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If you grew up obsessed with shows like Masters of the Universe and playing with iconic toys like He-Man, you’re going to love what I’m going to show you today my friend. There is an incredibly exciting technology called NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that is bringing these nostalgic characters into the 21st century with blockchain games, active marketplaces, and digital ownership.

And one company named Cryptoys has partnered directly with Mattel to translate Masters of the Universe into limited edition NFT collectibles with real utility and value. They are combining retro appeal with innovative tech for what will likely be one of the biggest and most talked about NFT projects of late 2022 into 2023.

As a long-time analyst and investor in blockchain startups specifically in entertainment and gaming, I will guide you through everything you need to know about Cryptoys, their MOTU collaboration, the broader world of NFT digital collecting, and why this project MATTERS.

Cryptoys was launched in 2021 by tech startup OnChain Studios and has raised over $34 million from major VC investors:

Andreesen Horowitz$20 million
Dapper Labs$8.2 million
Red Beard Ventures$3.5 million
Draper Associates$2 million

The founders and engineers come from backgrounds working at companies like Dolby, LucasFilm, Oculus, and Walt Disney Studios.

So in short – this team combines deep nostalgia design expertise with blockchain technical chops.

Blind Box NFT Figures…With Utility

Cryptoys is building an NFT metaverse focused specifically on digital toy collectibles. But unlike profile picture or pfp projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, these NFTs are interactive 3D figures modeled after iconic toy brands.

The key product features include:

  • Blind Box Format – Figures are sold sealed in virtual cubes mimicking kinder surprise eggs. Attributes are only revealed once “unboxed”. This adds mystery and excitement around what you’ll unwrap!

  • Rarity Tiers – Common all the way up to ‘Ultra Grail‘ figures with varying supply levels. Rarer NFTs have higher resale values and better rewards potential.

  • Attribute Layers – Outfits, weapons, armor, and accessories are separate NFT layers that can be equipped to alter appearance and boost capabilities

  • Game Integration – Figures are built for utility within Cryptoys mini-games, quests, battles, and metaverse

So in summary – this company is creating something completely novel converging retro appeal, gamification, and digital scarcity powered by blockchain.

And their first major brand partner for licensed NFTs is none other than Masters of the Universe.

Masters of the Universe first captured hearts and minds in the 1980s as children became obsessed with the struggle between heroic He-Man and diabolical Skeletor.

He-Man vs Skeletor

The iconic rivalry between He-Man and Skeletor

Originally a toy line from Mattel, it spawned comics, a cult classic cartoon, video games, merchandising, and even a 1987 live action film.

While new generations may not be as familiar, Masters of the Universe still maintains a diehard multi-generational following. In 2021 alone He-Man merchandise generated over $1 billion in sales globally demonstrating the strong lingering demand.

This sets the franchise up perfectly for introducing collectors old and new into the world of NFTs. And Cryptoys‘ novel model of playable utility breathing new life into the MOTU universe will fulfill every fan‘s childhood imagination.

Collection Details

So what exactly is Cryptoys creating with their Masters of the Universe collaboration?

The initial collection will feature 12 core characters – 4 heroes per each of 3 releases:

Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3
Battle CatPanthorBeast Man

Each character has 7 collectible “skins” – similar to variants – with different outfits/armor/weapons signifying rarity tiers. In total there will be 84 unique NFT figures.

And each skin capped at just 10k units minted. So when accounting for all varieties, only 120,000 MOTU cryptoys will ever exist! Compared to blue chip NFTs like CryptoPunks at 10k or Bored Apes at 10k, this collection will give fans access to something more scarce.

He-Man Cryptoys Showcase

Example Cryptoys He-Man with Equipped Layers

In addition to the figures themselves, there will be separate Item Layers NFTs – weapons, armor, clothing, and equipment connected to MOTU lore that provide in-game boosts.

So you can mix and match layers to create your own personalized He-Man or Skeletor to use across the Cryptoys metaverse!

Metaverse Integration

Now what does this integration with blockchain games and a digital world mean practically?

  • Mini-Games & Quests – a variety of casual games to put your NFT skills to the test
  • Peer Battling – prove you have the mightiest MOTU warrior
  • Staking – earn yield by locking your NFTs
  • Pocket Dimensions – show off collections in customized spaces
  • Marketplace – trade figures and layers with other fans

And that playability translates into tangible value. By actively using Cryptoys NFTs, owners can earn $TOY governance tokens and $BD dust to upgrade abilities or cash out.

So you aren’t just speculating on cool art and hoping to flip it like a traditional NFT. Cryptoys are turning modern blockchain technology into a portal reviving the joy of 80s Saturday morning cartoons and action figures.

The Masters of the Universe x Cryptoys collaboration officially drops on November 9th, 2022.

  • Mint Price: $39.99 per blind box
  • Payable via credit card or crypto (ETH, USDC etc)
  • Available only on Cryptoys.com
  • Expected sell-out within hours based on hype

A collection combining this level of historic IP with true utility and scarcity will surely drive 7 figure volumes shortly after launch.

Given the pop culture significance and retro appeal, expect explosive activity on secondary markets driving strong price appreciation for rare skins and key characters like He-Man and Skeletor.

So if you have any fond memories around 80s cartoons, tell your friends about this NOW! Big money is coming to Eternia 🙂

Beyond the immediate chance to recapture some magic from our childhoods, this collaboration matters for a few key reasons:

  1. Cryptoys is building a novel model for branded interactive entertainment in web3 that can expand IP relevance and fanship

  2. Mainstream toy brands hold the key to onboarding huge new demographics of collectors into digital assets

  3. Based on funding, team, vision – Cryptoys has ingredients for staying power and growth

At the end of the day, whether or not you even care about NFTs, this shows the incredible breadth of what blockchain technology enables. And digital ownership provides solutions to keep beloved IPs alive when physical consumer trends shift.

Imagine a world where you can experience immersive adventures with all your favorite characters in persistent digital worlds. We’re on the cusp through pioneers like Cryptoys pushing boundaries.

So get ready…in the near future you may need to protect the Realm of Eternia right from your own living room 🙂

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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