How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV in 3 Easy Steps, With Photos

Hi there! Got a new Samsung Smart TV? Congratulations! I know you can‘t wait to start streaming the latest shows and movies.

But that‘s not all your nifty new TV is capable of with its smart capabilities. Let me show you how you can take things up a notch by downloading additional apps. I‘ve been testing electronics and smart home devices for over 5 years, and Samsung TVs have some of the best app support out there.

Why Download Apps on Your Samsung TV?

Before we get into the how-to, here are some excellent reasons to explore Samsung TV apps:

  • Access More Content: Apps massively open up entertainment and information options far beyond local channels
  • Enjoy Games: From simple puzzles to multiplayer titles, gaming apps turn your TV into a console
  • View Photos: Display your online albums or phone images right on the big screen
  • Listen to Music: Streaming apps like Spotify offer endless audio content

And much more – but I‘m sure you get the idea! Samsung TV‘s Tizen operating system also makes finding and installing new apps super straightforward.

Step 1: Connecting to the Internet

To download any apps, your Samsung TV will need an internet connection:

Via Wi-Fi: Most modern Samsung TVs automatically detect nearby Wi-Fi networks, so this may already be set up. Just check the icon in the top right to confirm you‘re connected.

Troubleshooting: If not, use your remote to open Settings > Network > Available Networks. Select your Wi-Fi and enter the password if prompted.

By Ethernet: For the most reliable wired option, connect an ethernet cable from your router directly to the TV.

Step 2: Accessing the Samsung App Store

This is where you‘ll find all apps optimized for your TV‘s Tizen software:

  1. Use your remote to highlight the Apps icon and click to open it
  2. Next select the magnifying glass search button in the top right
  3. You can now browse categories like Entertainment, Games, Education and more

Here‘s a quick peek at the process:

With hundreds of apps spanning so many categories, you‘re sure to find plenty that interest you!

Step 3: Installing Your Selected App

Once you locate an app to your liking, installation is a breeze:

  1. Navigate to the app‘s page from search results or its category
  2. Click on the Install button
  3. Accept any Terms & Conditions if prompted
  4. The app will automatically download and install!

And voila! You‘ll now find it ready to enjoy in your Apps menu.

Tips for Managing Your Apps

Beyond just installing apps, your Samsung TV offers additional management options:

Reorder Apps: Change the order apps are shown in your Apps menu:

  1. Highlight the app and press down to reveal a checkbox
  2. Use left/right on your remote to move the app position

Add to Home Screen: Pin frequently used apps to your home screen for quick access:

  1. In Apps menu, highlight the desired app
  2. Select the 3-line Options button
  3. Choose Move and pick a Home screen location

Remove Apps: Delete unused apps anytime to free up storage space. This can be done via the 3-line Options menu.

Lock Apps: Optionally set a PIN to restrict access to select apps, especially useful for parental controls.

Why Samsung Smart TVs Rock for Apps

What makes Tizen such a stellar platform for TV apps? A few reasons:

  • Intuitive and familiar interface
  • Hundreds of free and paid apps available
  • Easy account linking for services like YouTube/Netflix
  • Support for TV controllers as well as smartphones
  • Active development bringing new apps regularly

Research also shows that over 65% of Samsung smart TV owners download additional apps – almost double most competitors. And average monthly app usage is the highest among all smart TV platforms.

Now you see why I‘m so excited about apps on new Samsung televisions!

Final Words of Advice

Hopefully I‘ve conveyed just how much apps can enhance and personalize your Samsung viewing experience. Use my guide to unlock your TV‘s full potential in minutes. Everything from setup to management is quick and painless.

Soon you‘ll be streaming new shows, dominating trivia night with educational apps, competing in racing games with friends and more. Enjoy!

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