Hey, Wait – Hear Me Out on 9 Great Reasons to Choose the Volkswagen ID.4 Electric SUV

If you‘re shopping electric SUVs, hold up a moment before rushing off to test drive the latest and greatest EV newcomers. The excellent 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 deserves your full attention first thanks to an enticing blend of practicality, value and forward-looking technology in a pleasing, non-polarizing package.

Below I‘ll walk you through nine compelling factors that make the Volkswagen ID.4 a top mainstream electric SUV contender. I promise an insightful 13 minute read that may just reveal the ID.4 as the perfect fit for your needs and budget over the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Tesla Model Y.

Here‘s a Quick Snapshot of Volkswagen ID.4 Essentials

Before diving in, let‘s ground ourselves on key ID.4 particulars:

  • Base MSRP Starts At: $38,995
  • Battery Sizes Available: 62 kWh (RWD) or 82 kWh (RWD & AWD)
  • Max EPA Range: 275 miles (RWD models)
  • 0-60 MPH Acceleration: 5.7 seconds (AWD)
  • Max Charging Rate: 125 kW (10 min session adds ~60 miles)
  • Charging Time: 10-80% in 36 minutes (at 125 kW DC fast charger)
  • Seating Capacity: 5 passengers
  • Cargo Volume: 30.3 cubic ft behind rear seats
  • Towing Capacity: 2,200 lbs properly equipped
  • Available All-Wheel Drive: Yes (multiple AWD models offered)
  • Advanced Safety Features: Standard adaptive cruise, auto emergency braking, blind spot monitoring & more

Let‘s explore why those specifications paired with Volkswagen‘s thoughtful packaging and positioning make the ID.4 a savvy electric SUV pick over rivals.

1. Packed With Cutting-Edge Driver Assistance & Safety Tech

The entire 2023 VW ID.4 lineup comes standard equipped with "IQ Drive", an expansive suite of advanced driving aids and active safety technology. What‘s included in IQ Drive, you ask? I‘m glad you asked!

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Automatic speed adjustment maintains set distance from lead car. Includes stop & go function.
  • Lane Keeping System – Detects lane drift, provides steering input to stay centered.
  • Blind Spot Monitor – Alerts for hard-to-see zones beside and behind the vehicle.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert – Warns of approaching perpendicular traffic when reversing. Auto braking available.
  • Forward Collision Warning – Signals if closing too quickly on slowed traffic.
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking – Brakes automatically to prevent/mitigate frontal crashes.
  • Pedestrian Monitoring – Recognizes pedestrians in danger zone ahead.

Reviewers praise how comprehensive and seamless this system operates in preventing accidents. Having every ID.4 equipped standard with a robust safety suite typically costing upwards of $1,500 makes the lineup even more compelling. These aids instill driving confidence while mitigating crash risks – two vital facets of any family vehicle purchase.

By the numbers: ID.4 safety systems help avoid or reduce severity in 53% of accidents per NHTSA data.

2. Federal EV Tax Credit Cuts Starting Price to Around $32,000

Walk into the VW showroom today and chat up the ID.4. Thanks to extended electric vehicle tax credit eligibility, you can capitalize on the maximum $7,500 incentive knocking cost of entry down to about $32,000 plus fees/taxes. Cost of ownership models show TCO parity with compact gas crossovers by year five even without the credit factored in.

With Volkswagen‘s recent reversal of expected subsidy phase-out, the stars align for ID.4 purchases to net you bonus tax refund cash for the foreseeable future. Sweet!

Estimated 5 Year Total Cost ID.4 Ownership

Vehicle Purchase Price$38,995
Federal Tax Credit-$7,500
Effective Net Cost After Credit$31,495
Electricity (Charging)$2,700
Total 5 Year Ownership Cost$41,595

For the money, you secure an exceptionally well-equipped electric crossover underway to age-related depreciation typical of EVs. If suburban living with occasionally adventures to the countryside or mountains suits your lifestyle, this proposition deserves some spreadsheet pencil pushing!

3. Familiar Styling Broadens Mainstream Appeal

You likely crave modern tech but remain on the fence about radical or edgy vehicle aesthetics. No worries – Volkswagen walks that line with care via familiar crossover proportions with just enough eye candy like full LED lighting, a neon light bar up front, crisp body lines and unique wheel options.

KBB says it blends style and substance artfully to broaden appeal beyond early tech adopter circles. Attainable entry pricing further drives that mainstream accessibility. If chasing the neighbors‘ approval means something to you, ID.4 checks that box too.

4. Slashing Fuel Costs Conserves Cash

We all agree energy costs constantly in flux grate the nerves. While far from free, powering up your ID.4 guarantees insulation from rollercoaster gas prices. I crunched some numbers using my local electric rates that you may find handy:

  • EPA Combined Range: 104 MPGe
  • 15,000 Annual Miles Mixed City/Highway Driving
  • kWh Used Per Year (~14,400 kWh)
  • Electricity Rate $0.13 per kWh

Annual ‘Filling‘ Cost = ~$1,875

Contrast that with an SUV like the Honda CR-V averaging 30 combined MPG at today‘s $3.50/gallon for an idea of savings potential.

Annual Gasoline Cost = ~$1,750

I don‘t know about you, but an extra $125 annually to never visit another gas pump feels reasonable to me! As electricity needs grow over a decade plus of ownership, smart ID.4 charging habits leverage nightly off-peak rates keeping costs down.

5. 275 Miles Range & 30 Minute Rapid Charging Enable Carefree Road Tripping

Lots of affordable electric crossovers now drive 200-250 miles on a full charge. Impressive, but anxiety still creeps in when route planning around charger locations. Volkswagen sets itself apart by combining 275 max miles range RWD models with brilliant rapid charging.

10 minutes plugged into a 125 kW DC fast charger adds about 60 miles range. 30 minutes translates to ~140 miles charging – ample range to quell most range anxiety in a half hour pitstop.

Reviewers praise the ID.4‘s thermal management and battery conditioning for maintaining max charging speed through multiple sessions. No slow tapering charging curses common among early EVs here! This exemplifies Volkswagen‘s attention to user-friendly road trip details distinguishing the ID.4 from other mainstream options.

Home charging requires more patience given a maximum 11 kW onboard AC charger. Figure on a 0-100% charge in about 8 hours using 240v equipment. Handy scheduling through the VW app makes for simplified overnight planning.

ID.4 Charging Specifications

Charger TypeMiles Range Added (Est)Charging Time
240V Home Charger (11 kW)45 Miles8 Hours
Public DC Fast Charger (125 kW)140 Miles30 Minutes

6. Intuitive Voice Controls, Lighting & "Ready To Drive" Functions Enhance Usability

Beyond travels, living with the ID.4 proves exceptionally convenient thanks to clever usability touches tailored for the electric mobility era. Multi-color ambient lighting greets your approach, doors unlock automatically reaching the handle, and vehicle controls energize instantly upon entry thanks to a unique Ready To Drive function.

This preps the motor, electronics, climate control and more when you open the door rather than after pressing an ignition button like gas cars. Silently glide off with just a foot on the brake – no delay. Super slick!

Digitize cabin controls via Volkswagen‘s excellent "Hello ID" conversational voice assistant. Use natural phrases to change temperatures, cue navigation, dictate texts and calls hands-free, even integrate smart home controls like your Nest thermostat.

Reviewers praise the artful blend of physical switchgear and next-gen voice/touch interfaces in the ID.4. No need to memorize Tesla-esque touchscreen menus plaguing certain rivals!

7. Diverse Trim & Configuration Options Under $60,000

The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 family serves up choices galore with eight variants spanning two powertrain types at price points reaching from $39,000 on up to $58,000. Available configurations include:

Rear Wheel Drive

  • ID.4 – $39,995 Starting MSRP
  • ID.4 Pro – Upgraded wheels, glass roof, heated rear seats
  • ID.4 Pro S – Adds 12" display, tri-zone climate control
  • ID.4 Pro S Plus – Range-topper with massaging seats

All Wheel Drive

  • ID.4 AWD – $44,970 Starting MSRP
  • ID.4 AWD Pro
  • ID.4 AWD Pro S
  • ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus

Such diverse selections make finding the ideal blend of performance, technology, seating, and amenities a breeze regardless of budget. Prices align nicely with compact SUVs while technology, range and standard features meet or beat luxury makes. Well played yet again, Volkswagen!

8. A Supremely Spacious & Comfy Family Vehicle

If you‘re carting kids between school, sports, playdates and more (plus eager dogs along for every ride), take comfort from copious passenger room and cargo capacity. The ID.4 remains dimensionally akin to gasoline-powered compact utes easing 3 car seats across the rear bench.

  • Cabin Headroom: 41.1 inches (front & rear)
  • Cabin Hip Room: 53.6 inches (front) & 51.9 inches (rear)
  • Rear Legroom: 37.6 inches

Load everyone up and there still remains 30.3 cubic feet hauling room behind the rear seatback – on par with a Honda CR-V. Remember that 2,200 pound tow rating on AWD models too for small camping trailers or watercraft.

As a bonus over gas counterparts, hushed electric motivation provides sanctuary from exhaust drones and engine noise once lulling your cranky toddler to sleep. Prioritize peace in the cabin during family hauling duties!

9. Upscale Features Included Others Nickel & Dime For

I dig appreciable value beyond mere affordability. The ID.4 philosophy shines here by baking sought amenities like a power liftgate, heated seats and steering wheel, navigation, premium audio options and a wireless device charger into most trims. At the very least, expect baseline ID.4s equipped similarly to gas compact SUVs listing for thousands more. Again, smart given the ID.4‘s philosophical mission to convert fossil fuel fans.

Nagging annoyances often accompany economical EVs as brands pare content to hit entry prices around $30,000. Doing so risks alienating value-focused shoppers hesitant towards EVs lacking familiar creature comforts. Volkswagen artfully avoids this trap even on base versions.

Across these nine insightful points, compelling reasons to choose Volkswagen‘s excellent ID.4 electric SUV over rivals surface repeatedly. Approachable entry pricing, abundant safety technologies and road trip capabilities build the case further.

I encourage taking an open-minded test drive to experience clever Volkswagen touches easing the transition to electric. The ID.4 earns its place among top electric SUV recommendations as a smart, stylish choice ready to handle everything modern life throws your direction.

Many thanks for hearing my pitch! I‘m confident a Volkswagen ID.4 lands on your shopping list after thoughtful consideration. Feel free to drop any other questions my way. I‘m always happy to chat EVs and help simplify the transition.

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