How to Stream Netflix on Discord in 5 Steps

Have you ever wanted to recreate those fun movie nights with all your friends lounging around the living room? Well now you can virtually get the gang together to stream Netflix using Discord‘s awesome screen sharing features.

In this post, I‘ll guide you step-by-step on how to broadcast Netflix directly into a Discord voice channel. So cozy up with your BFFs and let‘s dive in!

Why Stream Netflix on Discord?

Before we get to the how-to, let‘s look at why you‘d want to use Discord as your Netflix portal…

Hang Out Remotely

Obviously during quarantine times, in-person hangouts come with complications. But Discord allows you to simulate the experience by:

  • Joining a voice channel together
  • Streaming video
  • Chatting via text, voice, and even video cam

It‘s the next best thing to actually invading your friend‘s couch!

Share Reactions in Real-Time

Unlike streaming services which only have simple emoji reactions, Discord gives you a chat window to share your thoughts throughout the show. Or scream about that plot twist as it happens!

No Account Sharing Needed

Many folks share Netflix passwords to allow viewing between different households. But with Discord, only the streamer needs an account – everyone else just joins your voice channel and watches your shared screen.

Alright, now that you know the awesome benefits…let‘s make it happen!

Step 1: Join a Voice Channel in Discord

First up, you‘ll need to…

Launch the Discord Desktop App:

  • Click the colorful Discord icon in your system tray or start menu
  • Sign into your account if you aren‘t already

Choose or Create a Server:

  • You can stream Netflix from any server you have access to
  • Or make one just for your viewing crew!

Join the Voice Channel:

  • Double click or select "Join Channel" next to the desired room

Here‘s how that looks:

Browse discord servers and join a voice channel

Joining the voice channel rather than just text chat allows you to not only stream video, but also chat in real time over voice.

Think of it like conference calling while watching Netflix!

Step 2: Cue Up Netflix

Now it‘s time to decide what to watch!

In your browser or the Netflix app, browse around to a show or movie you want to share. Some good co-viewing options:

  • Newly released movies
  • Buzzy TV shows everyone‘s talking about
  • Nostalgic throwbacks you quoted as kids
  • Trashy reality shows that are somehow addictive

Find something to watch on Netflix

Once you‘ve picked something, get it ready to play but don‘t hit play yet.

Minimize Netflix for now if running in your browser. We‘ll return here after setting up the Discord stream.


Step 3: Initiate Screen Sharing in Discord

Okay now the magic happens…

Locate the Screen Share Icon

In your Discord server, you‘ll see Voice Channels on the left and Users/Text Channels on the right.

At the very bottom right is a little icon labeled "Share Your Screen":

Share your screen button in Discord

Go ahead and click that bad boy!

Select Netflix to Share

A window will pop up allowing you to choose what to share. Rather than your entire desktop, select the specific Netflix app or browser window.

This keeps your computer free for multitasking while viewers only see Netflix playing smoothly:

Choose Netflix app window

Make sure to toggle on "Share Computer Sound" too so people can actually hear the show!

Step 4: Tweak Settings

Don‘t start the stream just yet – we can make a few adjustments first:

Discord stream settings window

Quality Settings

The resolution and framerate affect clarity versus performance.

Unfortunately only Nitro subscribers can stream over 720p. But 30fps provides smooth streaming for free.


Toggle notifications on if you want people to get a handy dandy popup when you go live.


Handy for checking you‘re sharing to the intended voice channel!

Now crank whatever settings your computer and internet can handle, then say "lights, camera, ACTION!" as you…

Step 5: Go Live and Enjoy!

When you‘re settings are primed for optimum streaming…

Click Go Live

This immediately broadcasts your Netflix window to the voice channel for all to see!

Start Playing Netflix

Whoops don‘t forget to actually hit play now that you‘re live. No pressure as all eyes are on your screen! 👀

Chat About the Show

Your viewers can now react and discuss in real-time as the movie rolls. Almost like mocking cinema screenings from your couch!

Meanwhile, you as the stream owner can sit back and watch Netflix hands-free as Discord broadcasts it independently.

Pretty cool right? It‘s not a 100% perfect replica of physically being together. But it does let you remotely feel that communal viewing sensation!

Bonus Tips for Expert Streaming

Now that you know the basic steps, let‘s level up with some pro tips:

Internet Speed Recommendations

For smooth 720p streaming at 30fps you‘ll want:

  • Download: At least 25 Mbps
  • Upload: Around 5 Mbps

But faster is always better!

Discord Server Region

Try having everyone join servers closest to their physical region for optimum connectivity.

Broadcast Settings Comparison

Perk up your picture quality by upgrading to Nitro‘s higher resolutions and frame rates:

SettingFree UserNitro Subscriber
Max resolution720p1080p60fps
Framerate options30fps60fps
Custom resolutions

Exit Screen Share Gracefully

When you‘re done streaming, hit "Stop Streaming" before closing Discord to avoid any issues.

So there you have it – everything you need for a seamless Netflix viewing sesh on Discord complete with chat reactions! Now you just need the snacks…🍿

Drop any other streaming questions below and enjoy your remote media nights!

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