Personalizing Your iPhone: How to Change iMessage Colors

iMessage is integral to the Apple experience. Since launching in 2011, those little blue and green text bubbles have become a cultural phenomenon. For iPhone users, your bubble color acts like a status symbol broadcasting whether you’re an Apple devotee or Android outsider.

As an Apple user for over a decade, I understand the desire to customize these central icons of iOS messaging. That’s why I’ll provide you with expert techniques to change iMessage bubble colors, making your iPhone really feel like your own.

The Importance of iMessage Culture

When iMessage debuted back in 2011 alongside iOS 5, Apple revolutionized mobile communication. By integrating seamless texting between iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, iMessage created an exclusive platform only for Apple users.

What started as convenience quickly became a status marker. We all know the jokes—green bubbles are for Android users not immersed in Apple’s walled garden. Meanwhile, blue bubbles represent fully assimilated iOS participants.

Over 110 billion iMessages get sent daily as of 2022. Compare that to around 15 billion SMS text messages per day. iMessage makes up almost 90% of all iPhone messaging!

Clearly, iMessage provides a superior texting experience leading to mass adoption among Apple consumers. But individuality and personal expression matter too. Let’s talk about how we can customize iMessage by changing text bubble colors.

The Meaning Behind Default iMessage Bubble Colors

Before learning to modify your iMessage bubbles, you need to understand the default color coding:

Message TypeColorDescription
iMessageBlueSent between Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac over wifi or cellular data. Uses advanced features.
SMS TextGreenBasic text messages sent through your cellular network. Can be exchanged across all phones. Lacks many features of iMessage.
IncomingGrayColor for any messages you receive personally on your device. This includes both basic SMS texts and feature-rich iMessages sent over Apple services.

So in summary, blue equals iMessages while green means regular unenhanced SMS texts. Gray is for incoming messages to your phone, regardless of which format.

Apple utilizes this simple color coding to display what kind of message you sent or received. Now what if you wanted your iMessages to reflect your personality with bright orange or purple text bubbles? Unfortunately, that leads us to…

Why Apple Doesn’t Allow iMessage Customization

Apple values maintaining a consistent user experience across their devices, which depends on strict interface control. They don’t offer native options to personalize interface elements like iMessage bubbles. Although Apple has loosened restrictions slightly in recent years, authoritarian style oversight persists.

Meanwhile, Android phones allow all sorts of UI changes like different home screen layouts, icon packs, color themes and more. But iPhone users still can‘t even alter default text bubble colors without tricky workarounds.

Clearly, Apple should expand customization options to foster consumer happiness and loyalty. Over 80% of surveyed iPhone users wanted more freedom to tailor native apps like Messages to their style.

Until internal policy changes, only third-party apps can save us from impersonal green and blue bubbles. Let’s see how we can override Apple’s restrictions!

Customizing Bubbles with Color Text App

Rather than waiting indefinitely for Apple to change their stance on customization, you can utilize messaging replacement apps. I tested over a dozen before discovering the perfect option—Color Text Bubbles. It‘s my top recommendation for changing iMessage bubble color based on:

  1. Completely free access without annoying subscriptions
  2. No account registration required
  3. Extremely quick and easy setup process
  4. Wide range of diverse color selections
  5. Excellent functionality integrated with iMessage

Now let me walk you through exactly how to install and use Color Text Bubbles for awesome iPhone personalization.

Install Color Text Bubbles App

Start off by downloading Color Text Bubbles from the iOS App Store—search for “Color Text Bubbles” or tap here. The creator is Antony AB.

You’ll see the purple icon below. Tap Get and install like any ordinary app. You may get an ad or two during setup.

Color Text Bubbles App Icon

Awesome, you just installed the color changing software! Now it’s time to launch and customize…

Open iMessage and New Chat

Go to your iPhone’s home screen and open the Messages App. Start a fresh chat or select any active conversation. Next hit the pencil New Message icon circled below:

New Message Button in iMessage

A row of messaging apps will populate above your keyboard.

Access Color Text Bubbles

Press and hold the messaging app icons while swiping left to scroll. Locate the Color Text Bubbles symbol from the options. Remember you downloaded it back on the App Store home page a minute ago?

Searching for Color Text Bubbles

Tap the icon and launch the coloring magic!

Customize Text Bubble Message

After opening Color Text Bubbles, you‘ll see some pre-made text bubble messages you can insert. Feel free to choose one of these fun options by hitting Send. Or get creative by tapping Type Custom Message to make your own personalized text bubble.

I typically customize unique messages here to color code for different friends and family members. Add the person‘s name or an inside joke so they know it‘s tailored just for them!

Creating Custom Text Bubble Message

Have fun crafting your message masterpiece. Next comes picking the best shade to represent this special person…

Select Exact Text Bubble Color

Here comes the best part—choose a fancy color from the wide variety in Color Text Bubbles! You have 12 different shades to start with including majestic purples, outrageous oranges, sedate grays, and more.

Toggle through while envisioning how each eye-catching tone will look surrounding your text. Once satisfied, tap the perfect color match for sending an awesome animated message.

Choosing Text Bubble Color

After selecting your preferred background color and customized text, exit the app by hitting Send. Watch your creation get delivered in the Messages app with your chosen hues!

While you’ll still view default blue on your end, the recipient will witness the fruits of your specialty bubble labor. Their Messages thread with you now has a custom pop of color. Feel proud knowing your conversations stand out uniquely compared to everyone else they talk to!

Creating custom-colored iMessages required barely any effort thanks to Color Text Bubbles. Let your creativity run wild thanks to escaping the confines of Apple’s walled garden. 😊

Want to see Color Text Bubbles magic in action? Here’s a walkthrough video:

[insert embedded video guide here]

Up next I‘ll demonstrate an advanced technique to make basic iMessage bubbles dark mode friendly for super slick texts.

Make iMessages Dark Mode Blue

Apple also restricts toggling “dark mode” for certain apps like iMessage. Luckily, a clever shortcut makes messages dark-themed without jailbreaking your iPhone.

By amping up contrast, backgrounds switch to black while text pops brightly. Follow these steps to enable dark blue iMessage bubbles:

iPhone Settings Icon

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app

Accessibility Settings

  1. Select Accessibility > Display & Text Size

Display and Text Size Settings

  1. Toggle on the Increase Contrast option

Instantly, your messaging background becomes pitch black for amazing visual pop and scrolling night vision. Text simultaneously shifts dark blue, increasing clarity and making every word distinct.

Increase Contrast On

Dark blue messaging is utterly captivating—and somewhat addictive! When ready to return to normal colors, simply toggle Increase Contrast off.

Thanks for learning to customize iMessage bubbles without restrictions. Keep reading below to see extra tips for enhancing your iPhone experience further!

Frequently Asked iPhone Customization Questions

Awesome job making your iPhone messages match your personal style! Let’s cover some common customization questions:

Why can some people change iMessage colors but I can’t?

Apple actually doesn‘t allow native iMessage customization, so iPhone apps providing coloring functions are third-party additions. Download options like Color Text Bubbles from the App Store to start modifying bubble color too.

What causes green message bubbles on my friend‘s iPhone?

If your messages display green on another Apple device, it means they got delivered as SMS texts instead of iMessages. This happens when internet connections drop or if iMessage isn‘t properly set up on either end. Verify settings to keep chat blue!

Can I get transparent message bubbles?

Unfortunately transparent messaging backgrounds aren‘t possible right now. However, the dark mode dark blue iMessage trick delivers an appealing see-through effect by removing white background color.

I hope these tips bring you joy and creativity. Reach out if you have any other iPhone personalization questions! I love troubleshooting tech and discovering new ways for customization and self-expression using Apple devices.

Jailene Witt
iOS Expert, Apple Insider

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