The 8 Most Popular EVs in Delaware

Electric vehicles (EVs) have rapidly grown in popularity across Delaware over the last few years. Attractive benefits ranging from lower driving costs to accessible charging infrastructure make them well-suited for many drivers in the state. This article analyzes Delaware vehicle registration data to identify the top EV models capturing local consumer interest while assessing what’s driving momentum towards electric transportation statewide.


As of January 2023, Delaware records over 18,000 registered electric vehicles – an over 4X increase from just four years ago. Declining battery prices combined with wider model availability across vehicle segments, expanded public charging networks, and policy incentives collectively accelerate EV adoption. Ease of home charging for 84% of Delaware drivers along with toll discounts, HOV lane access, and ample fast charging stations facilitate routines from daily commuting to regional travel.

Tesla models collectively account for over half of the state’s EV market share thanks to aspirational branding and long driving range. Meanwhile, the Bolt EV and Leaf lead among non-Tesla options, with the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4 gaining ground for their crossover utility. As more automakers commit to electrification, we can expect the EV selection in Delaware to continue expanding with models catering to every lifestyle.

Below we analyze the key factors driving interest in Delaware’s 8 most registered EVs while assessing considerations for prospective owners.

Delaware’s Current Top EVs by Registrations

EV Model% of DE EV Registrations
Tesla Model 326%
Tesla Model Y25%
Chevrolet Bolt EV9%
Nissan Leaf8%
Ford Mustang Mach-E6%
Audi e-tron5%
Volkswagen ID.44%
Tesla Model S4%

Data based on Jan 2023 Delaware vehicle registrations analyzed by Experian. Tesla totals combine Model 3, Model Y, and Model S.

#1 Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 compact sedan dominates as Delaware’s most popular EV, accounting for over one-quarter of statewide registrations. As Tesla’s most affordable model yet with a starting price around $47,000, the rear-wheel drive Model 3 provides up to 358 miles of range, rapid acceleration, high-tech features and ample seating and cargo space. All-wheel drive and high-performance variants add blistering sub-4-second 0-60 mph sprints.

Over-the-air software updates continuously add capabilities from video streaming to gaming, while Tesla’s vast Supercharger network enables long-distance travel throughout Delaware and surrounding regions. Used Model 3 prices hold value remarkably well, while new buyers still qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit. With Tesla expanding regional service centers, we can expect the Model 3 to continue finding widespread appeal among environmentally-conscious Delaware drivers embracing electric mobility.

Tesla Model 3 Key Specs:

  • 358 mile maximum range
  • 3.1 second 0-60 mph time (Performance AWD version)
  • 140 mph top speed (Performance AWD version)
  • 15 inch center touchscreen display
  • $47,000 Starting MSRP

#2 Tesla Model Y

Closely following the Model 3, Tesla’s Model Y compact electric crossover SUV already accounts for 1 in 4 EVs registered in Delaware. Blending the 3’s technology with flexible utility for growing families, the Model Y adds optional third-row seating and even more cargo room while matching the acceleration and range.

Ride height and seating position resemble a crossover, while all-wheel drive versions can confidently tackle light snow thanks to electric motors powering each axle. Modest $3,000 premiums over Model 3 pricing secure impressive passenger and storage flexibility. Software-based features carry over alongside the Supercharger network’s support for long trips.

Tesla Model Y Key Specs:

  • 330 mile maximum range
  • 0-60 mph as quick as 3.5 seconds
  • 76 cu ft maximum cargo space
  • Available 5 or 7 seat configurations
  • $54,000 Starting MSRP

#3 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt EV hatchback earns its place among Delaware’s EV top sellers for its impressive 259 mile range, lively acceleration and affordable pricing from under $27,000 after incentives. Roomy interior dimensions complement the ample range for daily needs or regional trips – the latter aided by growing access to DC fast charging stations.

Recently refreshed models gain modern styling, added tech features and revised interior trimmings, though GM’s decision to end production this year limits long-term availability. Used prices remain low for those less concerned with the latest features. Overall value, quality and long range explain the enduring appeal assisting Chevy in shifting consumer perceptions towards electric.

Chevrolet Bolt EV Key Specs:

  • 259 mile EPA-rated range
  • 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds
  • 56 cu ft max cargo capacity
  • Available advanced driver assistance features
  • $26,595 Starting MSRP

#4 Nissan Leaf

Plus electric vehicles have become more and more popular as drivers realize the financial and practical benefits of avoiding rising gas prices by plugging in their cars rather than filling them up at the pump. One of the most popular electric vehicles across the U.S. and right here in Delaware is the humble Nissan Leaf hatchback. Offering a balanced combination of affordability, quality and everyday practicality, the Leaf ranks among America‘s most attainable electric vehicles at under $20K out the door after applying incentives. Here’s a closer look at why so many Delaware drivers went electric with the Nissan Leaf as their gateway into EV ownership.

The appeal starts with value pricing thanks to economical manufacturing techniques honed over decades of high-volume Leaf production abroad. The Leaf may lack compared to pricier rivals but gives budget-focused buyers impressive 150-mile range and livable performance wrapped in conventional compact hatchback packaging.

Easy home charging enables commutes under 50 miles roundtrip, while Level 2 public stations scattered statewide plus DC fast chargers along major highways support trips to Philly or DC when needed. Used prices now start under $15k, though batteries may show degradation; newer models bring 60-100 more daily miles. With Nissan continuing updates and now promising an EV for every vehicle type, the pioneer Leaf secures an enduring space in Delaware thanks to sheer affordability paired with reliability.

Nissan Leaf Key Specs:

  • 215 mile maximum range
  • 7.4 second 0-60 mph time
  • 30 cubic feet cargo capacity
  • Available advanced driver assistance tech
  • $14,000 average used price

Crossover Contenders: Mach-E and ID.4

While Tesla’s high performance and slick tech clearly resonates among Delaware’s EV fans seeking exhilarating sedans or SUVs, models from legacy brands find appeal amongst conventional crossover shoppers craving familiarity. Both the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4 demonstrate automakers can imbue electric powertrains into mainstream packages prized by American families.

The Mach-E in particular channels the Mustang’s heritage through athletic driving dynamics and aggressively-styled coupe silhouette, while practical 4-door dimensions house up to 5 passengers. With standard all-wheel drive plus a large front trunk and fold-flat rear seats, the Mach-E brings everyday versatility to support home life or weekend getaways.

Ford’s growing Blue Oval charging network with 500 kw stations rivals Tesla for long hauls while Mach-E prices align with well-equipped gas rivals. Software updates add functionality over time to keep things fresh. Riding high on the Mustang namesake and Ford’s marketing prowess, the Mach-E wins over skeptics seeking trustee electric transportation.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Key Specs

  • 300 mile maximum range
  • Mid 3 second 0-60 mph time
  • BlueCruise hands-free driving aid
  • 29 cu/ft rear cargo capacity
  • $46,895 Starting MSRP

Volkswagen ID.4 Key Specs

  • 275 mile maximum range
  • 300 HP AWD models capable of mid 6 second 0-60 mph times
  • 33 cu/ft cargo capacity behind rear seats
  • Standard DC fast charging capability
  • $37,495 Starting MSRP

Meanwhile Volkswagen draws EV interest with the ID.4 targeting families needing a little more room for kids or gear over what the Mach-E provides. The ID.4’s clean sheet EV architecture enables superb interior dimensions including sliding rear seats allowing flexible passenger-to-cargo configurations.

With AWD performance models hitting 60 mph in under 7 seconds plus included cold weather amenities, the ID.4 feels better suited for Northeast life over VW’s first EV offering, the compact ID.3 hatchback available overseas. Yet ride quality and cabin materials impress more than straight-line speeds. With a 275 maximum mile range and route planning support through Electrify America’s fast charging network, the ID.4 checks most family EV boxes even if style trails trendsetters.

Premium Offerings: Audi e-tron / Model S

Delaware drivers desiring luxury appointments paired with electrification predominantly turn towards German engineering carrying the Audi badge. The e-tron midsize SUV arrived for 2019 as Audi’s first volume EV, soon joined by the Sportback coupe-like variant. Combining leading edge electric drivetrains with tech-rich, leather-lined interiors, Audi sells a premium emission-free experience befitting the brand’s identity.

While falling short of Tesla’s ranges, the latest 95 kWh Audi e-tron models promise over 200 miles of mixed driving on a charge plus access to fast charging stations able to restore 80 miles of charge in under half an hour. Avantgarde styling carries over trademark Audi design cues for instant curb appeal. Prices spanning from $68,000 to $88,000 reflect premium positioning securing the e-tron’s slot among Delaware’s EV upper crust.

Audi e-tron Key Specs

  • 222 mile EPA range
  • 218 horsepower in base trim
  • 28 cu/ft rear cargo capacity
  • DC fast charging at rates up to 150 kW
  • $68,195 Starting MSRP

The sole luxury sedan cracking Delaware’s top EVs list, Tesla’s Model S helped redefine electric vehicle expectations over the past decade for its technology, performance and panoramic interior design. While the larger Model X SUV sees higher global demand, the Model S continues capturing interest locally amongst EV early adopters not needing to accommodate families.

Extensive manufacturing updates for 2021 equipped the latest Model S versions with aircraft-inspired interiors and game-changing performance potentially topping 200 mph thanks to tri-motor configurations. Such extremes cater towards affluent professionals rather than practical commuters, which explains relatively low Model S registration figures despite Tesla’s otherwise dominant market positioning statewide. Yet no rival combines prestige, luxury appointments and sheer exhilaration like the halo Model S.

Tesla Model S Key Specs:

  • 405 mile maximum range
  • Sub-2 second 0-60 mph times
  • 22 speaker audio and adjustable air suspension
  • 28 cu/ft rear cargo capacity
  • $97,990 Starting MSRP

Further Expansion Ahead

Looking ahead, increasing model diversity across brands hints EV popularity will keep rising statewide. Hyundai, Kia and Subaru plan affordable EV crossovers promising 250+ mile ranges and AWD capabilities likely proving popular amongst Delaware families. Startups like Rivian and Lucid boast impressive debut sedans and SUVs with cutting-edge designs and technology rivalling Tesla, albeit at luxury price points.

Legacy truck makers eye electrifying America’s best-selling vehicles, with Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup demonstrating the concept’s appeal through advanced features and torque dwarfing combustion counterparts. Such trucks face range limitations from extreme battery demands, though outsized profitability ensures automakers have ample motivation to overcome challenges. Within the decade, expect EV alternatives spanning all vehicle categories.

For those in Delaware seeking to embrace personal electric transportation today, the current lineup provides more choice than ever across preferences, capabilities and pricing bounds. Use the overview and model guidance above to identify options suiting your lifestyle needs, then leverage Delaware’s public charging infrastructure and incentives to smoothly transition from gas while reducing environmental impact.

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