Morocco Facts

Morocco is the closest country to Europe, but is still Africa. The history of this country is as fascinating and multilayered as its environment and landscape.

Morocco is about the same size as California. This is a fact not known around the world. Moreover, Morocco features an extensive area of coastal ocean access.

Morocco is only 9 miles from Europe as well. Spain is almost joined with Morocco so the connection between this African country and Europe is closer than many realize. Discover and find out more about Morocco below!

Morocco is an old place with history dating thousands of years

Morocco is an old place

In general, this part of the world has a fascinating history. Historically, Morocco has been Inhabited for well over 90,000 Years, which is incredible.

There is a lot of evidence that Morocco has been inhabited and settled since the Paleolithic era. The Paleolithic period, which would be viewed as 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 B.C. is the time period for settlement in Morocco. During this time, Moroccans of today were hunters and gatherers.

Morocco’s past has included everyone from France, the Visigoths of central Europe, in present day Romania. Also, the list of people and conquerors is long but includes the Vandals, Byzantines, Romans, and more. It was not until 1956 that Morocco became independent from being a protectorate of France and Spain. Morocco and Spain have always had a longtime push and pull that has defined and caused various implications.

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Morocco has a world famous desert that is also the largest ever

The Sahara desert

The Sahara desert is located in Morocco. In terms of size, the Sahara desert is the largest in the world.  The Sahara name of the desert is derived from the Arabic word ṣaḥrāʾ, which is also the main language of Morocco.

In terms of climate, the Sahara desert is considered one of the harshest environments in the world. Generally, in size, the Sahara desert covers 3.6 million square miles  or 9.4 million square kilometers in total.

In terms of size, the Sahara Desert is around a third of the whole African continent. Or, in other words, in general  the size of the United States, which would also include Alaska and Hawaii!

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Morocco is about the same size as the state of California.

Morocco California

Morocco is a lot bigger than many realize. The location of Morocco is quite extensive on the North African coast from west to north. Also, the area is quite fascinating for just its topography and variety for one country.

In actuality, Morocco is 446,550 square kilometers or 172,414 square miles.  California is 403,882 square kilometers or about 163,696 square miles. Overall, California would be considered 11% bigger than Morocco, Meanwhile, Morocco has slightly less people, so about 2 million less than the whole state of California.

In fact, there are more similarities between Morocco and California than you may realize. Morocco and California also share a variety of landscapes and even some movie production.

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Morocco is in many movies and one of the most filmed places in the world

Morocco is in many movies

Many may assume other places in the world may be popular for filming. However, Morocco is one of the most filmed places in the world by far. The reasons behind the popularity for filming are varied of course.

First and foremost, the desert landscape of the Sahara in Morocco makes it very unique overall. Therefore, the genuine  and vivid appeal of the land and desert makes it undeniable to many movie and TV directors.  kasbahs are as picture-perfect as possible.

There is a bigger list of movies that may surprise you overall. The television productions filmed in Morocco are impressive as well. The more popular releases in Morocco include The Mummy, Game of Thrones, Gladiator,, Mission Impossible, and Inception.

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Morocco has a city that is blue and quite unique


In terms of beauty and uniqueness, Morocco features a lot of special places. One of the most scenic and memorable cities in Morocco is the blue city of Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen is famous for its Blue Pearl of Morocco. In this town in Morocco, the entirety of the town is blue. Basically, the medina and a big part of the mountain village has a light blue color.

If you visit Morocco, many tourists like to enjoy Chefchaouen for its beauty and blue color. Visiting this town means you have to take pictures of the blue medina.

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Snake charmers exist in Morocco

Snake charmers in Morocco

Snake charmers  may be associated with other parts of the world, but Morocco has its share of surprises. Many may think of Egypt or India before Morocco, but snake charming is an art in Morocco.

Snake charming has ancient origins in Morocco. Furthermore, the art of snake charming can be found in Marrakech especially in the center of town at Jemaa El Fnaa.

The center of Marrakech has been a magnet for snake charmers because this area has been attracting travelers for hundreds perhaps thousands of years.

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Morocco is known as being the first country to regard the United States as a country

Mrocco usa

The United States of America and Morocco have more things in common than you realize. For example, California and Morocco share many traits but as well the countries share a special moment.

The relationship started with the beginning of the start of the United States in general. When the United States was declaring its independence, the US needed respect and worldwide acknowledgement. It was Morocco, the first country to publicly recognize the United States as an independent nation.

It was within the timeline of the history of the United States that Morocco is special. Because it was the opening of its ports that began trading with the United States in 1777. In just less than a single year after which the USA declared and gained independence.

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The Oldest University in the world is in Morocco

The Oldest University in morocco

In terms of function and historical records, the oldest known university in the world is in Fez, Morocco. Some may claim it is Oxford in England or University of Bologna in Italy, but neither is as old as this university in Morocco. The University of Karueein, in Fez, started in 859 AD.

The University of Al-Karaouine, also known as al-Quaraouiyine and al-Qarawiyyin. According to  the Guinness World Records and UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This university is considered the oldest because comparatively it is the oldest school that has been in existence. Basically, this Moroccan university has been continuously operating and giving degrees since the year 859.

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Almost all Moroccans are Muslim and accepting of outsiders


The country of Morocco is overwhelmingly Muslim and open. One of the most engaging and popular features of Morocco is its openness. However, the country does not have diversity within its culture. In fact, Morocco has a long standing and strong traditions alongside a progressive and open attitude to the outside world.

Islam is a central part of life for Moroccans. In fact, many still respect, honor, and acknowledge their Islamic history and background willingly. In terms of the law of the land, Morocco is guided by a code and rule of law guided by Islamic principles and thought.

Moroccans are open and welcoming of outsiders. However, please note that women may be expected to be dressed in a more modest way overall. The expectation for non-Moroccan women is to be respectful of Moroccan and Islamid traditions, but it is not necessary to cover your head.

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Morocco produces and exports many vegetables especially oranges and dates

Morocco oranges and dates

More than 112,000 tons of dates are exported from this North African country every year. Dates are popular in this part of the world for a variety of reasons. Morocco is a worldwide crossroads between Africa and Europe as well.

Dates are especially eaten during the month of Ramadan in Morocco. Thus, Moroccan production of dates is increasing and very important. The government of Morocco has a goal to increase the production of dates to 160,000 tonnes in the future.

Morocco also produces and exports apples, avocados, almonds, bananas, kiwis, plums, and a lot more. In terms of overall production, oranges and clementines make up a large part of the fruit that is grown and exported in Morocco overall.

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The conquering and occupation of Spain for nearly 900 years began in present day Morocco

The conquering and occupation of Spain

The occupation of Spain by the Moors started from a point that is considered present day Morocco. The Moors would be defined as a Moroccan. In greater detail, a Moor is a Muslim of al-Andalus, today known as Spain and Portugal.

Historically, this is significant to remember the role and position of present day Morocco during this part of Spain’s timeline of history. The capital and stronghold of the Moors was the Moroccan capital of Marrakech.

The people of Morocco who would be considered Moors would be the descendants, who are part of the history in this part of North Africa. Today the Moors would be considered the Moroccan Amazigh conquerors.

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