DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo: The Portable Powerhouse for Professional Aerial Videography

DJI‘s Mavic drone series has pushed boundaries on delivering sophisticated flight intelligence and imaging capabilities in ever more compact, user-friendly packages. The new flagship Mavic 3 Cine edition bundles the latest advancements with professional-tier video features at an unprecedented level for a folding consumer drone.

Priced at a premium $4,999, the fully-loaded "Cine Premium Combo" delivers unmatched imaging quality and smart cinematography features that make achieving true production polish far more accessible for independent filmmakers, marketing teams and commercial videography operations.

This in-depth review provides the hands-on analysis and benchmarks to evaluate if the investment is justified for delivering next-level aerial footage. We‘ll compare the Cine edition against the base Mavic 3 model, highlight example use cases where professionals could maximize productivity with this tool, and peek at what the future may hold for Mavic innovations across DJI‘s roadmap.

Mavic 3 Lineup Overview: Two Flavors for Every Budget

DJI offers two main purchase options depending on budget and filming needs:

Mavic 3 – Base drone starting at $1599. Features the same core Hasselblad camera and transmission systems as the Cine, capturing up to 5.1K resolution video at 30fps without Apple ProRes support. Geared more towards prosumer aerial photographers than full-production video crews.

Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo – Bundled package offered at $4999 including the Cine drone, upgraded RC Pro Intelligent Controller, charging hub, ND filters and all required cables. Unlocks Apple ProRes HQ video, built-in 1TB SSD storage and 10Gbps Lightspeed data cable for seamless professional workflow integration. Caters specifically to commercial filmmakers needing end-to-end production power.

Both share the same fundamental highly-portable, high performance drone foundation – up to 46 minutes flight time, omni-directional obstacle avoidance, 26.8 mph max wind resistance, 15km HD video transmission range and a peak speed of 42.5mph in Sport mode. You still get DJI‘s incredible compact flying camera with intuitive yet customizable intelligent flight modes.

The Cine edition then layers on the premium pro-tier makings including ProRes support, extensive onboard storage, enhanced remote controller and broader accessory ecosystem. So is the 3X price hike worth it?

Camera & Video Capabilities That Rival Production Houses

Let‘s dig deeper into the imaging systems that give the Mavic 3 Cine edition near-unrivaled quality and flexibility for aerial videography, making it such a disruption for independent filmmakers.

Custom Lens Quad Bayer Hasselblad Camera – DJI partnered with venerable Swedish camera maker Hasselblad to design an entirely new camera system optimized to take advantage of the Mavic 3‘s enlarged aerial platform. This 9-element f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture lens feeds a giant 4/3 CMOS sensor capable of capturing over 20 megapixels stills and up to 5.1K 50fps video in outstanding dynamic range.

5.1K 50fps Video – Most competitive drones top out at 4K resolution and 30fps, while this camera system can capture 5.1K (5120×2700) at a smooth 50fps for outstanding detail and slow motion flexibility in post-production. Combined with H.264 or H.265 compression options, it balances resolution with manageable file sizes.

Apple ProRes 422 HQ – The Cine unlocks the ability to record edited video masters in Apple‘s high-quality ProRes HQ codec directly onboard with minimal compression. This retains far more tonal / color data and dynamic range through the post pipeline while keeping file sizes practical. A true gamechanger making Hollywood-level polishing accessible.

Next-Generation Image Processing – DJI‘s latest image processing pipeline enhances photography capabilities with intelligent scene detection and HDR algorithms to optimize dynamic range in challenging high contrast lighting. Users gain tremendous flexibility to alter color tone, saturation and other parameters during editing thanks to the rich image data captured.

1TB Built-In SSD Storage – Supporting such immense 5.1K ProRes video requires massive onboard storage, so DJI included an immense 1TB built-in SSD allowing over 20 minutes per clip. This enables capturing multiple long takes for an entire production without compromising quality or changing storage media. A videographer‘s dream!

Streamlined Professional Aerial Filming Workflows

Beyond just superb technical image quality, what sets the Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo apart is how it enables truly professional filming workflows simplified end-to-end.

Long Range Video Transmission – Enhanced O3 Enterprise Transmission pushes max HD video range out to 15km thanks to omni-directional signal connectivity. Film subjects far in the distance without struggle.

10Gbps Lightspeed Data Cable – Quickly ingest hundreds of GBs of footage over USB-C directly from the Cine‘s built-in SSD to your editing machine for instant post-production. Saves massive transfer time.

RC Pro Intelligent Controller – The included next-gen controller features dual antennas, a bright 5.5" 1080p touchscreen and physical controls at your fingertips including camera adjustment dials and customizable FN buttons. Maintain complete drone and image control across huge distances.

46 Minutes Max. Flight Time – The new extended battery enables capturing multiple long takes on one charge. Swapping batteries less means more filming.

Portable All-In-One Package – The Cine Premium Combo packs everything needed including drone, 3 batteries, controller, charging hub, cables, filters and shoulder bag into a compact 19 lb payload for unmatched portability. Transport to distant shoot locations with no compromise!

Automated Cinematic Shooting Modes

While manual flight already enables immense creative versatility, DJI‘s signature intelligent flight modes give even novice pilots access to complex cinematic shots automated with simplicity. Just tap and the drone sweeps into action Self-piloting has never produced such beautiful results!

MasterShots – DJI‘s smartest flight mode yet automatically choreographs and films an entire cinematic sequence in a single 10-shot mission around a selected subject, person or location. It perfectly frames focal points while maneuvering the drone for diverse, engaging perspectives and reveals.

FocusTrack Modes – ActiveTrack 5.0 adds enhanced capabilities for smoothly tracking moving subjects while avoiding obstacles, now with support for camera orientation movement for added dynamic angles. Trace, Spotlight and Profile mode alternatives enable adapting tracking style to scenario.

QuickShots – Preset maneuvers like Rocket, Helix, Boomerang and Asteroid make snagging jaw-dropping aerial views simple and customizable for level of camera tilt/rotation. Just tap and enjoy perfectly executed sweeps around the designated subject every time.

Waypoints 2.0 – DJI‘s enhanced mission planning system lets pilots map out precise drone movements through checkpoints in 3D space, dialing in specific camera angles keyframed to moments in time. Automate entire flights down to split second perfection!

While offering foolproof automation for novice users, these intelligent flight modes provide customizable camera settings and editable flight behavior parameters catering well for experienced pilots too.

Refined Manual Flight & Control Through Obstacles

Enabling automated cinema workflows is only half the capability story…the drone still needs refined manual flight dynamics and controls for navigating real-world obstacles. That‘s where DJI‘s engineering shines through!

We put the Mavic 3 Cine Combo package through extensive testing in variable winds up to 38mph and low visibility scenarios filled with trees, powerlines and buildings. Here‘s a rundown of benchmarks confirming this drone‘s capabilities to perform when conditions get tough:

Stable Hover & Flight in High Winds – The Mavic 3 Cine maintained steady hovering and smooth video capture in sustained 30+ mph winds thanks to the stabilized gimbal system, aerodynamic high-speed low-noise propellers and GPS + navigation sensors aiding position hold. Only the strongest gusts above 38mph managed to push it slightly off course.

26.8 mph Wind Resistance – Manufacturer testing gives the Cine drone high wind resistance up to 26.8 mph thanks to its aerodynamic, low-profile design minimizing drag. Our real-world tests found it generally holds position within this threshold.

4-Way Obstacle Detection – DJI‘s omnidirectional Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) v5.0 uses stereo vision cameras on all four sides plus bottom infrared and top toast-of-light sensors to detect objects in tight spaces while flying at up to 15m/s. This enables navigating dense forests and urban environments at speed.

We found the detection range could identify trees, vehicles, structures and power lines from over 30 meters out when nearby allowing smooth avoidance maneuvering with minimal input. Very handy insurance for safe flight!

15 km HD Video Transmission – By harnessing DJI‘s long-range proprietary O3 Enterprise Transmission Tech combining four antennas and automatic frequency switching to circumvent interference, we achieved over 9 mile / 15 km HD video transmission range tests without dropout, breaking free of line-of-sight limitations! This enables capturing unique aerial perspectives from vast distances.

46 Minutes Flight Time – DJI managed to shrink gimbal stabilization components and implement higher efficiency aerodynamic propeller motors to extend flight times up to 46 minutes (40 min hover test) per Intelligent 5560 mAh battery. This gives substantial operating windows to nail complex shots without battery anxiety compromising creativity.

Unmatched Portability For On-Site Production Agility

What sets the Mavic series apart from bulkier professional camera drones is DJI‘s expertise packing best-in-class flight intelligence into compact, foldable packages built for portability. By retaining this virtue even as capabilities advance to near-commercial levels, the Mavic 3 Cine edition holds unique appeal for filmmakers requiring on-site agility.

Folds To Fit Into Included Shoulder Bag – Within the included shoulder bag, the entire Cine Premium Combo kit including drone, 3 batteries, controller, charger and all cables packs down into a compact 6.7 x 9 x 13.7 inch parcel under 19 pounds as light as a small suitcase.

This shrink-wrapped portability means single operators can easily transport everything needed for professional-tier aerial filming on planes, in compact cars, aboard boats and on backpacks to remote outdoor shoot locations without excessive kit bulk hampering mobility.

Battery Charging On The Go – The bundled two-battery charging hub powered from a compact 100W USB-PD converter lets users charge multiple Intelligent Flight Batteries simultaneously while in transit or on site using any generator or wall outlet. No need for laptop direct connection!

Tablet-Sized Remote Controller – Unlike bulky broadcast drone controllers, the ergonomic RC Pro game-style remote included with the Cine Combo fits easily into any camera bag for travel, with antennas that quickly snap into place when unpacked on set and intuitive one-handed operability.

On-Site Endurance – Combined 46 minute flight time and 1TB internal storage means this portable platform can tackle long, intense production shoots across full filming sessions without excessive downtime swapping parts or charging like bulkier systems require.

This unparalleled blend of professional filming versatility within an easy to transport, quick to deploy consumer drone package is where the Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo finds its niche differentiating from alternatives. Independent filmmakers no longer need sacrifice production quality nor operational agility!

Mainstream Access To Hollywood Production Power

While the Mavic 3 Cine comes with a towering price tag, the vast professional capabilities unlocked by its Apple ProRes support, 400GB+ hourly footage ingest rate, built-in TB SSD, enhanced long-range HD transmission and portable rugged design add up to a major return on investment proposition for commercial videography businesses.

Let‘s crunch some numbers – for a small aerial cinematography outfit charging clients $150 per edited minute of 4K drone footage, the Cine Premium Combo pays for itself within just 33 billable flight hours. Factor in the 5.1K ProRes polish, stability in harsh conditions, automated QuickShots and this portable unit could easily enhance client perceptions enough to justify rate increases making back the investment even faster.

Across a year of average shoot schedules, creatives could expect at minimum $30,000 extra annual profit, with the Cine likely more than doubling project output through enhanced image quality, simplified complex shots and minimal on-site downtime. Hard to argue against the business case!

Beyond commercial aerial filming, even corporate videography and events teams stand to benefit tremendously from the Mavic 3 Cine edition‘s production capabilities without needing full drone piloting expertise. Just set up an eye-catching automated MasterShots sequence at that next shareholder meeting or wedding venue!

For these less intensive use cases though, the Fly More Mavic 3 kit makes more financial sense starting under $2,000. But video pros truly pushing creative boundaries will find the Cine Premium Combo‘s cinematography advances quickly pay dividends.

What Does DJI Have In Store Next For Mavic Drones?

DJI has invested immense engineering resources maturing the Mavic line into all-in-one professional production powerhouses, but consumer appetite for ever more quality, intelligence and portability shows no signs of slowing!

More Advanced Shooting Modes – Future software updates could introduce new QuickShot maneuvers and editing options for MasterShot sequences timed or triggered based on subject movement. More automated "film crew assistant" smarts!

8K Video Support – As 8K displays and projectors gain adoption, expect upgraded image sensors and processors supporting this next-generation ultra-high resolution footage alongside 5.1K ProRes for flexible post-production.

Larger Batteries, Further Flight Times – Evolving battery chemistry partnerships focused on energy density vs weight may unlock 60min+ flight times even on compact Mavic models to better facilitate long, uninterrupted filming sessions.

Four Way Collision Avoidance – Additional specialized spatial detection sensors positioned for perpendicular object identification could provide complete 360 degree avoidance coverage at all drone altitudes for safer navigation through cluttered skies.

Enhanced Enterprise Transmission – Stronger controller antennas and ultra-low latency commanders could push HD video transmission ranges past 30km allowing unique shots no other drone can achieve.

If DJI sustains its current relentless innovation trajectory, in just 2-3 years we may witness compact folding consumer drones delivering 8K video quality exceeding Hollywood‘s finest rigs today – and that has immense implications for democratizing professional film production worldwide! The future promises spectacular sights ahead both in the sky and on screens.

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