Hello There! Here‘s My Guide to the 7 Best Solar Companies in Nebraska

Going solar can save Nebraska homeowners money over time. With electric rates rising and solar incentives still available, now may be the perfect opportunity to make the switch to renewable energy.

In this guide, I‘ll introduce you to the top 7 solar companies servicing Nebraska homeowners. I‘ve researched each installer‘s track record, costs, warranties, and more to provide recommendations you can trust.

Whether you‘re just starting your solar research or are ready to request quotes, read on for insider guidance to solar power in Nebraska.

A Quick Overview of the 7 Recommended Companies

I‘ve compiled key details on the 7 top solar companies in Nebraska into this handy table for easy reference:

CompanyLocationsYears in BusinessServices Offered
ADT SolarStatewide14 yearsSolar panel installation, solar + security packages
GenPro Energy SolutionsOmaha, Lincoln10+ yearsComplete solar systems, EV chargers
Solar OmahaOmaha40 yearsSolar panels, custom agricultural projects
Everlight SolarOmaha Metro5 yearsSolar panels, Generac equipment
Great Plains RenewablesEastern NE, IA7 yearsSolar panels, variety of equipment
GRNE SolarEastern NE, Central IL8 yearsFull solar installations, EV chargers
The Skylight GuysOmaha Metro40+ yearsSolar panels, skylights

Now let‘s get into the details on each company. I‘ll overview what they offer Nebraska homeowners and whether their services could be a fit for your solar goals.

1. One of the Leaders: ADT Solar

With over a decade of solar experience under their belt, ADT Solar has installed systems for over 60,000 customers across 21 states. Their team handles the full process from permitting to panel activation, and their website even has a solar calculator so you can estimate potential energy bill savings.

ADT offers solar panel purchase and installation for roof and ground systems. Unique to their services, you can bundle home security packages alongside solar installation for added savings. Their team uses high-efficiency panels from trusted brands like LG, Panasonic, and REC Solar.

Cost Considerations:
As a large company, ADT Solar can provide very competitive pricing. They offer financing plans from leading solar loan providers, with options like $0 down, fixed rates, and flexible terms. Savings will vary based on your energy use, buthouseholds may save $20,00-$30,000 over the system‘s lifespan.

Warranties & Protection:
You get a 25-year equipment production warranty with your solar purchase, along with 25-year workmanship coverage. This shields you from defects and underperformance concerns for decades after install.


  • 14 years of solar experience
  • Large company with economies of scale
  • Bundle security packages for added value
  • Comprehensive 25-year warranties


  • Customer service quality varies by dealer
  • No leasing or PPA financing available

So in summary, ADT Solar is a great option if you want the brand recognition and affordability of a solar giant. As one of the leaders in home solar nationwide, their experience gives Nebraska homeowners confidence.

2. Local Favorite for Solar Service: GenPro Energy Solutions

For a more local team, GenPro Energy Solutions is a great choice. With rave customer reviews and a talent for education, the Omaha-based company has provided over 800 Nebraska solar installations. Their installers hold advanced certifications and take pride in keeping projects on schedule.

GenPro moves fast, with most installs taking only 1 day to complete! They offer complete solar energy systems, with options like:

  • Solar panels (premium & conventional)
  • EV chargers
  • Battery storage
  • Racking for unique roofs
  • Maintenance packages

Cost Considerations:
Pricing is customized per home, but you can expect market-competitive rates. GenPro‘s website has a portal to enter your utility usage and receive an instant estimate. They don‘t offer leases or PPAs, so you would need to pay cash or finance the system‘s purchase.

Warranties & Protection:
GenPro provides workmanship and functionality warranties on par with industry standards. One thing to ask them about is whether their warranties would cover physical panel damage from risks like hail, since tornadoes occasionally strike Nebraska.


  • 10+ years of experience
  • Locally-owned in Omaha
  • Fast 1-day installs
  • EV charging capability


  • No leasing or PPAs available
  • Verify warranty protections

With unmatched area knowledge and solar specialization for Nebraska weather, GenPro earns their stellar local reputation. Consider them if you‘d prefer working with a respected local company.

3. Solar Stalwart: Solar Omaha

In business for over 40 years, Solar Omaha is one of the most seasoned solar providers in Nebraska. Originally founded as Solar Heat & Electric in 1983, their team has studied the nuances of Nebraska solar for decades. They cater projects to handle tough weather conditions and agriculture needs.

True solar specialists, Solar Omaha focuses their offerings exclusively on solar panels and electricity. Services include:

  • Solar panel purchase & installation
  • Ground or roof mounting options
  • System repairs & maintenance
  • Custom designs for farm projects

Cost Considerations:
As veterans in their field, Solar Omaha provides fair, competitive pricing tailored to each install. They do not offer leasing programs, so financing would be through an outside solar loan or paying cash upfront. Expect pricing transparency through the quote/design process.

Warranties & Protection:
One drawback with this smaller company is that they only provide the solar panel manufacturer‘s warranty (typically 10-12 years). So make sure to ask what expanded protections could be added.


  • 40 years in solar energy
  • Custom agricultural designs
  • Positive BBB rating
  • Solar is their specialty


  • No leasing or PPAs
  • Limited warranties

With impressive longevity and niche agriculture expertise, Solar Omaha is my top choice for farms or folks prioritizing solar experience. Their commitment to Nebraska solar is unmatched.

4. New Star Rising: Everlight Solar

Founded in 2017, Everlight Solar is newer to Nebraska‘s solar scene. But with accolades like Greater Omaha Chamber‘s Fast Five Emerging Business Award already under their belt, this local company makes up for their age with talent. Everlight takes pride in transparent pricing, high-quality gear, and leaving zero trace once installations are complete.

Everlight Solar installs premium solar systems, offering:

  • Solar panel purchase & installation
  • Compatibility with top brands like Tesla & Generac
  • Roof or ground mounting options

Cost Considerations:
As a younger company, it can be harder for Everlight to compete on rock-bottom pricing. But their website has a cost calculator so you can estimate potential long-term savings based on your utility usage and panel options. Financing would need to be through a separate solar loan.

Warranties & Protection:
An area where Everlight shines is their warranties – they offer strong 25-year coverage on power production/performance as well as 10 years on equipment and workmanship defects. This shields you from weather and wear-and-tear concerns.


  • Locally-owned installer
  • 25-year production guarantee
  • 10-year equipment/workmanship warranty
  • Compatible with top brands


  • No leasing or PPAs available
  • Can‘t compete on bare-bottom pricing

If you want a modern installer leveraging the latest solar technology (and without the big corporate markups), Everlight is an excellent option. Their warranties help assure your long-term investment.

5. One-Stop Solar Shop: Great Plains Renewables

Operating from Wahoo, Nebraska, Great Plains Renewables installs solar systems across much of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. A big perk is their equipment flexibility – offering various panel and inverter brands means you can likely customize an optimal system within your budget. Their website also spotlights customer testimonials as social proof.

Specializing in solar electricity, Great Plains Renewables focuses on:

  • Solar panel purchase and installation
  • Compatibility with multiple top panel/inverter brands
  • Roof or ground mounting
  • No electrical upgrades

Cost Considerations:
Again, the variety of gear makes it easier to self-select affordable options. You can browse rate plans on their website to estimate costs for your energy needs. All purchases require cash or separate solar financing.

Warranties & Protection:
On the warranty side, you would need to clarify what‘s included. Equipment likely has a manufacturers‘ guarantee, but confirm protections for workmanship defects and weather damage.


  • Flexible equipment selection
  • Additional home efficiency upgrades
  • 7 years of experience
  • Local customer testimonials


  • Minimal financing options
  • Unclear warranty specifics

Great Plains Renewables succeeds if you value having product and budget flexibility – with the tradeoff being less comprehensive coverage. Get all specifics in writing upfront before purchasing.

6. Customer-Focused Installer: GRNE Solar

GRNE Solar Solutions is another excellent local option, operating from nearby Roca, Nebraska. With a perfect record from the Better Business Bureau and nearly flawless online reviews, GRNE Solar has earned respect across Nebraska and Illinois. Customers rave about their communication, expertise, and leaving homes spotless post-install.

GRNE Solar lives up to their name by providing a breadth of solar offerings:

  • Complete solar systems
  • Premium solar panels
  • EV chargers
  • Batteries
  • Pool heating

Cost Considerations:
Pricing is customized per project, but GRNE aims for affordability. Expect competitive market rates and full transparency through the quote process. No leasing programs are offered. You can finance the purchase through GRNE‘s solar loan partners.

Warranties & Protection:
This customer-focused company provides strong 25-year equipment and 10-year labor warranties standard with installations, shielding your system from defects.


  • Stellar customer service reputation
  • Perfect BBB rating
  • Broad range of solar offerings
  • Above-average warranties


  • Limited financing options
  • Unknown pricing vs competitors

GRNE Solar receives overwhelming praise for embodying Midwest hospitality while educating Nebraska homeowners on solar possibilities. Consider them for superior customer care.

7. Legacy Leader: The Skylight Guys

Last but not least, The Skylight Guys leverages over 40 years of construction expertise for Nebraska homeowners. Founded locally in Omaha then expanding statewide, their experience with home solar and daylighting products gives buyers confidence. Many reviews cite the company‘s consultative approach to identifying tax/rebate options too.

The Skylight Guys perform installations in two main areas:

  • Solar panels
  • Skylights

They have experience adapting systems for all home/roof types. Their website also spotlights educational solar content.

Cost Considerations:
With such longevity and service specialization, it‘s reasonable to expect fair market pricing from The Skylight Guys. They guide customers through available federal/state solar incentives to make the switch more affordable. You‘ll need to finance the system directly.

Warranties & Protection:
Ask this established company about equipment and workmanship warranties upfront. Having been in business 40+ years is a good indicator of quality.


  • Family-owned since 1981
  • Expertise with solar & skylights
  • Spotlight incentives & rebates
  • 10-year labor warranty


  • Limited financing options
  • Solar offerings fairly basic

For homeowners who want solar guidance from an established Nebraska trades company, the Skylight Guys are a trustworthy fit. Their tailored approach educates buyers on the real costs and payoffs of going solar in Nebraska‘s climate.

Key Takeaways on Nebraska‘s Top Solar Installers

In reviewing Nebraska‘s top solar contractors, you hopefully now feel empowered to:

  • Confidently evaluate installers
  • Understand solar offerings
  • Estimate potential cost savings
  • Identify the best fit for your home solar goals

While state incentives remain relatively limited, the federal tax credit plus individual utilities‘ net metering programs can yield real energy bill reductions over time.

As you shop around, pay special attention to:

  • Years in business
  • Services offered
  • Equipment & workmanship warranties – aim for at least 10 years of coverage
  • Pricing options like cash purchase vs financing
  • Whether extras like batteries or EV charging are included

Using my guide above to compare Nebraska solar installers apples-to-apples will set your solar purchase up for success. Here‘s to affordable renewable power and energy independence!

About Me

I‘m a Senior Data Analyst who helps homeowners navigate the transition to solar power. Leveraging my research expertise and background in the solar industry, I create guides that cut through the noise so you can make smart, informed decisions for your home. Reach out if you have any other questions!

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