 15+ years. Always helpful when I needed to file claim."


  • Starts approximately $12 per month
  • Highest score in J.D. Power claims satisfaction study [7]
  • Policies include water & fire damage, theft, liability
  • Online chat, virtual assistant and app for simplified support

Look to Travelers for peace of mind from an insurer who goes above and beyond.

Liberty Mutual

Known for abundance of discounts, Liberty Mutual offers a lowest-price guarantee. The coverage satisfies Redditors seeking a bargain.

"Liberty Mutual was half the cost of big name companies for same coverage."


  • Start at $5 per month
  • Expert recommendations include personal property, liability, and loss of use protections
  • Lots of ways to save, especially with multi-policy bundles
  • Digital tools for simplified management

Liberty Mutual meets essential needs at the cheapest rates.


With nearly 90 years of experience under its belt, this large national insurer wins approval thanks to quality customer service.

"Always received great service from Nationwide."


  • Starts approximately $15/month
  • Policies include typical protections plus identity theft resolution
  • Claims process earns high remarks [8]
  • Over 90% customer retention year-over-year [9]

Rely on Nationwide‘s award-winning support team for your renters policy needs.

How to Choose the Best Renters Insurance Provider

While every renter‘s situation is unique, Reddit threads reveal universal favorites for responsiveness, affordability and protection.

The best option for you depends on:

  • Where you live
  • Policy limits needed
  • Discounts that apply to your situation

As you evaluate renters insurance companies:

✔️ Get quotes from highly-rated options

✔️ Compare coverage and price points side-by-side

✔️ Read reviews and testimonials to confirm quality support

Utilize Reddit for unfiltered feedback combined with your own research. And protect what matters most with peace of mind starting under $15/month [1].


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