Mastering Strikethrough Text in Discord Chats

Discord has rapidly become the go-to platform for over 150 million users looking to connect with text, voice and video. Originally built for gamers, the free app now hosts thriving communities spanning work teams, clubs, friends and more.

Let‘s delve into Discord‘s capabilities, specifically how to format text with the strikethrough option. We‘ll uncover pro tips for lively chats beyond gaming.

The Discord Phenomenon

Since launching in 2015, Discord has quickly risen to dominate digital conversation spaces. It tops competitors like Skype and Slack in voice chat capability while matching text chat and groups.

Some stats on Discord‘s meteoric growth:

  • 150+ million registered users as of 2022
  • 28 million peak concurrent users in early 2022, up from 10 million in 2021
  • Over 150 billion chat messages sent lifetime
  • 5.5 million servers created, many with thousands of active members

What makes Discord so popular across not just gaming but also communities in finance, art, music, sports and education?

Key Discord Features

  • Text chat with emoji reactions, rich formatting and threaded replies
  • Voice chat rooms for conversations and virtual hangouts
  • Video calls with screen sharing for up to 50 people
  • Customizable servers with member roles, permissions and channels
  • Support for chat bots, push notifications and community growth tools

With this versatile toolkit, Discord can adapt to almost any interest group‘s needs.

When to Use Strikethrough Text

Before learning how let‘s consider when strikethrough text is appropriate on Discord. You‘ve likely seen it on other platforms like Twitter too.

The key use case is to:

Indicate text that is out-of-date, irrelevant or should otherwise be considered overwritten or non-applicable.

Some examples are:

  • Strikethrough typos when correcting a previous chat message
  • Mark threads as resolved by strikethrough the original question or issue
  • Hide movie/game spoilers or outdated info by striking through
  • Redact confidential text in public channels that should remain visible

Strikethrough allows communicating an update while keeping the outdated text visible as context. This avoids confusion had you only deleted the text outright.

Compare strikethrough to related formatting options on Discord:

Text FormatWhen To UseExample
BoldEmphasize key words or highlightsCheck this cool news
ItalicsStress or underline words playfullyJust adding some emphasis here
UnderlineHighlight web links or titlesOur latest site HistoryComputers just launched
StrikethroughIndicate overwrite, redact or irrelevant textSorry, meant to say 2023 2022 above

Now let‘s dive into simple steps for enabling strikethrough on your Discord chats!

Step 1: Launch a Discord Chat Window

First, open the Discord app on desktop or mobile. If not logged in already, sign into your account.

Navigate to any server and channel containing an active text chat. This can be a large public channel or a direct message chat.

You will type your message here before formatting part of the text with strikethrough.

Empty discord chat window

Tip: On slow connections, reduce bandwidth load in Settings > Voice & Video to keep chats snappy!

Step 2: Highlight the Target Text

In your chat window, type out a test message. This could be a sentence of lorem ipsum or your own creative wisdom!

When ready, use your mouse to highlight the specific part of the message to apply strikethrough formatting to. This key step triggers a text formatting menu.

On desktop web/app:

Text highlighted using mouse in discord chat

Select using mouse not keyboard shortcuts here. Your platform type alters available formatting.

Pro Tip: Want custom highlight colors? Nitro subscribers can choose under User Settings > Appearance > Highlighted Message Colors!

Step 3: Click the Strikethrough Icon

With your target text selected, look for the horizontal strikethrough line icon in the text formatting popup menu. Hover over then click it to enable strikethrough on the highlighted passage.

The menu appears differently on web vs desktop apps. But search for the icon below on each:

Strikethrough icon in discord text formatting menu

Once activated, the text will show with a prominent strikethrough line. The formatting persists when you send the message in chat for all to see.

Voila, you‘ve officially leveled up your Discord text chat game!

Discord chat message with strikethrough text

Pro Tip: Use CTRL + SHIFT + S as a handy strikethrough keyboard shortcut on Windows/Mac!

Strikethrough Already Sent Messages

What if you want to update a message already posted in a high-traffic Discord channel?

Discord conveniently lets you edit sent messages with new text or formatting like strikethrough.

To do this:

  1. Hover over your existing message and click the triple dot "hamburger" menu
  2. Choose Edit message
  3. Highlight the passage to now strikethrough and click the format icon
  4. Save changes and the updated message with strikethrough will override the previous version!

This way, channel members can view your real-time edits as you clarify or update shared information.

Strikethrough on Mobile

When using Discord on an iPhone, Android or other mobile device, applying custom text formatting works slightly differently.

Rather than a handy pop-up menu, mobile users must manually insert special symbols before and after the target text passage:

~~strikethrough text~~

So encompass the content in double tildes like this. They will disappear on send but format that text passage with a strikethrough visual cue.

This symbol method enables access to formatting even on mobile touch keyboards lacking special buttons.

Pro Tip: Create a custom keyboard Text Replacement to auto-type your most used symbols! On iOS, visit Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

Pro Tips for Clear Chats

Strikethrough is just one trick in Discord‘s powerful text formatting toolbox. Mix fonts, quotes, spoilers and more for lively community discussions or direct talks.

Here are a few professional tips:

  • Use strikethrough to gracefully fix typos and clarify previous messages
  • Always preview formatting before publicly posting
  • Be conservative with multiple styles in one message
  • Ensure accessibility for those using screen readers
  • Establish channel norms and stick to them

Review Discord‘s nifty Markdown Text 101 guide for creative formatting ideas.

Most importantly, double check changes so strikethrough updates are always accurate!

Let Your Personality Shine

Discord brings friends, communities and shared interests together. Mastering the app‘s text chat powers like strikethrough helps your unique personality shine bright in every conversation.

So whether coordinating an esports championship or leading a professional book club, don‘t forget these simple steps:

  1. Open chat on web, desktop or mobile
  2. Highlight text to overwrite
  3. Click the strikethrough icon to reword messages

That‘s the inside track on elevating chats with slick text formatting. Now get out there connecting communities with the power of Discord!

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