How To Schedule Text Messages on Android: The Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to perfectly time sending a birthday message? Save yourself from forgetting to text an important update later when busy? Or send event invites to friends that conveniently appear on their phones right when relevant?

If so, you’re going to love the text scheduling abilities of modern Android phones.

In Android 7.0 Nougat and all later versions, Google introduced the incredibly useful ability to compose text messages in advance and have them sent automatically at specific dates and times.

I’ll show you exactly how to schedule both SMS and MMS messages from your Android device. Whether you want to plan for spotty connectivity, conveniently blast out reminders, or simply craft texts worry-free when not by your phone, this guide has you covered!

What Is SMS Text Scheduling on Android?

Text scheduling allows you to set up messages in the present to be delivered later when you choose. Simply put, it’s like having a personal assistant queue up and send your digital communications for you at predetermined times.

Thanks to this great feature, you can efficiently coordinate complex plans involving multiple people, never forget to send time-sensitive information again, and generally save yourself hassle down the road.

Scheduled messaging works on any Android phone or tablet running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher. So as long as your device is relatively modern and keeps up to date automatically, you likely have access already.

Additionally, your device will automatically attempt redelivery if not connected to mobile data or WiFi around the intended send time. This helps ensure your important scheduled texts still reach the recipient reliably.

Now let’s explore why prescheduling texts on Android can improve your life before getting into the easy how-to steps!

Why Schedule Text Messages on Your Android Phone?

Here are three excellent reasons you should be using preset scheduled messaging from your Android device:

Coordinate Group Plans Perfectly

Trying to organize a group outing, dinner, event, or meeting over text? Scheduling message delivery ahead of time lets you blast instructions, locations, and reminders so everyone receives the details simultaneously.

No more confusing reply chains or people feeling left out of the loop!

Never Forget Important Occasions

Are there friends, family or colleagues whose birthdays, anniversaries or other milestones you always feel terrible about missing?

Preset reminders to be delivered right on these special dates so you never forget a congratulations text again! No more last minute scrambles.

Send Time-Sensitive Updates

Have some news or information you need to pass along but know you’ll be away from your phone during key periods?

Schedule delivery of these text updates during windows you expect to have connectivity and free time to respond. No more worrying about forgetting vital messages for people expecting them!

With personas use cases in mind, let’s get hands-on with how to preset future text deliveries from your Android phone step-by-easy-step.

Step 1 – Open the Android Messages App

Scheduled SMS and MMS messaging relies specifically on the pre-installed Messages app, not third party options. So first, gain access to Android‘s native texting interface:

  • Tap the standard Messages icon on your home screen, app drawer or navigation tray. This launches the app.
  • Alternatively, pull down from the top and search for "Messages" then select it.

You‘ll now be viewing your full message threads inbox. Next we‘ll start composing a new message.

Step 2 – Select Your Message‘s Recipient

Now that you have the native texting app open, it‘s time to specify who will receive the scheduled message:

  • Tap the floating pencil button in the lower right corner to start a new message.
  • Start entering the name, number or email of your desired recipient contact.
  • Select them from the suggested contacts list when their profile appears.

You‘ll switch to a private messaging window specifically with this person, ready for you to create a scheduled text.

Note: You can include single contacts, existing group chats, or create new group distributions to receive your scheduled blast!

Step 3 – Craft Your Message for Delayed Sending

With your desired texting recipient or group selected, you can now compose the content of the message you eventually want delivered automatically.

Keep in mind SMS texts have a 160 character limit. For longer content, use MMS messaging instead.

  • Use your on-screen keyboard to enter your text as normal. Feel free to include emoji, images, videos and more!
  • Spell check your message and make any edits needed. You likely won‘t preview this again before scheduled delivery.

When you‘re happy with your text message content, get ready to choose the perfect future sending time and date!

Step 4 – Pick Your Schedule Message Delivery Details

Here comes the fun part – scheduling when your drafted text message will be pushed automatically to your chosen recipients.

  • Long press and hold your finger on the send button (the upward arrow). After a second, a popup will appear.
  • Tap "Schedule message" to open the delivery date/time selector.

You‘ll see some common presets like "Tomorrow" or "Next week." Tap the calendar icon to pick a specific date and time.

  • Toggle between scrolling through dates and hours/minutes to zero in on your desired schedules moment.
  • You can set messages to arrive in the next minute or months later if desired!
  • Hit "Schedule" once you‘ve selected the perfect arrival date and time.

Your message is now queued up and awaiting automated sending!

Step 5 – Confirm Scheduled Delivery Details

You‘ve chosen the recipient, created the message content, and selected the ideal delivery date timing.

Almost done! Just confirm the details:

  • Head back to the message composition window (use back navigation if needed)
  • Tap the upward send arrow again to review the message details.
  • Verify correct recipient, text content, media attachments (if any), and planned automated sending time all look accurate.
  • If any changes are needed, long press and select "Edit" to adjust those elements.
  • Otherwise hit send to lock your scheduled message in place!

And…done! You‘ve just set an SMS or MMS message to go out automatically in the future. Nice work!

Customizing, Editing or Canceling Scheduled Messages

Now that you know how to schedule text messages for later on your Android, here are advanced tips for managing these queued deliveries:

Customize Notification Alerts

Want confidence your pending scheduled messages were successfully sent? Change notification settings so you receive alerts upon delivery.

Long press the queued message, choose "Notifications" and toggle alerts on. You‘ll be updated when your scheduled text gets pushed to recipients.

Edit Message Content or Reschedule Anytime

Find a typo or want to change scheduled delivery to a different date? No worries!

Open your message thread, long press the queued text and tap "Edit." From here you can tweak text content, recipients, attachments or the send date/time. Reschedule at will.

Immediately Cancel Pending Delivery

Decide you no longer want currently queued message to ever be sent? Simply:

  • Open the scheduled message and long press
  • Hit "Cancel" to permanently stop and delete that text before delivery

No more worrying about messages going out incorrectly or no longer relevant!

What If My Android Device Is Off for Scheduled Delivery?

Good question! Thankfully Google architects the scheduled messaging experience anticipating device shutdowns or connectivity loss around your chosen automated send time.

If your phone is powered off entirely, the pending text will be held safely by Android‘s memory up to 14 days. As soon as your phone boots up and gets internet access, delivery will commence.

Additionally, prescheduled messages actively attempt resending for up to 4 days if temporary signal loss prevented their initial push.

So you can breathe easy knowing Android‘s got your back if your device being offline would otherwise cause a no-show of important planned messages!

Comparing SMS Texts vs MMS Messages

Now that you know the ins and outs of scheduling message delivery on Android, let’s clarify a couple quick definitions around texting:

Text TypeCharacter LimitMedia AttachmentsData Usage
SMS160 charactersNone allowedMinimal data
MMSNoneImages, audio, documents etcSmall mobile data

SMS refers to standard text, while MMS allows rich media. Both can be scheduled! Standard texts avoid excessive data usage.

Expert Text Scheduling For Life Made Easier

I don’t know about you, but I can’t begin to tell you how much easier automatic scheduled messaging has made coordination and communication from my Android phone.

No more worrying about forgetting important occasions, leaving people out of the loop, wasting plans, or awkward delivery snafus.

I hope this guide to easily setting up and sending SMS or MMS texts at predetermined times helps free you from texting anxiety as well!

How will you be using Android’s awesome text scheduling to improve connectivity to friends, family, your community and the world? The helpful possibilities are endless – our shared future is bright!

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